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  1. You got the 'vid? Are you vaxxed? FWP: I am not enjoying the ridiculous amount of Chinese food I got paid $10 to take home. Three meals so far, and still at least 2 from finished... and that's with letting my friend have a portion. Who gets two different sweet and sour pork dishes, I mean really. Not to mention the blandest chow mien on god's green earth. Honestly I'd rather have paid for three different meals that I would have actually enjoyed. I'm saving money, sure, but would I have ever really missed it had I spent it? Unlikely. Getting paid to eat someone else's food ain't all its cracked up to be, kids.
  2. I managed to get that JT cover master loud without sounding squashed to my ears (there's 2 points where it's getting there, but it's not too egregious). It's these dense wall of sound mixes where it becomes challenging. If there's only a few elements and lots of space, getting things loud is usually easy. But all too often I find myself cramming sound into every possible nook and cranny. https://themunicipality.bandcamp.com/track/blue-ocean-floor
  3. Agreed. I've been trying to get through the rest of their discog yet again, but the mix is just so so bad. I don't think i ever get past Animositosmoniitnina.
  4. FWS: a customer put in their work address instead of their home address for a delivery, so I got paid $10 to eat a huge bag full of Chinese food (which I will do throughout the day tomorrow). This is the sort of thing I was hoping would happen at least once every other week with a delivery job, but it turns out to be more of a 1 in 500 thing. FWP: I already had a giant unfinished Poké bowl that I needed to eat, so didn't get the immediate gratification of enjoying Chinese food right after obtaining it. The math works out to be in favour of this being an overall FWS though, so I will leave it in this thread.
  5. Damn, that's an obnoxious fan. Got a text from my friend's mom last night that her dog had attacked my friend's dog, who "lost an eye." JFC. Awful... This is the sweetest little dog. I'm so disturbed. My friend is going to be devastated. Hope her mom gets in touch with the news and that I don't have to break it. (Her mom's singled me out as the middle man when she has trouble getting in touch.)
  6. Kept waiting for them to bust into the nu metal version of this:
  7. I was attempting to head over to instagram, but ended up typing "cringe" into the address bar by mistake after getting caught up in the FWP thread. Appropriate.
  8. One of my bumble matches used "wack" in a text tonight, and one of my first thoughts was that it's spelled "whack"... so that's probably the one. Although "wacky" seems like it shouldn't have the h, so what do I know.
  9. Studio = computer + ableton + headphones and/or monitors.
  10. Finally listened to a 10cc album. The first one, obviously (gotta go chronological). JFC that is a GOOD debut album. Production's about as good as I can imagine anything being. Prob a bit outside the reaches of my imagination tbqh.
  11. Couldn't find my van keys earlier today because I left them in the ignition when I went to grab toothpaste from inside. lol. Was a few minutes late to my first delivery, which just happened to be from the annoying Subway lady that always points out when the food's been ready for a while. She's the only restaurant worker in the entire city who gives a shit about that. Literally never heard a comment like that from anyone else in over 3000 deliveries. I should let her know sometime. Extra funny too, because the times where I'm not late, I always end up having to wait around in there. She's always clearly stressing about it and being apologetic, and I just don't care. My response is always "no worries," same as any reasonable person in the food industry. I should act exasperated next time so she feels less alone.
  12. I have proposed a "serious problems" thread a few times before, but no one ever takes the bait, least of all me. My FWP is this fucking bumble woman who *accidentally* stood me up on Tues (misplaced her phone and forgot). I confronted her in text, which lead to a reasonable explanation on her end + a rescheduling for this Sun (confirmed yesterday afternoon). Then this morning I get a text saying she has to cancel because she's dating someone/doesn't have the energy to date multi/is still down for being friends. WTF is this shit? What an awkward way to start a friendship. We haven't even met, but she's completely flaked on me once, and then set up a date which she immediately retracted... and wants to be friends? Why? Fuck man, what a dumb week. PS I did reply with something like "I... think I'm down for being friends? but this is a really odd way to start a friendship" plus a bunch of rambly nonsense.
  13. Had to buy a new phone. Going to cost $15/month for 24 months + I have to pay $300 to finish paying off the pixel that broke. That needs to be paid start of next month. Ouch. The pixel has a great camera, but it is the most fragile piec of technology I have ever owned. It died after a gentle drop of nary 2 feet onto the floor of a pizza hut. Not sure what to call the material that comprises this pizza hut's floor, but it's a hell of a lot softer than the tile and concrete my old phone used to get thrown upon on a routine basis. That one hardly even sustained a scratch. New one's a Samsung Galaxy. Hopefully it's a little sturdier.
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