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  1. There's a lot of talk about game of thrones and tolkein shit in here. Are you all retarded? Do you not have any quality control mechanisms. I expect a lot more than this from a so called idm forum... How low are your standards? It's bad enough with all the infantile superhero nonsense in the film thread. Jesus.
  2. Mellon collie etc is the worst album name of all time. I was kind of into them from 91 ish but had lost interest entirely by the time siamese dream came out. Corgan is truly insufferable prick. Didn't he start doing really long solo modular gigs a few years back? Vaguely recall that being quite uninteresting. I do still have a soft spot for Starla on the I am One 12"
  3. Thank you. Me too but I couldn't remember what it was called.
  4. Track in OP is a lot better than 99% of the acid/braindance drivel that has been made/posted on this forum in the last 5 years This thread is more cringe than the boc subforum.
  5. Just listened to this for the 1st time in a weirdly long time tbh, and it somehow feels quite connected to collapse, much more so than it does to syro. Never made this connection before. It's just so, so far next level in a way I've not really felt since probably rdj album (or all of the 90s aphex output)
  6. I need an album of tracks like Marchromt30A. Best AFX of the 21st century
  7. The brittle-bone baby milkshake recipe on the Ventolin 12"
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