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Guest fiznuthian

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Guest tunzif

I just recently set up Ubuntu Studio on this PC for messing around with music production software and various audio stuff. It's pretty neat, except Puredata crashes when I try to open a patch, and it won't close without a kill command. That and I can't figure out how to load samples into Seq24.


So far this is pretty good. Beast and Rosegarden seem like very well done software.


Anyone else do musics with Linux? How do you like it and can you recommend any software to play with?

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Guest Endoplasmic Reticulum

I use Linux for puredata, but that's about it. I tried Ubuntu studio, but I had the same problem with puredata, so I ditched that. I now run puredata on a system I compiled from scratch, which works much better.


Puredata is great on Linux. It runs better on Linux than other OSes, since that is what it is primarily developed on(midi is incomplete in windows version). I so far haven't been impressed with other audio software on Linux. If you have a nord modular you can run an unofficial version of the software through java, but I haven't tried yet.


I'd stay away from Ubuntu studio until the bugs get worked out. I've had better luck running puredata on a vanilla install of Ubuntu.

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yeah XT2 is very nice but xt1 is still my sequencer of choice. Maybe after enough updates that will change. Also once he fixes that god damned reiserFS problem.

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