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  1. One big role in the earlier jungle/breakbeat mangle tracks is that he uses less quality 12-bit samples , the breaks becoming more crispy and characteristic. In the early days they did lots of jungle tracks just with the Amiga and ProTracker.
  2. I didn't understand anything of that text 🤨
  3. cern


    He have already left us! it was a great show this year so thanks anyway
  4. Yeah you are right.. I guess it's just kind of a happy nice thought but in real it can be very complicated and not meet the expectation. Just only like a personal VST would be totally dope tho..
  5. Pretty wild Idea of me here but I was thinking about this for a while. I have always had a dream to build my own big synthesizer system but my time is really limited and I don't want to end up collecting hardware synths everywhere in the house collecting dust and so on. Would it not be a very good business thing to have someone just created it for me? I pay someone and saying exactly how I want things and that person building it and got payed for the hours it takes to do the work. I think that would be really nice idea but I don't know.. Maybe too much difficult parameters in the process maybe.
  6. cern


    You do some good music I can hear 👌
  7. cern


    Hello my Braindance people! Let's gathering!
  8. For me this have too complex structure for being a simple Ambient piece. It has lots of very good glitchy FX and synth leads.. It is also very dubby and long. This is one of my favorite piece I have heard for a while.. Crazy I never heard it before: Recommended with good headphones on:
  9. I really love this kinda Breakbeat tracks that are chill like this. Not Tipper-crazy and not just boring lofi-beats. I miss this Tipper-vibe:
  10. Where is the front panel? And I don't see any MegaCommand lol
  11. Snappy percussions and smooth melodies
  12. First we need to wait 1 year for the 2022-live sets then wait another year for album. I say 2 years from now and its gonna be really wet MaxMSP farts from then 🤲
  13. Pretty nice! reminds me of ol 16 bit video game music Please upload when you playing live on YouTube. That would be awesome!
  14. But this tracks has already been heard already It's on Human Touch (2019) I Don't understand.. Well I know it sounds little bit harsh but I don't understand why he sometimes puts the same tracks in different albums hmm.. Anyway it's about time to have a Trackermatte sub forum. He is way better than Clark 😎
  15. Im not gonna lie: 1. I Soulseeked it because of the Scam His former label did to many customers. 2. It is a really fucking good album. 😏
  16. Yeah this! I don't mean he need to start playing a bass guitar like his brother or something but just leave the 80's sound for a change
  17. Haha lol, i had fun doing it.. I have the main melody the Bassline patch from that track somewhere also but can not find it. Want to do a little cover or something. Love that track!
  18. Well this is just me reflecting.. Like 20 years ago Ceephax was coming in to the electronica "IDM" and Acid scene.. First track I ever heard was this tune Polar from Acid Quakers 1000 (2000) and my mind was blown! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R6M3-INmoA Then there was Exidy Tours, Volume 1,2 and Ceephax Acid Crew release coming along the way, mind-blowing tb-303 musics that really had a good interesting musical vibe than just looping a 303-pattern with a disted 909. I thought much more would come and so it did like 10 years ago with the United Acid Emirates filled with tracks like Sidney Sizzlers and Emotinium II that became like 303 Rave hits! then The funny Acid Mediterranean video came and Cro Magnox was very cool with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY1QyOxx-ks But what happen after all this? There is no more evolving it seems. His brother crafted his own drum machine programs, released albums with different styles and tools, even plays bass guitar and do live performances like a rock star! Is it only me thinking like this? Isn't there a bigger chance for a talented musician like Andy to evolve his sound than just getting stuck with wavetable synt sounds, 303 and TR-707/909 drums? I think he can do way better than this. Maybe he don't want?
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