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Data Entry v1.0, 07-Jul-07


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Okay I lied. This is at PA's Lounge in Somerville, MA. Which as I'm sure you know is basically Boston. In fact, unless you are rich you probably live in Somerville or the environs anyway. The Lineup is!


7/7/07 @ PA'S LOUNGE: DATA ENTRY v1.0




EMOTION CHIP (mem. Clawjob, ASCDI)

HANGERS-ON (mem. Reports, Paper Thin Stages)

ICE CREAM CONE (mem. Magic People)

PRESIDENT'S FITNESS (mem. The Appreciation Post)

8.5" FLOPPY (mem. B.E.A.R.D., Pfefftiffuff)



yes, this is a number of short sets from collaborations, side projects, and improv groups in an electronic style. i am thinking there are going to be more Junos and droney loop pedals than laptops at this gig, but not sure. if you are deep in the Boston-area music scene you probably recognize some of the "real" bands that these people are in in parentheses above. come by and have a good time with us.




DOORS @ 8:30

10 dollars 18+

7 dollars 21+

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