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  1. The last albums by both FF and GB were absolutely stunning... was going to say both have been around and acknowledged for quite some time already, but I suppose this is about 21st century bands. So yeah, they fit the criteria. The bands I've been most into this side of the century have been: Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lizard Gizzard Wizard or whatever they're called, St. Vincent, Boris (though I've barely heard a fraction of their discog), Tame Impala (though I'm less interested in his electronic tinted stuff), Bon Iver, Animal Collective. Of Montreal and Deerhoof both really blossomed at points this century, but already had their roots in the 90's. Anna Calvi and Keren Anne are two of my favourite songwriters/singers with a few solid albums each... not sure they fit the band criteria though. Wilco's another favourite, but so well known and ongoing since the 90's that I'm reluctant to mention them. Dan Deacon's pretty interesting... sort of forgot about him until just now. One band I think could have been massive from my hometown, were it not for it ending tragically (couple rather grim deaths) is Daddy's Hands This album is a classic for me. Very raw, but also the perfect capture of that rawness... so actually quite well produced: https://daddyshands.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-kings Would have been cool to see where Dave would have gone from there. He always had a foot planted in the more experimental side of things, but merged with really great, classic songwriting instincts. I haven't heard a lot of super angsty bands like that in recent years that have caught my interest, but I really haven't been doing my due diligence in seeking them out either. It's obviously out there.
  2. I used to play Quake online, and for some reason one of the player handles just popped into my head: Rumpled Foreskin. It made me lol, internally. What a username. The fact that Tim_J's post related to usernames is a merely a fun coincidence. I was already determined to share my Quake anecdote here for some reason.
  3. Always on the lookout for great new bands, but I suck at fiding them. Unknown Mortal Orchestra became a fast favourite. Top songwriting, plays all instruments like a motherfucker, fully realized cool personal aesthetic, influenced by tons of great shit to come before, but put together in a way that's quite unique. And of these guys are unstoppable: But yeah, I don't hear nearly enough new favourite bands. Back when I was a young whipper snapper in the 90's, it seemed like every other band I discovered was the next greatest thing... but I think that's just a normal part of discovering music in the first place. You get jaded about X sounding too much like Y the older you get. But also I think really interesting bands just tend to get less exposure now. *I'd find them if I really put in the legwork. I just get too distracted too easily. Need to commit more.
  4. I can't stop scrolling through that IdiotsInCars reddit. Been there maybe 2 hours straight.
  5. I'm very impressed with Shitpiss 15's longevity.
  6. Been researching music blogs in order to set the cogs in motion for an upcoming release, part of which involves familiarizing myself with some of the albums they've reviewed so I can make my contact email a bit more personal... like "hey, I really enjoyed your blah blah blah on etc. etc." to establish a friendly connection. Anyway, lyric to the last song I checked out included the phrase "can I be the bloody diaper" with not an iota of irony attached to it, just glossy pseudo-sexy professionalism. Why do I put myself through this? And how is this what mainstream metaphors have become?
  7. So he's arguing that abortion could have saved us from suffering through his endless BS. I thought he was anti-abortion?
  8. I love the guitar sound on this album. Before nu-metal ruined everything, this is where I pictured rock music heading... but then all the bands that were doing this sort of heavy spacey pop thing broke up and Woodstock 99 happened, which to me epitomizes the low point in rock music history... well, at least where the almost-mainstream is concerned. I've no doubt underground rock music's always been kicking ass somewhere. But yeah, major nostalgia trip on this album, but also probably their best release. I think they really nailed every aspect of their sound here, and the lyrics are stronger overall too. The production's perfect to my ears (never quite got there on the other albums imo). I'll have to give Heart is a Monster another listen. While it was nice to hear Failure again, and it picks up right where they left off, I felt the songwriting overall wasn't as strong... although that Beatlesque ballad tune is one of their best. I recall there being a lot of vocal melody choices that wrecked what were otherwise cool song ideas. Don't they have a followup due out soon/a while ago?
  9. Just watched Terror Toons. Did not disappoint.
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