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happy birthday

Guest weed

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Ooh ooh Mistadobalina


You thought ya could manipulate


You thought you could fool me


Ooh ooh Mistadobalina


Changes put me on a stump and then he schooled me


Friends can be fraudulent just you wait and see


First he was my moneygrip


Then he stole my honeydip


Mistadobalina is a serpent


Don't you agree the little two-tima


Resembles Aunt Jemima


With jeans and a dirty white hoodie


Seems like he wouldn't be a snake


Or wouldn't disguises come in all sizes and shapes


Notice the facade of the snakes


They all catch the vapes


Even though last year they was GQ


Took a little time before the D-E-L could see through


The mask all I had to do is ask the heather wall Akwame


And my man responded they would bomb a


Fraudulent foe with the strength of Hercules


The way ya on my dick must really hurt ya knees


You need to take heed and quit being such a groupie


Ever since I did a little show in Guadeloupee


I neva saw a groupie like you


But what is funny is ya wanted to be down with my crew


But D-E-L is not down with any clowns or jesters


So I would suggest that ya try to impress Uncle Fester


Dobalina because ya don't impress me


Dobalina the style of dress is not the key


Dobalina it's all in the mind and the heart


So you should start


By remembering ya gotta pay a fee dobalina




happy birthday



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