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Tracking down music you've heard but can't find


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The pain is real and it is the down side of electronic music. 
Over decades of listening to electronic music there is still albums I have lost long time ago and its annoying asf. 
I miss this music in my library. 

Is it only me or is there people here having the same issue? 

1. I remember a topic here on WATMM, one member asked for music simliar to AFX - Analord. 
There was one suggested an album with brown cartoonish cover I think it was a forest and a Deer on the cover as well. 
It was like 20 tracks of pure analog synthesizers IDM'ish madness and I loved it. Can someone remember? 

2. 2 Ambient tracks each 30 mins long, think it was a member who did it here on WATMM. Like 10 years ago. Very deep and hypnotic, sounded so good! Can be from Myspace era

3. White cover with like a vampire face/shadow and tracks is lush 606 electro/IDM music. Very good album
Someone know? 

Anyway If people have the same problem lets hear em and we help each other out! 

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Yess It rings a bell! 

Fuk Im gonna dig deep and se if I can find the post of the first IDM Analord'ish one 
Must be in the Aphex section.. 

Here is another track that was post here on WATMM over ten years ago.. It was very difficult to find but brings back memories 


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