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  1. Been getting a lot of these seconds long idiotic vids recommended on youtube lately. They've got me pegged.
  2. I miss having my own thoughts. Now I just adopt the ones other people have as being my own. For instance I feel like I've had this deep, reflective morning thinking about the way things used to be and how they've changed. But all I've done is read this thread with nary an idea of my own.
  3. I dreamt I said no to drugs. Bit of an FWP too, really. What a waste of a dream.
  4. No burger is born bad. Some just end up making the wrong choices, get caught up in the wrong crowd... Next thing you know they're choking someone at a BBQ, and there's no fixing that burger.
  5. If that's not a criminal mastermind, I don't know what is.
  6. Burger's kind of like a hipster like. It's liking in a way that not everyone's going to get, and pretending like you don't give a fuck, but secretly you do.
  7. i've been eating pizza for 3 days straight and there's still quite a bit left.
  8. Ted Bundy worked mostly minimum wage jobs, and was too busy murdering to waste what little money he did make on digital vinyl bundles or whatever, so you may want to rethink your 2018 serial killer analogy imho.
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