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Adjective - Scattered Senseless

Guest Adjective

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Guest Adjective

my second album on Enpeg Digital

Scattered Senseless





1. Time is it


Plastic Dripping Color on Tape (sample available)

3. Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst

4. The Tapped Foot


No One Rhymes with You (sample available)

6. My TR707

7. Flesh-Colored Moth

8. Khioniya Guseva



The title comes from a phrase I overheard, I cannot place where.

It was meant by the speaker to describe a mass of objects scattered needlessly, without reason, foolishly.


but I heard it a little differently...

The phrase gave me an image of one being, so scattered and divided in thought that he falls numb.

On the ground and motionless, seemingly dead, but actually filled with a torrent of ideas flowing through his mind.


I hope you enjoy it = )

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Guest Adjective

no actual tape was used although it is in one of the song titles

minidisc with headphones as a stereo mic was used for most of the noises and i used a lot of atmospheric / quiet environment samples (a silent room with air conditioner running, flowing water, freeway hum) to mix in with certain patches. sometimes just fading in such a sample and fading back out with melody changes


the first track, for instance, was made completely of minidisc / headphone mic and Renoise. recorded individual hits / piano notes and voices from the owners of the instruments


and yeah, the mp3's samples are also low quality (not so on the actual release) so you may just hear mp3 noise as well

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Guest Adjective

i appreciate it Crime Dog

my next double decker is paid for, i will toast to you and the deep sea compo before enjoying it

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