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  1. Oh yeah I watched that one a while back. Dude is supreme cringeman... but with murder impulses, a disturbing combo if there ever was one. I suppose there are quite a few in that category, all inspiring one another. What a time to be alive (until the cringeman cometh).
  2. Darned Wealth Chokehold Good Breath Registurd Nurse Notgood Centre Gord's Sphincter Allen FFILTH Grid Keeper Sprout Alvin Watmm Life Lard Won't Rape Mom's Direct Messages !2th Sand Course Raking Good Lord, Ryu Weak Thud Press Gourd (Indecipherable)
  3. Ahh dude, that sounds horrifying. Sorry you have to deal with that. I'm such a baby about nausea especially... not looking forward to this second vax. I can still block potential/likely cancer diagnoses of the future out of my head for the time being. My real FWP tho is listening to Justin Timberlake's last album and getting depressed at how impressively clean all the mixes are.
  4. Whoa, I never would have guessed you did time at some point! What for? (...if you don't mind sharing.)
  5. But he still shat the bed on Filth Pig, Dark Side, and Animositomina.
  6. Did they? It's still Al and Paul handling production duties on all those. I'm not sure having a diff bassist or drummer would have any bearing on that really.
  7. Nah, the last 3 albums feat. Paul D'amour all sounded shite. He and Al covered production duties on everything up to and including that point. i see there are a few albums coming up that had an additional producer, but Al still has his hand in there. It does not bode well.
  8. I am writing this FWS on behalf of the gentleman who entered Villages Pizza a minute after me. He was overjoyed to be there again because: 1. it was the first place he had pizza 2. it was so awesome. 3. he doesn't know what to do with himself 4. last week he was starving in prison, and now he has SO MUCH food 5. "oh man, today is the BEST day!" Anyway, he seemed happy on a level most people will probably never know. I wish we could all get out of prison at least once in our lives. Never seen anyone openly enjoying their experience to this degree in public. I wonder what he did time for... did they lock him up for experiencing too much joy?
  9. I'm trying to get through the second half of Ministry's discography, but the shitty drum mix is making it reeeeeeally difficult. It's like he was deliberately making them sound as thin as possible, and gradually phasing out the kick entirely. Possibly the only band to have consistently dropped in production quality from first album to last over such an extended period of time. Usually that part improves with experience... I think maybe he went deaf a long time ago, but simply refuses to get any outside help. It's really fucking brutal. Yet the first 5 albums sound SO good. It's too bad, because there are some decent tunes on here, and it would have been so easy to make that apparent with the right treatment. Ah well.
  10. First two rentals I filled out applications for ghosted. Tinder's influence reaches into all facets of society now. We live in a society. We live in Tinder. 😭
  11. Caught a fucking cold. Fucking mouth breathing maskless strangers crowding the restaurants since July 1st.... just because you're allowed, doesn't mean you should! Its such little effort to put on a mask, cunts. I was really hoping that much of the "new normal" would carry on via basic common sense.
  12. Lords of Christ Donald Cumsfeld Panagoposonic (apologies for posting only good band names.)
  13. Dreamt one of my matches had such a full schedule that she couldn't fit me in anywhere. Double entendre not intended, until now. Now I'm pointing it out.
  14. I periodically ruin my thermoses by washing them with dish detergent... And by forgetting to rinse them out for days... Hence the detergent. Not sure how I'm still alive, honestly.
  15. I just received the "reacting well" badge.
  16. I went from despairing about the hopelessness of the dating scene, to having the names of different women filling every day of the week in the span of the month. What the hell happened? Got Mary from noon to 6, then Nicolette from 6:30 until whenever. This is a full time job! Feels good to finally feel good again.
  17. They scheduled someone else for the 11am slot I agreed to on Fri, and didn't mention that until this morning. WTF - dicks! Luckily they were able to offer up 12:15, but I bet someone who views it before me will accept it on the spot. Two other places I contacted responded with bizarre rambly word salad about leaving for ____ because of some church thing and needing a tenant asap as a result, so just write down all your info here and it's yours. Telling that half the ads that seem like reasonable offers in my area are scams.
  18. That sounds ghastly. The mayo, I mean. Load sounds par for the course. I think i have a suite viewing tomorrow? The date was set a few days ago, but my follow up messages were ignored (regarding whether we should meet in front, or if I should buzz a number, or...). Really hoping it still happens, and that I get it, as the location is perfect... and one of my matches outlined in graphic detail the kinds of scenarios she'd like to play out in there with me (we'd be minutes walking distance from each other, and her work). So I really want to make that dream a reality. Living in a tiny cabin far outside the city does have its drawbacks.
  19. There were mentions of a video + links that gave the impression of leading to said video, but no such video was to be found. 😞
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