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  1. My brain is 0% economist. What does being in debt even mean in terms of a nation? Who are they in debt to? Clearly it doesn't matter, because they're able to just keep spending spending spending. The whole debt thing seems like a fiction to me.
  2. That's a weird one. Just... developing brains are ripe for all manners of confusion. Developed ones too, but it really shows during the high school/early 20's phase. identity crises of the highest magnitude.
  3. Well, admittedly I am interested in right-wing propaganda trash, due to to my inner sociologist. More interested in seeing that than some music software ad or whatever the fuck youtube thinks I'm into. But it still creeps me right out.
  4. Youtube just sent me an ad blaming the wuhan virus on the Communist party of China. Biggest WTF ad I've encountered on there. I've heard a lot about political ads via facebook/youtube or whatever, but never really experienced them first hand. I got your back.
  5. *makes pocket pussy reference, but it doesn't quite fit... no pun intended. Except in the first part - that pun was intended. Just don't even read this. Awful.*
  6. Windows 95 was the best Windows even though it got broked all the tiem.
  7. Noam Chomsky's pro anarchy, which makes it good enough for me.
  8. I don't know if it was just the heavy CK withdrawal I'd been in, but that new special had me busting a gut pretty much start to finish. If I were to gauge his best work off my own physical reaction, I'd say it was his best work. But that could just be due to the added catharsis of having CK back. It had been a loooong time since any new standup comedy had resonated much with me.
  9. Have we covered the fact that the biggest casualties from the riots will without a doubt be the thousands of older people who die of corona that would have likely been fine otherwise? That oughta get things back on track in here.
  10. SFWP #2: people posting vids as examples of good vocal performances, and all I can notice is how many flat notes there are (from a vocalist who I previously thought had an excellent sense of pitch... happened a couple times recently. Interesting that those are the ones people often choose when there are so many other examples of those same performers nailing it. Maybe bad pitch gets interpreted as more emotional by some people? Happens a lot in the studio as well when we're choosing the favourite takes. Weird.)
  11. SFWP: the inability to react to one's own posts on here. On facebook, if I post something that's solid gold and no one responds I can add the laughing guy or whatever as a sarcastic "look you idiots, here is the appropriate response" so that everyone feels really stupid for missing it. But here there's no way to do that. Awful, really.
  12. Great watching Thordendal's expression as he plays with yet another ridiculously skilled drummer. He's so delighted with just how awesome Agren's playing is. Like "I'm so fucking lucky."
  13. Very nice indeed. The bass line, the acid, the sample, the groove. Yes on all accounts.
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