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  1. Zephyr_Nova

    Rob pls

    robitussin DM non-drowsy
  2. gmail's "not connected" despite the internet working fine for me otherwise.
  3. Man, I'm so glad every other kid didn't have their own youtube channel when I was growing up. I never looked at my own generation with such revulsion, but I'm sure we would have been notably awful too given the same media platforms.
  4. Yeah, I sort of stopped listening to Pearl Jam in early 2000's, but listened to their last few in my van recently. They've gotten a lot better! Like, really solid rock albums. Looking forward to to hearing the new one. Weird to be posting about Pearl Jam in this day and age. I'd say they've become highly underrated, oddly enough. Also, Trent was clearly browsing the Bad Witch thread, which is why this happened. Tront pls.
  5. Getting the order of operations right in the hand/everything-sanitizer is incredibly complicated for me. I just can't keep track of every little detail like that. Hands last is always key, but any time I think I've got that covered I'll touch some other thing that I didn't consider. Like "oh shit, car keys..." Always something. Or you wash your hands, then you immediately touch the doorknob that your unwashed hands touched a minute prior. Whattaya do?
  6. My mom made potato chip sandwiches, which, as it so turns out, are quite good. Anyone else tried that? You just crush a couple handfuls of chips between to slices of bread. The drastic texture contrast is really satisfying.
  7. Oh, interesting idea. So put the utility plugin on every track that's going to have automation and use that as the volume automator. If I were to put that on say 10 different tracks would it eat up much cpu? I've only used that plug-in for the widening feature, and occasionally to flip a stereo signal on a sample.
  8. Limiters are often little bitches. My frequent mix dilemma despite so many years experience is that despite always trying to start with tons of headroom, I always end up going into the red by the end of it, and then when I need to remedy that I've already got volume automation on everything (and for some reason no program ever has an option to just bring automated tracks down an even 2db or whatever). Bringing the master down does nothing to bring back the headroom (just sounds squashed). So I always have to meticulously adjust all automation accordingly. I feel like an amateur every time it happens... which is literally every time.
  9. Reused the old grinds already in my moka pot. Hilariously bad cup of anything. Still drinking it.
  10. One of the key elements of what makes a melody a memorable melody is its rhythm, and this thing obviously hasn't got that covered. A lot of melodies would barely even make sense without the right rhythm. Plus so many hooks are just one note in a specific rhythm that makes it catchy. There was that Marvin Gaye bullshit suing over a groove FFS. /AI defeated. (meant to post this last month, just remembered...)
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