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  1. I think most people are just confused about the actual intent of this thread (myself included). Reads as pisstake-y, but perhaps isn't. More context is needed.
  2. Troon was all of us. While delivering food, I discovered there is a Troon Rd. where I live. As I approached my destination I muttered "delivering in a Troon road" and loled a little.
  3. Stop it with the sticky traps already. That's cruel shit.
  4. Sounds sexy. Lush atmospheres. Apparently I can hit and sustain a D# an octave above middle CD in full voice. I recall a time when C was a stretch. Had no idea my range had developed that much. Must be something to do with all the time I spend responding to my cats by imitating them as accurately as possible (we get this echo call and response thing going).
  5. Stars Just listened to their Set Yourself on Fire album for the first time in probably more than 5 years. It's damn good. Slightly musical theatre tinted at points, but they do it very well/unabashedly.
  6. Oh cool, I managed to break through the quote it would appear. Anyway, no warning posts for me yet, though I do have a pic for the "photos you took that you're happy with" thread which would prob earn me one.
  7. Got unreasonably excited seeing this thread at the top of gen ban.
  8. I'm going to play up the serial killer aspect of my next ID shot, and see if it turns out semi-normal looking for once.
  9. Whoa, that's out there. But hey, I've had a few thousand gilled cheeses in my time - I can get weird on a couple.
  10. That'll probably earn him a few votes come next election. Commence Sweden collusion 2020 conspiracy.
  11. Started a new project, which means I need a new project name. Ffffffffuuuuuuuu
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