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  1. I have huge respect for music theory. I can not just go and slam the keyboard and like "boom" what a hit! My difficulties is just to understand what minor/major notes and Melodies I can play together with the basslines and drums I make so it plays along very well. 😬
  2. Its so beautiful but is not the drums live 909 drumming by Richard? I remember when he released Tha2 it was not the same as the one in Brooklyn.
  3. I think it was you that posted about the guy who made all the melodies in the Zelda for N64 with just a few keys. Im talking about making melodies with a limited amount of Notes, keys or whatever you want to call it. If you still dont understand what Im talking about then u don't need to answer. 👌
  4. Oh no kompis not that Breakcore road thanks 🥸
  5. I wonder what he will do with those Brooklyn tracks.. And it was a couple of unreleased ambient-tracks also right?
  6. Becoming crazy.. My friend is just spitting out melodies after melodies. First he start everything with a soft lead that is going half thru the track: D, D, E, E, F , G - Funky and catchy! This is the main keys but he play it slightly different to make it not sound same same.. Then he just goes up and down in the same octave Only one sharp involved: A# And playing like 4 different melodies with the same keys. 80% of the whole track in the same what u call it range? (octave) Sometimes he goes one or 2 notes an octave under and then one or two notes up. Finishing the track with coming back where he start. I want to learn this.
  7. THIS IS THE FUCKING BEAST RIGHT HERE: C JAM BLUES! Look at his face.. He is not playing melodies.. HE IS THE MELODIES!!
  8. HELP Please Okey Im creating a catchy tune with only 3 channels (8-bit music) and the Bass is little dark and arpeggio is going on voice 3. Well! Drums is going good and there is some toms etc to give it go nice.. The bass goes like this: F0, F0, F1, F0, F0, F1, F0, F0, F1 D0, D0, G0, G1, G0, G0,G0, A0, A1, A0, A0, A1 E0, E0, E1, E0, E0, E0 Then It repeats.. Arpeggio In F, D and E (Numbers after letters is OCTAVE) How can I play along with melodies? Should I do it in major or minor?
  9. cern


    Thinking about why a little cunt like Clark can have a subforum here and 1 IDM-GOD:Bola can not makes me sick. BOLA IS ONE OF THE BEST PRAISE BOLA!
  10. There was a track by "Tahnaiya Russel" also in a music competition that actually was good ol Richard trolling around.. Anyone remember? I think the track got cut into 2 tracks and released on Dejay Selek
  11. Yes they are indicating the octave.. Like: C sharp 2 play it 8 times Goes to F 1 octave under and play it 8 times Then go to next.. Is Thera a better scale?
  12. Im good making chord progression and some basslines but I really suck making catchy melodies Help me please! How do I get out of this darkness? Bass: Csharp2, f1,csharp2, c2, gsharp1, csharp2, c2,gsharp1,dsharp2 Melody?
  13. Its okay but far away from the masterpiece "Alright!" This tune gives me fukin shivers 🥲
  14. Wow this pdf is huge The IDM-Bible
  15. Member or guest? You are seeing ads (and how to rid yourself of them) What? What does that even mean? FAIL! 🥸
  16. I just load in a image and the track in Imovie/windows movie maker then I get the mp4 for direct upload on Youtube lol
  18. The ads are weird as fuk! The last add was about Indonesian thermoplastic polyurethane for the car handle. 🤨
  19. Imagine all the unreleased stuff he got from those years..
  20. I was more looking for a techno vibe.. "IDM" to me is more breaks, glitch, acid, ambient and various tempo etc etc.. Its like comparing EOD or Rolando Simmons with Monolake and Carl Cox.. To me it is a different kind of genre really but to other people it is maybe all IDM lol. Huge thanks for all the amazing tracks!
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