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  1. Wow. When I was about 13 or 14 I had to write an essay about someone I admired. I wrote mine about James Brown (and when I say wrote I mean copied pretty much verbatim from the text in the gatefold sleeve of my James Brown record)
  2. This is probably the worst thing i have ever heard And now i am ashamed of myself for even posting in this thread
  3. t0m and 4rd are 2 different accounts and 2 different people
  4. perunamuusi

    Jake Slazenger

    Makes a racket is definitely one of Mr P's strongest releases. I would go so far as to say it has probably aged better than any of his other records as it was completely anachronistic when it was released. In fact it sounds kind of timeless. Superficially 80s sounding but doesn't really sound like anything from the 80s. The longer this paragraph goes on, the closer I am to deciding that this is actually his best output. Stupid Wanker is one of his very best tracks imo. It's a 10 for me. An absolute 10 of a track
  5. Dimensions on the Aphex logo are all wrong. I would've smashed it on the floor in front of her.
  6. My favourite Aphex album. ( Probably) My favourite Aphex track also (acrid avid jamshred) Definitely best album opener ever. Possibly the best album ever. I remember at the time people (i knew) thought it was a total pisstake after saw1 and polygon window etc. I was completely blown away on the 1st listen.
  7. Maybe next time do something useful like making a 1920s typewriter out of an ableton launchpad
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