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  1. Playing the Angel was strong on both the songs and production front. That one may be my fave DM album, although really hard to judge due to how many really excellent albums they've released. I did love Delta Machine the first time I heard it, but I may have been swept up in the production porn more than the songs themselves. Will have to revisit it. Spirit's the only Depeche Mode album that really missed the mark for me. They have a REALLY good track record for a band that's been around so long.
  2. Oh thank goodness. This thread had been so uncharacteristically silent, I was worried Florida may have finally gotten its act together.
  3. Didn't know the name, but first thought upon seeing that photo was "is that the Clown from House of 1000 Corpses?" He certainly had a distinctive way of staring into the camera. RIP.
  4. It's not the reverb for me (that diminishes the snappy quality to my ears) but rather the percussion seems much louder relative to the melodic parts, more on top of it rather than underneath. I know when I do live stuff I separate the drums from the melodic parts so that I can adjust the mix according to the room, make certain bits punch harder, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if he does the same. The mastering could also play a role in this, as the drums attenuate to avoid clipping, while the stuff going on around it gets pumped up/widened. Actually... the most likely reason is just that the crappy recording device naturally picks up more of the percussive sounds. Drums tend to take over on a lot of low quality live recordings.
  5. Nice one! One of the ladies I've been chatting with via the dating apps is using my last Zephyr Nova album (Shivering Towers) as the playlist for her art gallery. Pretty fucking cool. I may inquire about performing there sometime. It's in another city, but only a short ferry ride away.
  6. FWS: can rest easy now knowing I do not need a passport to travel within my own country. Ontario tour saved! PS who here lives in Ontario?
  7. Do you slide suggestion notes into the slot? That would be my solution. Seems reasonable.
  8. Yeah I don't think I'm doing it right. Online dates are supposed to be like auditions, so you get like 10 different people all lined up and then see which one is most worthy. But I just meet one girl who seems pretty cool and I'm like "well, this seems like it'll probably work." Her writeup was the most well written though, imo. So it's not 100% based on chronology.
  9. oh god oh god I'm meaning girl #2 on Monday, and meeting girl #1 for date #2 tomorrow. Eeeeeeeeee. What a weird lifestyle. I have a feeling girl #1's going to work out though, so I may not have a whole lot to contribute here after all. Still looking forward to living vicariously through whatever other tales of terror arise in this thread.
  10. Honestly I'm surprised there aren't more incidents like this in any city of over a million people. Knowing what I do about humanity, I'd place driving a motor vehicle through a shopping mall as a 1/50,000 people kind of thing. And that still seems pretty remote. If I didn't have impulse control, surely I would drive my van through a shopping mall at some point. Why isn't this more of a thing?
  11. Her melodies are so so good, and I love her lyric style (was just listening to Tender Buttons). God damn what a shitty, random death to have happened. Fuck you, death.
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