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If it’s any consolation

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We may soon have AI that can generate Boards of Canada tracks so plentifully that we no longer need to wait for more output. 

I mean seriously that fake Drake/Weekend track is terrifying. 

But if Tomorrow’s Harvest really does turn out to be the last “real” Boards of Canada record, I’d say the mood of TH is pitch perfect. 

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It will be interesting for sure if ML generation trained on specific artists becomes readily available (I think it will). Will there be ML generated songs which are as good as or even better than those on Geogaddi? Can most people hear pure music plainly, or can they only hear music colored by culture, circumstance, and identity?

Will rightsholders try to shut down "imitations" (entirely original works strongly reminiscent) of highly valued work? If there aren't legal frameworks for that now, will they try to create them?

Will we still need people for innovation, or will the ML be able to adequately do that, as well? It all boils down to patterns and parameters. Music is math.

One trick might be to try to outrun the ML and make weirder and weirder music that it would never predict.

Some musicians may just try to highlight the performative aspect of it. Maybe it will result in more producers revealing how they make music to show the human element, not only through live shows but screensharing / streaming or something.

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Posted (edited)

I just want to hit play and hear a computer generated endless mix in whatever style of music I’m feeling at that moment

might happen…


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Apparently the Drake/Weekend song wasn't a total product of AI, so I guess we're still a ways off.

I guess the problem with BoC is there really isn't that much data to train on (their discography is pretty limited compared to, say, Miles Davis or something) so there's really no telling how compelling ML BoC clones would really be.

It feels like we will eventually get there though.

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On 5/2/2023 at 5:06 AM, YEK said:

I just want to hit play and hear a computer generated endless mix

Isn't this what Aleksi Perala has been doing for the past few years 😉

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