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  1. Cheers and enjoy! had a lot of fun abusing a lot of old machines... Bandcamp: Keep Sweet | Jethro Tilton Spotify: Spotify Web Player - Keep Sweet - Jethro Tilton Apple Music/iTunes: Keep Sweet by Jethro Tilton on iTunes Google Play: Jethro Tilton: Keep Sweet – Music on Google Play Amazon: http://a.co/4p41L94
  2. See what y'all think... https://soundcloud.com/omz/sets/keepsweet
  3. man that BLOWS...planning to hit the Dallas show tonight. Curse the thieves...
  4. hopefully...for the estate of Rick Wright. Rick is credited as a writer on most of the tunes and the album is a fitting (IMO) tribute to the man. As David Gilmour has done before by reissuing Syd Barrett material, which provides money to his family, it's not about lining Gilmour's pockets. If you honestly think Gilmour and Mason, at this point in their lives, are motivated to make more money...please. We would have seen more Pink Floyd tours since the Division Bell tour in 1994. This album was done as a sendoff to Pink Floyd, and more importantly, Richard Wright. RIP.
  5. i got the page to load in TOR, but its just the generic SYRO look...no links or anything
  6. wasn't this supposed to be live today? patience, grasshopper...
  7. omz


    the bit at 1:11 tweaking the stacatto synth...gorgeous...
  8. if you didnt get the ringtones you should have an email :)
  9. ditto bought this and Lagrange. Bring on more Posthuman releases! i can't get enough :)
  10. maybe it only works well on headphones? dunno still waiting for my local shop to get in the deluxe...
  11. hmm that link seems funky. try this http://www.spinner.ca/new-releases#/8
  12. listen to the whole album online http://www.spinner.ca/new-releases#/21 very nice
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