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  1. I’ve been running the numbers since this morning, and weirdly it does appear to check out.
  2. Children of Men and The Handmaid’s Tale should be considered canon. Who do I need to speak to to make it official?
  3. You know things are bad when you’ve had to wipe and bleach the underside of the toilet seat, and then had to take an emergency post-shit shower.
  4. Yeah, but surely it is what it is. Roast Chicken good, Raw Chicken bad. Two very different things. edit: both delicious
  5. Hear me out, Ghostbusters III set in the not too distant future, the original ghostbusters crew return, but this time as the ghosts m. night. shyamalan. motherfucker. You’re welcome
  6. Those kids must be in their twenties now.
  7. Which is worse tho, biting down on tinfoil or cottonwool? Both make my nought tighten!
  8. Imagine the absolute carnage you could cause if you were to pop a single nugget of aquarium gravel into a packet of Nerds.
  9. The best thing about this thread is it’s 100% guaranteed BCM free, so it’s the perfect place to slag him off. I’ll start, I bet his house smells really cabbagey.
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