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  1. Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoyed it. I need to get back into making things... been in a major creative drought, though that can mostly be attributed to needing to work all the time due to a rent increase.
  2. I saw them with Tricky opening in an arena, and there was so much bass I couldn't really make out the music (for either act).
  3. Tried again this morning, and evening, and it seems my voice was just being a piece of shit that first time around. I'm going to chalk it up to drinking way too much the night before. Current FWP is needing to make a set for my other project, but I haven't gotten around to it because of this one. Band mate is relying on me...
  4. Was invited to perform my synth pop stuff at a private party. It's only about a week away and I haven't given it a proper rehearsal. Tried singing several of the songs this morning, and JFC I sing crazy high in almost all of them. My morning voice is not at all up to the task. Hoping I'm able to go a whole tone higher comfortably if it's later in the day, because otherwise I don't know how I'm going to do this. Even if I drop everything down one key, it's still pretty demanding in the upper range. Was hoping I'd be a much better singer by this point.
  5. iirc oedipus complex is an unconscious urge to fuck one's mom, resulting in dad envy + every mental illness. so oedipus censorship would be suppressing the unconscious incest urge... and apparently the author's saying ppl with schizophrenia don't do that. He's calling them all mom fuckers. That's what I got from it, anyway. (As if mental illness didn't already have enough stigma attached to it...)
  6. This thread's making me crave a pizza containing pineapple, bacon, and possibly one other topping, but I haven't yet figured out what. just occured to me I've never tried pizza containing both pineapple and garlic. that sounds fucked up, but what if it's actually the best flavour combination and no one's ever bothered trying it?
  7. It only just dawned on me that jajajaja is pronounced the same as hahahaha to anyone from Mexico, hence the alternate spelling (chatting with someone who moved from there to here. Sometimes she switches from j to h over the course of a single laugh, flaunting her mastery of two languages).
  8. Oh shit this first thing she sent is way more IDM than anything I listen to... which one of you is she?
  9. She answered with "Aphex Twin 💯 but not sure if I’ve heard the other two! I listen to a lot of ppl nobody has really heard of haha but also sadly the last year or so have been relying a lot on NTS and a couple other platforms for curation as spend all my computer bandwidth on school/work :/" Then I told her about the Ae NTS sessions, since she mentioned them, and asked from some electronic gems. She sent me links to 5 acts I haven't heard of, bandcamps and soundclouds. I think she's more IDM than me.
  10. Just opened a bumble chat with: "Heya! I see you're into cool glitchy techno stuff. Are you a fan of a lot of the Warp music acts, like Clark, Aphex Twin, Autechre etc.?" flol.
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