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  1. I have never really understood why Alien 3 is so disliked. Having said that tho, killing off Newt was a massive mistake imo. I think from a story point of view, having a young girl marooned on a prison planet with violent sexual predators would have been a clever twist. It would’ve seen Ripley, Newt and the Alien potentially on the same side (until they weren’t).
  2. Is that the biggest one you’ve ever made?
  3. Loving the larger scale. I like that it’s clear too. Very smart. Giant space rock salt.
  4. Good to see Yek is getting some extras work tho…
  5. I found it cringy, it tries way too hard. I think it may even be worse than the other Suicide Squad.
  6. More recently, a few years back I saw Primal Scream and just as Bobby Gillespie was making his way on to stage he tripped (only a little trip mind, not a full on 'arse-over-tit' trip or anything) but as he tripped we made eye contact and it was quite intense. Sometimes I randomly think about it and chuckle. I very much doubt he remembers me laughing way too hard throughout the whole gig.
  7. I remember another time laughing until the base of the back of my head started to throb, when my friend Mark Heggy Hegarty was quoting Billy Ray about 'farting in the bathtub' and accidentally sharted in the kiddie pool at our newly opened leisure centre. Simpler times.
  8. I once quite literally pissed my stonewashed Pepe Jeans in my local branch of John Menzies. Me and a couple of my mates were dicking around with the digital speaking dictionaries (relatively new tech at that time, and a potty-mouthed 11 year old boy's dream). Me and my mates were trying every naughty word we could muster, which in itself had us collectively losing our shit, like chimps discovering fire, but it was one dictionary in particular that actually did it. It was glitchy as fuck. We found that if you punched in a repeated number it would send it totally doolally. From memory it sounded like a circuit bent Stephen Hawking climaxing with a strong rural west country accent. Needless to say, that year most of us got speaking dictionaries for Christmas. I reckon our parents thought we were really studious. edit: when I got back home, I secretly dried my piss sodden jeans with my teenage sister’s brand new hairdryer.
  9. I’ve been running the numbers since this morning, and weirdly it does appear to check out.
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