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  1. Only just realised after 20 yrs that Veridis Quo = Veri Disquo 😮
  2. I have a lot of love for Discovery/Verydisco. They peaked at Veridis Quo and Something About Us.
  3. The "One More Time" reunion world tour announced by the end of the year.
  4. 100% nonsense ^ With each listen this track cements itself further into easily being the best track of 2021 It's simply excellent
  5. Netflix doc about the Cecil Hotel. About 20 mins of content spread over 4 hrs. Don't.
  6. Roland mc-303 Random fx pedals Casiotone mt-65 Tascam 424/ii portastudio
  7. From Rob Hall
  8. Rob Hall's tracklists from AMKS sets
  9. Mu-ziq isn't the greatest moniker either. Painfully early 90s feel. So is aphex twin though. And pretty much all idm artists come to think of it. In fact does anybody in electrical music have a non sucky artist name?
  10. Yeah, Lucky is a beautiful film. Loved Lynch in it too.
  11. RIP dude 😞

  12. I don't know which is sadder... his death or, now, finding out he used a stunt dick in his sex tape....
  13. Always liked this one from about 97/98 ish And enjoying this one lately The ladies seem to like this one (That afx badge was nothing to do with me. Dunno who uploaded it)
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