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Discovered by two of my friends on yesterday's German Idol. I recorded the rerun...






Philipp (20:52):

aphex missbrauch bei dsds :-D

Terpentintollwut (20:52):

wtf wieso?

Terpentintollwut (20:53):

window oder come?

Philipp (20:53):

dieter bohelen visage gegen aphex kopf in rhubard usgetauscht

Terpentintollwut (20:53):

no way

Philipp (20:54):

wenisgtesn kenenn die macher aphex

Philipp (20:54):

oder sie gaben "teddy bär" ein

Terpentintollwut (20:54):


Terpentintollwut (20:54):

"evil teddy"

Philipp (20:55):

"teddybär mit gesicht"




Micha (20:53):

hast du gerade dsds geshen?

Micha (20:53):

sie haben die donkey rhubarb bären vergewaltigt...

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Terp, your framing of this thread is so funny to me with the =( Germans did it again. I have a friend from Berlin and one from Cologne and the thing that always cracked me up about them both was their ability to be self-deprecating about being German but keep it funny and not weird. You know--being able to show shame over Schlage and stuff like that. You try to get an American to do the same thing and they shit their pants while yelling: "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT; GAWD BLESS AMERICA!"


Yeah I think you're right - I know a few people (also Germans) who go over the top with it though and hate on Germany pretty much constantly, complain and bitch, hate everything, which is a little too much since there are SOME positive aspects to the German-ness too imo... sometimes...maybe. -I mostly complain about it for laughs and I need irony and creating a little bit of distance to cope with things like Volksmusik being made around me :wink2:


But it's true, I think most Germans (especially younger ones) are capable of self-irony etc. But I don't know why I shouldn't be making fun of "the Germans" since I myself don't identify myself with a whole nation, and I dislike patriotism and the likes when and wherever it happens.



I don't like it when Germans are portrayed in wrong ways though, like when people are assuming that talking in a Russian accent would make for a good German-impression ( :undecided: ), but that's just down to me hating poorly thought out comedy. Oh, another thing to note about Germany - the stand-ups and comedy programs are nothing but shameful these days. There used to be good ones but...oh well... Stromberg was the last good German comedy I've seen, even though the concept was taken from The Office (the show actually used The Bad Plus jazzbands Flim as their intro-track). And Ulmen TV - a dude who plays weird roles, an un-funny comedian/entertainer in this one, and messes with his audience who think he is for real. I think this clip could be unterstood even withouth the language (wait for him to get on the stage).


I love all the Germans and

from The League of Gentlemen. Everyone who wants to learn about Germany should watch it. :ok:
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