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Broadway Project - One divided soul


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Guest behindthebeats

impakt, dan berridge is my oldest friend so its good to see you posting about his project. have you heard all his broadway project albums? he is now concentrating on film scores

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Guest dantb

So, I'm very new to this forum, but my old friend behindthebeats has kicked my arse to post up some of my music up here following on from this post. I do this Broadway Project thing spoken about here, like.

Be interesting hear some thoughts. Be kind.

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This is indeed quite excellent.

I opened this thread because I was just watching a documentary on Carl Jung, during which there was of course something about an individual's psyche being divided into different aspects, which got me thinking about my friend's old solo project, One Divided. I come here and there's a perfect Jungian synchronicity in this thread's title. I'm glad there was, because I really like the music. Quality stuff.

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