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  1. Peanut gallery refers to the back of old theatres, where the rowdiest-heckliest patrons would get ushered off to so as to be less annoying for the performers. Maybe offensive to people who aren't really that rowdy that get unfairly lumped into the peanut gallery, I suppose.
  2. I think waking someone up to prevent them from peeing on/in something is p reasonable. Just noticed my accidental pun there. P. Ha.
  3. Inland Empire's a pretty controversial only Lynch film to have watched. That's like diving right into the deep end before learning how to swim.
  4. I've found this to be the most effective form of weight loss (but that's 'cuz fat always goes straight to my wang, so I lose a good 30 lbs right there).
  5. "Mental" is still accepted among the more PC members of society, along with stupid/idiotic and a bunch of other words with the same connotation.
  6. I was in a basement with the vibe of small dead animals everywhere. There was a fat mouse still alive, with this gross birth-sack attached to it, which was leaking viscous fluid onto the concrete floor. All its offspring were dead inside the birth-sack. I felt that i needed to save it somehow, but the dream perspective was a passive observational role. Lots of gross dead animal dreams lately.
  7. Hygiene noted! *rinses album collection thoroughly*
  8. Occasionally. I don't think they would have helped in this case. I have a feeling it was the weird salted-caramel coffee drink I had on my delivery shift late last night. Anyway, good old-fashioned teeth brushing seemed to do the trick.
  9. I bought a Cornelius album maybe... close to 10 years ago? Listened to it once and was blown away by the sound design, but then for some reason never got around to listening again. Should prob give it another listen.
  10. Jesus. I bet the ICP Fred Durst drop kick vid was amazing though.
  11. SFWP: My breath at the moment. The weirdest smell's been lingering around me all morning, and I've deduced that this is the only thing it could be. I don't remember the last time I smelled my own breath, so can only imagine how horrid it would be from another person's perspective. Toothbrush, don't fail me now.
  12. The smell of crayons.
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