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  1. It's true that all the best music wouldn't have been made without drugs though. Don't really get your point about the beatles either... (And you spelt loser incorrectly)
  2. Just can't understand how my mouth feels about that time we killed all the vibes.
  3. Transfarmers Two hours of the life of two post-op transsexual farm owners.
  4. https://m.mixcloud.com/WeMerecords/sound-aesthetics-11-fred-de-chez-wémè-dionysian-mysteries Hot mix by Fred de Chez Wémè
  5. Beerwolf. Have you ever considered not being such a fucking simpleton?
  6. Jesus Fuck. This closing track is too much. I have to kill myself to this immediately.
  7. Finally the full length Altibzz LP i always dreamed of
  8. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. (Is that what it's called?) The new/last Tarantino film. Crap. Looked nice. The scene where they are watching DiCaprio on the telly was good. 2 hrs of nothing to set up the moronic and obvious finale. Total waste of everybody's time. Blackkklansman. OK sorry Quentin. This was a lot worse than your movie. Top Gun. Never seen this before. Pretty wholesome stuff. Didn't really know what was going on in the flying bits. Love the Volleyball stuff. Contemplating watching Cocktail now. Birds of Passage. Excellent.
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