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  1. Only done two listens so far and both times it's been 180db as my absolute favourite, but there are other close contenders... Already noticed differences on my second listen, I think the first time I was just like, oh yeah this is good, but I didn't take it all in. Second time I listened a bit more maybe. But anyway yeah, 180db and Xmas have been the two I've played again after the second play through.
  2. stripeyhat


    This. Love this track. And I'm one of the older fans...
  3. Ok everyone's broken this place again! I did post to say Zane Lowe announced it'll be on at 7.30...
  4. Nah, we've waited long enough that another couple of weeks is nothing... I'd be very tempted but...no
  5. No worries, but can't take credit for the link - found it a while ago... My recording was interrupted by having to flip my tape over, I was so excited at the time I just grabbed the nearest one without checking to see how much space was left haha. But yeah I can imagine there were some very confused people there :-)
  6. This was my first experience of him http://m.mixcloud.com/jamesmullarkey/aphex-twin-live-at-sound-city-sheffield-9th-april-1993/ I taped it off the radio, mind blown. Still got the tape somewhere...
  7. Argh, I posted a reply but you've all broken watmm and it disappeared. My first bloody post in bloody ages too. Wasn't anything profound, just... Bloody hell. Finally. Can't believe I just installed tapatalk for that. Bye again.
  8. Nice. The video is hypnotic I agree... Or that could be my lack of sleep making me glaze over.
  9. Howdy everyone, long time no post. Finally got this today after forgetting it was out.... Just on my first listen (up to Future Daniel) and I like it. I also liked Turning Dragon a lot. Not sure if that's allowed to like the both of them after (admittedly skim) reading the rest of this thread..... Bye again.
  10. 8 from me. New venue is nice, but some minor bad points like the walk from the car park to the site. Lot of the crowd seemed much younger this year - don't know if that's me getting old or the change in rules on no under 18s - but everyone still seemed cool. Line up was mostly top but not as perfect (for me) as it has been previously. Overall I think the new site was a good move. Better sound, longer hours, nice :)
  11. Yeah, looking forward to Wisp :) Suppose Aphex'll be alright too..... :)
  12. There were day tickets last year but that's only because it hadn't sold out - we'd never seen it happen before
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