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  1. Almost unwatchable. Completely unmissable. 10
  2. Greta. Minus ten out of ten. Maybe the worst film I have seen since trainspotting 2 and the circle. Maybe much worse than both of those combined. Maybe even worse than the hustle with j-lo. Yeah this is the worst film I've ever seen. Isabelle Huppert was so bad she somehow undoes all of her other great performances. Kick ass girl could be phoroshopped out of the film entirely and you wouldnt even notice.
  3. Mu forum was where I first heard EOD in 2004. I only posted a little bit. Generally just being a cunt and abusing idm fans. Then I found watmm and started doing that here instead.
  4. So to cut a long story short then, (a concept that would have undoubdtedly improved the film)... Parasite was a weak mess and anyone who thinks otherwise is a basic bitch imho.
  5. Finally got round to watching Parasite. A foreign film for people who don't watch foreign films. Far longer than necessary and an absolute mess but western cinema critics say that's what makes the film brilliant. Do not believe them. It isn't. Marriage story. Kramer vs Kramer for privileged bourgeois wankers. Should have cleaned up at the Oscars 2019. Absolutely excellent. Adam Driver & Scarlet Johannsson are superb.
  6. Yeah i can't really think of a better track to begin the Analord collection with.
  7. I grabbed it. My OG copies of fmwt and plays are both pretty tatty so will be nice to get mint versions.
  8. Bought both the originals when they came out but will probably (definitely) grab the orange vinyl.
  9. Pretty long article on Qanon as an Alternate Reality Game here: https://medium.com/curiouserinstitute/a-game-designers-analysis-of-qanon-580972548be5
  10. Berk, check out the Barging into the presence of God & Half Life eps as well if you haven't already.
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