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  1. This cold fucking sucks, AKA "I can't believe it's not covid." 4 days sore throat, 3 days cough with slight congestion on day 3, 1 day constant congestion, now entering a day where my nasal passages are mostly cleared out, yet the congestion is still there, but like... further up in my face hahaha... and there's weird tickly pressure in my ears which I keep needing to pop. Oh my god this cold is fucking ridiculous...
  2. Probably my favourite rock-slanted movie soundtrack. The CD printing was done in such a way that it sticks in my van stereo, and I need to get a spatula with outward facing tape on the end to pull it back out.
  3. Haha that's awesome! I am interested in you finishing what you started. You should post a vid of yourself playing the song after. One day I will get to that maj chord thing. It'll be when you least expect it. Like... you'll wake up one day, and my favourite chord will be there, standing over you.
  4. Had too pizzas from the same place. One was one of the most satisfying pepperoni slices I've had in forever. The other (which was pointed out as being the most fresh) was impossible for me to even identify toppings-wise, and had sauce kind of like salad dressing. Truly awful pizza. I'm troubled by the quality difference between the pizzas, and that I saved the crappy one for last. If I had a time machine, I know the first thing I'd fix.
  5. @brian trageskinI expect a full transcription of this material on my desk by Monday: There is harmony in there, btw, so is completely on topic.
  6. 4 negs here, but really not sure I was going in deep enough... 1 inch up the nose seems insane. I was really trying. Felt like 10 inches. (Might be getting nasal passage mixed up with my cock again - not a match made in heaven, btw)
  7. Yes, so is Move of Ten, regardless of what ae claim. 11 tracks at 50+ minutes simply isn't an EP... 70 minutes in EP7's case. A CD doesn't become a cassette just because I insist upon it as an artist. Sean plz.
  8. I never fully explored the elseq territory, nor the NTSses.
  9. Yes. Plant the crystals in the big cums and they will grow in both size and potency.
  10. Also... th red a gives me a major Star Con 2 nostalgia trip. Anyone else member? Fuck I miss playing that game...
  11. The Au14 chord progression is strangely poppy. I don't think I'd ever honed in on that aspect during previous listens. It put the track in a new light. That's one thing I appreciate about Ae's newer material - the nature of the music changes depending on where you focus. Same thing can apply to their older material too, but more so from Oversteps onward (for me, at least). Not that Oversteps is new, by any means (though it really could have been released any time between then and now and not sound dated/like anything else).
  12. Just... why would he ever think it was a good idea to post that? How did he think that was going to go well for him? And... just such a banal thought to share with the world. His mind must have really cracked.
  13. Oh yeah, I never actually thought it was Covid. But I was hanging with someone who'd been hanging with someone who tested positive, so well within the realm of possibility. I too had a weird recurring throat thing for parts or 20/21. Very odd. This one seemed different.
  14. It's like you're being punished for not having symptoms. I guess I do see the logic though. Lame.
  15. https://themunicipality.bandcamp.com/track/retrovertigo
  16. "if anyone had walked into his office... did excrement in his uhh... uhhh... uhhh... known as uhh waste paper baskets.... or had written lewd words on his uhhh pictures of his family... WE... as members of his college... ... ... I don't know what the hell to do."
  17. i feel like the raging alcoholic + real asshole aspect is part of what that trucker may have admired about him. Me, I just admire the pee pee poo poo aspect of today's society. Finally a world I can thrive in.
  18. the hell, this is totally backwards! What's the reasoning here? I just tested negative a second time. My symptoms were: mild congestion day one, sore throat day 2, sore throat plus very brief and mild cough day 3, and now back to sore throat which has subsided for the time being. While this is all very mild, it is the most persistent cold I've had since masking up became a thing.
  19. that bumper sticker has become an important part of my identity.
  20. Amazing footage. I just hate how so many of these archival sites stamp a huge logo on top of it + a bit black title with the archive name on the top, rendering it unusable for anything. So much music vid potential, lost... like tears in the rain.
  21. Sorry guys, I felt his feels on Wait for Me. I get it. It's just so clean, with a total absence of anything weird/uncomfortable. You wouldn't get it.
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