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  1. aye, yeah i live in NYS. the name is meant to be sarcastic because he was a major cunt.
  2. Wisp (https://soundcloud.com/dwaallicht) + support from: Microlith (https://soundcloud.com/microlith) Mutex (https://soundcloud.com/mutex) Nagara Venue : Liquid Club Malta Date : 25th March 2017 Line Up : Microlith, Mutex, Naqara Visuals : In†rσwΣrks Ticket Price : €15 https://www.facebook.com/events/187135728434520/ This will be my only other date while across the pond, the first of which being @ Bang Face Weekender... http://www.bangface.com/events/weekender2017/ Hope to see you there :)
  3. when comparing the i5 to the i7, the i7 always seemed to be best for video editing/rendering. as for gaming, the difference was negligible (for now, at least)..but it seemed like going w/ one of the i7's seemed best for video stuff. this is one of the comparison videos i watched. try to ignore the awful music:
  4. Yooooo. Thanks for bumping this thread/keeping the fire alive. I still plan on releasing with RLR, it's just been a matter of ironing out all the details, which I tend to be pretty shit at. This is something Robbie & I have discussed for a long time, so I am trying to make it special. In the mean time I have put up an EP on Bandcamp of brand new tracks. For anyone interested, here is the link: [bandcamp]https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3882109107/size=medium[/bandcamp] I have a few other things in the pipeline as well. Again, just trying not to rush, or get over eager with announcements.
  5. obviously i wasn't at these gigs, but by the sounds of it, the Skeng rmx descript sounds like AE's remix of it:
  6. was wondering when there would be more material from 1991. His self-titled release is still on rotation.
  7. The bass in Berlin's "Take My Breath Away". Pretty sure it's the fretless patch on the DX7 with some effects. I think Mitch Murder used something similar in this track as well:
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