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  1. i was talking about some sort of foregroundish kick ass electronic beat overtop it. the acoustic drumming definitely does the song justice, but i think it could use more in the rhythm department.
  2. WOW! this is REALLY fucking good! i was expecting some mellow guitar jamming until that explosion of melodies! this song makes me feel like either 1) running through the congo or amazon evading angry tribesmen as indianan jones, or 2) fighting indians on the american frontier as clint eastwood. from a technical standpoint, the production is all top notch. my only complaint would be for a beat to come in eventually, but if this were on an album of all songs with beats it would be a nice interlude. either way, fucking ace.
  3. http://www.earvalve.com/mp3/wtf.mp3 i've been working on a new album for the last week or so. bought a laptop off my friend, so now i have the processing power to handle about 5x as much layering and FX. i took said laptop to west chester and recorded a shitload of elissa's vocals, so i'm hoping to include them in just about every song on the album. this track represents pretty well the sound of the new album. booya. also, the prog-metal project is finally under way and it's awesomeness!
  4. i heard this before the great watmm crash of '05, but i wanted to chime in and tell you it was awesome in case you missed it. awesome job dude, skink has always mellowed me out. :D
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