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  1. Hi, So since early 2019 I've been spending a lot of time gathering all my favorite bits from Vsnares catalog, eventually gathering them in this massive mix. I tried to make it more eventful than a simple "deck to deck" mix, yet smooth and enjoyable for a casual listener. Hardcore fans might enjoy tracking down all the subtleties too. No deck was used, all the sync & mix was done with Audacity and Calculator, a few effects were added sporadically. Almost every track has been edited at some point. I tried a Mixcloud upload but this got instantly unavailable for USA listeners (really...), so I quickly did a Mixlr link : https://mixlr.com/nyuhm/showreel/lcmx03-venetian-snares-4 Tracklist : https://pastebin.com/JYAnFYTN Hope you enjoy. PS: some might remember 4 years ago i applied the same principle on Autechre discography, still online (and ok for USA ;) : https://www.mixcloud.com/NYUHM/autechre-25-years-the-megamix/
  2. Cheers for all the positive feedback, really glad you enjoyed listening as much as I did working on this. Thx!
  3. Hi there, Thought it was a good idea to post here, as it's not a simple 'deck to deck' mix. I tried to bring something more special, dynamic, halfway from a 'synchronised audio collage' and a dj set. And I honestly think it will fit the interest of the Ae fans out there. Tracklist (or you'd try to guess all track appearances first ?) : http://pastebin.com/4S81DK4p Thanks, J
  4. "20 Pink Floyd" => Google Maps : 50.219671, -5.203641 It all started from there, cool
  5. Fine read, as always with early interviews, thanks a lot!
  6. Mike Dred on FB : "I don't work at Warp. I have a mate who made a record in 92/93 and gave me a test press. I know very little about the label itself." lol clearly nobody showing interest in this thread would guess who that mate was
  7. Mike Dred saying in fb thread he has no idea about the deal or CAT#, but also no knowledge about Warp after 1991 - too busy making tracks -, wouldn't have thought that though
  8. There's no updates. Aphex said "new shit is imminent". That's it. The rest of the thread is an assortment of "I want new album to be [...]", "he's refering to poo haha" and "inminent = immanent" No updates ..at the moment, I was speaking for the potential ones in the future, in order to avoid reading too much for nothing
  9. Might be a good idea to sum up the updates on original post page 1, moot :)
  10. Well written congrats but sometimes I feel like there lacks a bit of "imo", "to me", ... loads of things I've read as statements depend on each other tastes & appreciation eventually
  11. When you're in a record shop you usually listen to a record before spending a blind 16$ for it, that wasn't possible here, if you grab the files to give a listen first but it's too late to pay one cannot really blame you illegal download & streaming allow fantastic discoveries and I reckon most of people pay to get top quality audio of it, if it doesn't cost 50€ the slab of vinyl heh, which is unfortunately often the case
  12. Sherlock seemingly didn't get 1) I wasn't mentioning Aprilheights as an afx alias, ahem... 2) the whole message
  13. Damn I'll be the only one who's disappointed so Except a few ones which are fine, most of it would have been forever forgotten on an anonymous Bandcamp :/ See this, could have completely match as unreleased aphex, no one gives a fuck in 20 years... Just because it's "Aphex" stamped, it's all good and marvellous, like the name take over the music, very very disappointing to me This confirmed I can only rely on Ae for my high hopes ;) *Quickly leaving before the shitstorm*
  14. Was scheduled as a vinyl release in 1999, with demo versions of 2 tracks released 3 years earlier ... ?!
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