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acid sessions

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nothing special, just tinkering with old formulas. they are both a bit different from each other but i liked them enough to share...enjoy is possible.


Acid Rise

Acid Set

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Acid Rise reminds me of Ron Maney' 'Acid Wizl' track (DJ Skull) crossdressing with Detroit chords, builds up lovely, getting more hold on to your hats as it goes. Would sound mint in a club with a breakbeat under that 4/4 rhythm, nice handclap timing too. Takes off at 2.20, fucking lush man, those toms man and the "wooh". 9/10


Acid Set is a spiral of bendy chords and laidback vibes, another quality track, i wish you'd release or upload an albums worth of material like this, its alot better than most stuff ive heard on record lately. I'd like to hear acidrise with the break you used on the Acid rise track but like i said its good as is.

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