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  1. Aren't these all just pretty basic sswtooth pads playing a basic 2 chord sequence. A bit detuned. And run through a phaser?
  2. (So much so, that it smells and tastes like a dick.)
  3. "Might be a dildo that's been rubbed on a dick a lot so it's become covered in ballsweat and cum" Pliny the Elder
  4. Bore-techre more like... hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhaahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhaahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahha hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaa hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahaahahha aha aah a ahahaha ahahahah a ahaha ahahahahahaha ahahaha ahahhah ahaha haha aha aha aaaha ah wooo
  5. The point being, Sean is talking to the Hafler Trio here no?
  6. Like I said, maybe it was a nod to the Hafler Trio being only 2 people...
  7. Perhaps a reference to the Hafler Trio being only 2 people....?
  8. https://m.soundcloud.com/3rd-armpit bumtrumpet crap spanning 3 decades
  9. I'll always prefer the original and if i could only save one in the event of a house fire it would be that. Only bought the reissue cause orange vinyl always looks nice.
  10. Sorry if jazz. Couldn't see if anyone had posted this before (though didn't look to hard as, naturally, I always feel a bit creeped out when I rarely look in the boc forum). Touring MHRTC this year apparently. Possibly the only time I haven't completely hated a live band covering electronic music (apart fron alarm will sound aphex album). Byron Wallen's Gayan Gamelan Ensemble interprets Boards of Canada's 'Music Has The Right To Children'. His fantastic show pays homage to Boards of Canada's seminal album 'Music Has the Right to Children' working with his rarely used Gamelan Ensemble for a truly unique night.
  11. Cool mate you crack on with that on your own in here while we all do lines in the kitchen yeah...
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