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  1. Me too. Heavily inspired by those tracks Chronical posted at top of page. https://www.udio.com/songs/4xRUkwgJ6jSDHNoUgaLRzi
  2. 4 new hot tracks of sexy idm out now. https://www.udio.com/songs/37tscZg9aiLj7PNAAzE4Ff
  3. Quite pleased with my 1st go https://www.udio.com/songs/hRH9xvKzZVpbwobmk4sXAM
  4. Just finished S2 of Mr Inbetween. Absolutely top class TV.
  5. I think Everton were always gonna survive, even with 10 pt reduction. Luton just need to get above and stay above Forest.
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