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  1. Is he so far up his own ass that he's become an ass-Möbius strip?
  2. That was one of the most exciting hockey games I've seen in a long time.
  3. I feel like there will be a few useful implementations of what we're calling AI in the recent future (chatGPT, image generators, etc.), but I also feel that a backlash of sorts is coming. We're all going to get very tired very quickly of every fucking company bombarding us with half-baked "solutions" and platforms. All of them incessantly racing to sell us shit we don't need, packaged as "AI-enhanced", trying to ride this wave of bullshit and empty our wallets as much as they can before we fall off the crest. This is also assuming there's also not some major privacy issue or leak of troves of personal data due to the increased amount being collected by "AI" systems sold with the promise of making our digital lives better.
  4. Hicks, M.T., Humphries, J. & Slater, J. ChatGPT is bullshit. Ethics Inf Technol 26, 38 (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10676-024-09775-5
  5. https://cstrecords.com/blogs/news/godspeed-you-black-emperor-live-fall-2024 NORTH AMERICA NOV 2024 04 Nov 2024 • Hamilton ON • Bridgeworks 05 Nov 2024 • Toronto ON • The Concert Hall 06 Nov 2024 • London ON • London Music Hall 07 Nov 2024 • Grand Rapids MI • Elevation 08 Nov 2024 • Chicago IL • The Salt Shed (with Alan Sparhawk) 09 Nov 2024 • St Paul MN • Palace Theater (with Alan Sparhawk) 11 Nov 2024 • Lawrence KS • Liberty Hall (with Alan Sparhawk) 12 Nov 2024 • Fayetteville AR • George's Majestic Lounge (with Alan Sparhawk) 13 Nov 2024 • Nashville TN • The Basement East (with Alan Sparhawk) 14 Nov 2024 • Knoxville TN • Bijou Theater (with Alan Sparhawk) 15 Nov 2024 • Atlanta GA • The Masquerade (with Alan Sparhawk) 16 Nov 2024 • Charleston SC • The Music Farm (with Alan Sparhawk) 17 Nov 2024 • Saxapahaw NC • Haw River Ballroom (with Alan Sparhawk) 19 Nov 2024 • Washington DC • 9:30 Club (with Alan Sparhawk) 21 Nov 2024 • Brooklyn NY • Pioneerworks 22 Nov 2024 • Norwalk CT • District Music Hall (with Alan Sparhawk) 23 Nov 2024 • Boston MA • Roadrunner (with Alan Sparhawk) 24 Nov 2024 • Philadelphia PA • Union Transfer (with Alan Sparhawk) Tickets on sale Friday 7th June 2024 at 10am EST
  6. Confirmed from the other side of the transaction. Senior leaders at my company are harping on everyone to "use AI" as much as they can. However, they have neither sufficient know-how nor resources to actually support us in doing anything meaningful. They're just fulfilling a directive on their yearly goals & objectives. In turn, those under them scramble to comply with the dumbass directive and must have something to show, hence what you overheard.
  7. Oh man, I feel your pain. I've spent so much energy in my career just trying to avoid this kind of crap. I love what I do and I'm kind of an expert in a niche area, but damn it's been hard to stay out of the vortex of, "hey, why don't you try and learn some of these business skills", or, "hey you're getting good ratings let's move you to a manager position." I'm good at what I do, I bring enough value with what I do, I don't want to manage people, I want to work in the lab with my hands and solve problems with my brain, not push papers and give performance reviews all day long, FFS. I can't blame the company for trying to do this, they're trying to squeeze as much value out of me as they can, and that is enough to prod most lackeys into playing their game. I've been extremely lucky in that my niche-ness has given me just enough leverage to tell them to fuck off with all that garbage. The funniest thing has been to watch the expressions on the faces of all these corporate ladder-climbers who just absolutely cannot fathom why I don't want to join them in climbing this absurd ladder.
  8. I don't know who made these but I found them on an old hard drive
  9. Yes, I think so. Everyone had to re-register, which is why my member number is insanely low, I just happened to try the site not long after it came back up. All in all, we're all pretty lucky to have a nice place like this filled with (mostly) nice people!
  10. Apparently Jesus can't be trusted to avoid slamming into utility poles.
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