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  1. i am unable to get into this band why should i care for tool
  2. straw dogs and wild bunch - never seen them - amazing really
  3. my 10 year old was watching guardians of galaxy and singing moonage daydream
  4. sux, grew up listening to this dude http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z3TPwOT31g
  5. Supertramp - i have not listen to this in a good while
  6. Bunch of Frank Zappa. He has too many records.
  7. I dumped Adobe Reader long time ago for Sumatra Pdf.
  8. paul8088


    Yeah, I just saw that. Sorry, I am on a slow 144 modem. ;)
  9. paul8088


    Can I get an invite, please?
  10. i like the 2nd half of the album is that wrong?
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