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  1. Oh shit that is a goooood Ministry album. Come to Vancouver you fucks. Victoria would be better, but I'm trying to be realistic. I mean, FLA started in Vancouver, which is also home to Skinny Puppy. it doesn't make any sense for them to not come to Vancouver.
  2. I'd say this is their most accessible album. Every track combines cool futuristic sound design with huge beats and memorable melodies. It sounds more alien than anything they'd released prior, and more human than anything they released after. Kind of the perfect midway point of the Ae evolution. I can understand why it may be of less interest to some listeners (as the tracks speak for themselves without a lot of extra delving necessary) but I can't really understand not understanding why others love it (for the same reason). It's a crazy immersive headphones listen too... basically the musical predecessor to ASMR, but with none of the annoying qualities.
  3. That Revolving Doors song uses bits from the True Love tape loop of the OKNOTOK cassette. I'm sure that's common knowledge, but I just discovered it and was like "neat."
  4. Ahhh, yeah that kind of makes sense. It is one of those "I agree to do it all for X" and then you end up chiseling away to your own perfectionistic standards and realize you should have actually charged XYZ. Been there. Although I just get these gigs very occasionally, and then last couple have amounted to $100/hour-ish. But if it's a bigger project rather than a one off tune, it's bound to boil down into a slave wage thing at some point. I've definitely experienced that before.
  5. Your life sounds very much like my old room mate/guitarist. He's always getting so much work doing music/sound editing for documentaries/ads and the like that he has little time left over for anything else beyond sleep... and fishing (had to fire him from my band twice because he was just too busy... but goddamn he was the perfect fit for that role). Makes mad cash though, and gets to use his creativity for it. I think he's pretty content too.
  6. The addition of curry leads me to believe they've done some flavour research. I bet that particular combination works.
  7. I totally glazed over DF and Ufabulum. I keep forgetting that there were two albums released in that time. It's my own shortcoming and I'm working on it. Sorry Tom. Pretty sure they were both excellent and I just didn't give them their fair due. I'll be sure to give recent SP output more listening time in 2020.
  8. 1959 was a slow year. 1960 wasn't even worth showing. Then 1961 onward shit gets real.
  9. It would be fine if I didn't have a show tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to nap at some point.
  10. Why is watching those things topple over so damn funny? Also, why are they always towers? Why not have water spheres just hanging out at/near ground level?
  11. Did Mozart, Beethoven or Wagner have offspring? I do often wonder what happened to the genes of the legends. Like was Mozart's great great great great great nephew thrice removed Bran Van 3000's guitar tech? Would anyone know this? Arguably more of a pointless thought, but I did name three dead celebrities.
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