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A Late Halloween Mix


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playtime: 1:12:15

192 kbps (despite what it says in filename, I screwed up there)







This is my first "conventional" mix, I wanted to spend a lot more time on it but I ended up barely making it for Halloween Night, so many of the transitions would have needed a lot more work ... still, the result turned out kind of enjoyable imo, so grab it and bury it till next October, or pretend it's not yet the month of greyscale and drizzle!


Cheers to Six whose Halloween 08 Mix motivated me to make this one.



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Absolutely love the track selection on this, headed out for the night right now but def gonna give it a listen this weekend. Thanks for posting!

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Have listened to this a few times in the past week and this is an awesome mix. Great track selection and atmosphere, I especially love the few tracks right after Slow This Bird Down. Nice one, would love to hear more!

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Thanks! I think I will make more as this is fun, by any means there will be another one for Halloween next year (BEFORE Halloween that is, hopefully).



I uploaded two new videos to my YouTube channel (now ugly due to new channel design), containing excerpts from the Mix I made before All Hallows Cleave, a well as video footage I cut together (in HD). I'm not going to be posting this Mix in whole since it doesn't really make sense that way, given that it's only two different artists and the nature of the event I made it for (look at the vid, you'll know what I mean)



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