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  1. where abouts are you going?
  2. asdffass, add me. i'm usually on. and yeah, bap is amazing. taking your bap player to the ice to play on a team with other real life human beings and their bap players is even better. i have a feeling that if nhl10 fixes all the glitch goals it will be an amazing hockey game.
  3. i guess my submission disappeared. not that it's important, there are more fitting submissions. pigster, stoppit
  4. chaos we get those a lot here. also a lot of storms. couple weeks ago
  5. my only care is online play. i play a lot of nhl 09 online and i'm going with a pretty good rank so far. the only problem is the amount of glitch shots that will always go in is ridiculous. if you're playing anyone with a decent rank it's basically going to turn into spending the whole game on defense making sure they can't make the same ridiculous goals over and over again. it's tiresome. i have to give props to ea though in what they have done with the whole ea hockey league. i know a lot of people live and breath the eashl and take it very seriously; ea has been pretty good in keeping up with the community in that respect. ps fuck game trailers that don't show game play.
  6. yours; amidst a sea of broken links i found one. thanks though, i really appreciate your help.
  7. i lost the first mix, does anyone have it? could you help me out? question mark?
  8. good all the way through, better in the later seasons.
  9. found this while looking for that cute suicide girl nsfw http://images.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http...l%3Den%26sa%3DG
  10. i had a crush on her after i watched rules of attraction.
  11. the raw files for those interested in fucking around. around. i'm looking at you pigster. http://taitk.com/other/_DSC0867.NEF http://taitk.com/other/_DSC0867.JPG around.
  12. in haunting soul's mind he was going to play autechre and open peoples minds, and everyone would fall in love with him for being so special. apparently it didn't happen.
  13. tell me what 360 games i should buy. i have money, and lots of free time.
  14. someone play me in nhl asdffass
  15. mute the game and throw autechre on, maybe that will help :getlost: :getlost: :getlost: :getlost: :getlost: :getlost: somehow feed the pictures through a mash up machines like blueglitch and have some fun~!? pull the cable antenna out just enough for instant mega cool art, like those porn channels that were blocked but were still watchable every couple of seconds.
  16. ktait2

    Kevin McDonald

    as a canadian, i approve whole heartedly.
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