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  1. Would love to hear an afx remix of djed. Though I don't think for a second that it could improve on the original.
  2. Heavily influenced by Glass, Reich, Butcher & Mitchell - among others, this was a deeply interpersonal reflection on the melancholia of April 15th by the Aphex Twins, reconstructed within the cold confines of general midi, contrasted with the postmodern neo-brutalism of the early Queen Vic scene. https://m.soundcloud.com/3rd-armpit/albert-14th
  3. Started at 6pm. Seems the amks thread went unnoticed earlier. https://amks.live/
  4. https://amks.live/
  5. Bayern's entire 25 man squad cost less than Mbappe and Neymar
  6. 10 alternate takes of stupid wanker would be an instant purchase
  7. Good news. The 2nd disc of my original copy got snapped at a party not long after it first came out.
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