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A Made Up Sound - Sun Touch


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the old 'a made up sound' LP is a lot more experimental and freeform than his new stuff under this alias. I always figured 2562 was his dance/club alias but im not too thrilled his 'a made up sound' stuff seems to get more clubby/dance over time. It's good, i just prefer when he was less defined by the rules of what's popular in dance music right now

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Although Dave Huismans' music is often labeled as dubstep, I rather tend to associate his productions to techno (like in Aerial and many of his vinyls as "A Made Up Sound"). The boundaries between dubstep and techno/house are becoming less and less clear, as the dubstep scene is trying to find its place on the dance floor. I don't know what's dubstep anymore today if we exclude that wobble bass cliché.

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