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  1. I certainly did. Woke up at about 3pm yesterday, fully clothed on the sofa. No idea how or when I got home!
  2. I managed to get so spannered that I can’t remember most of the night but cleverly recorded a bit of Polynomial C on my phone. Wasted me was probably extremely over excited upon hearing that ?
  3. Jesus it’s big in here! Have already forgotten which room is which ? Hang in there. You got this
  4. Set times are up. Gutted I can’t get there until around 8.30 as I wanted to get a look at both szare and croww
  5. It starts at 7(!) so I’m guessing set times will be short for the start but we’ll get a decent set for Rich? drinks will probably be stupidly expensive, I’ve not been to a WHP night for years but they’re always robbing gits it will be no smoking inside but should be a smoking area outside... and as for a cheeky smoke - security can be pretty heavy (with dogs) at WHP nights so depends on how much of a risk you want to take getting it in. At best they will take it off you, I doubt they would refuse entry but it’s never happened to anyone I know so can’t say for sure! venue is new
  6. Only done two listens so far and both times it's been 180db as my absolute favourite, but there are other close contenders... Already noticed differences on my second listen, I think the first time I was just like, oh yeah this is good, but I didn't take it all in. Second time I listened a bit more maybe. But anyway yeah, 180db and Xmas have been the two I've played again after the second play through.
  7. stripeyhat


    This. Love this track. And I'm one of the older fans...
  8. Ok everyone's broken this place again! I did post to say Zane Lowe announced it'll be on at 7.30...
  9. Nah, we've waited long enough that another couple of weeks is nothing... I'd be very tempted but...no
  10. No worries, but can't take credit for the link - found it a while ago... My recording was interrupted by having to flip my tape over, I was so excited at the time I just grabbed the nearest one without checking to see how much space was left haha. But yeah I can imagine there were some very confused people there :-)
  11. This was my first experience of him http://m.mixcloud.com/jamesmullarkey/aphex-twin-live-at-sound-city-sheffield-9th-april-1993/ I taped it off the radio, mind blown. Still got the tape somewhere...
  12. Argh, I posted a reply but you've all broken watmm and it disappeared. My first bloody post in bloody ages too. Wasn't anything profound, just... Bloody hell. Finally. Can't believe I just installed tapatalk for that. Bye again.
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