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  1. I told someone they were ‘slicker than a dolphin’s dick’ earlier. It gave me a little chuckle! Thanks Sal
  2. Sad news. I can’t claim to be a massive fan of her work, but this truly is a top IDM tune imho…
  3. Well let’s hope he’s the real deal. Go ghost go!
  4. The Ghost of Kyiv is a cool motherfucker.
  5. In the 1980 sci-fi Saturn 3 the robot has a belly button. Not a button on it’s belly. A fucking belly button. edit: and buttocks
  6. I have never really understood why Alien 3 is so disliked. Having said that tho, killing off Newt was a massive mistake imo. I think from a story point of view, having a young girl marooned on a prison planet with violent sexual predators would have been a clever twist. It would’ve seen Ripley, Newt and the Alien potentially on the same side (until they weren’t).
  7. Loving the larger scale. I like that it’s clear too. Very smart. Giant space rock salt.
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