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request for help


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hi all... started this track this past weekend... and will resume working on it this coming weekend. problem is... i listen to it, and there are things i like, but as a whole, it sounds like a mess, has no direction.


there are some obvious problems i am already clear on... the hats need fixing.. the mixing is deplorable (i haven't recording individual synth tracks for the hardware portions, something i will do once i figure out how i want the midi programmed), etc, etc... but those sort of details aside, i'm looking for advice regarding what to do with what i've got... what to cut, what to build on, what parts sound ok, what parts sound shite...


any help would be appreciated!




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well, i didn't get a real sense of melody from the song... i liked the vibe at the start, and when that harsh sweeping synth came in, it killed it. the delayed strings are cool, i would keep those. and the ambient sounds at the end are nice.


i would change the hit hat/tom samples(they sound too stock) and do something more simple with them. i like the patterns you've got though, maybe come in and out with those patterens and simplify it here and the with a steady 16 bar hit hat sequence.


it sounds like a mess because there is way to much going on and most of the elements don't mesh. oh and come up with a bassline or some kind of melody that is simple to hold the track together. altogether, make it more simple.


eh, that's just what i think...it's got potential.

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Guest ۞ Syntheme ۞

the first 1/3rd sounds really good, the middle section - too much competition between the elements, last 1/3 gets going well again.


you could just cut out the middle bit :O)


the directionlessness of the 1st 1/3rd and 2nd 1/3rd works really well!



good wok!

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Good fix, I enjoyed that. break the percussion in a few places though, like at the very end of the song. but put that right in the middle. I'm still having trouble finding a melody, there is nothing in the song to relate with. play some synth melody that'll get stuck in my head.

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