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  1. Blimey, what a culture shock! Obviously not an ideal time to upsticks, but how are you finding life over here?
  2. Given what China has unleashed upon the world, whether unintentional or not it’s pretty grim. I wonder how the Chinese government feels behind closed doors. I guess we’ll never really know.
  3. zkom you’re very insightful. Have you lived in China?
  4. I have already asked this awhile back in this thread, but what is the current situation in China? How have they seemingly managed to dodge the second/third wave clusterfuck that has crippled the rest of the world? I’m definitely no conspiracist, but it is odd imo.
  5. Americans - are you aware of someone called Wendy Williams? I have absolutely no idea if she’s well known or not, but her talk show is the most fucking surreal tv program I’ve ever seen. It’s really odd. The sycophantic crew and sickly audience hang on her nonsensical ramblings like she’s the new messiah. I honestly thought it was a parody, but I don’t think it is.
  6. My 95 year grandmother made this angel decoration. I think it’s pretty smart.
  7. Love it! What an intriguing fellow he is.
  8. Does anything on this album sound like Krib, Silverside or Eutow?
  9. Squee I know this isn’t the time or place, but when you talk my dick listens. Always has, always will.
  10. I don’t think Mike should be allowed to play with hammers.
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