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  1. I probably felt my shittiest after my last breakup, which was after a pretty short lived relationship post-covid. While I didn't exactly cut any social ties, I didn't really want to see anyone for a while thereafter. Romance is hardly worth it really. FWP2: pretty sure I ripped off Beck with this last vocal melody idea, and now I have to search blindly for the song in order to confirm... or I could just scratch the melody idea. Either way I still have to know what song it is, as it's driving me nuts.
  2. Welcome home! FWP facebook thinks I want to know what's up with all the guitar gods because I watched some Van Halen videos after he died.
  3. First world solution: serve dinner, bring it with you to the toilet. You're maximizing your time efficiency this way.
  4. There's one with bass too, but it's a bit cluttered.
  5. FWP My calendar is no longer a reliable place for me to remember things, since I'm no longer in the habit of checking it ever.
  6. th red a transports me back to playing Starcon 2 in the best possible way.
  7. I hear that. I've had a "nothing before noon" policy with recording clients for many years, which seems to work with pretty much everyone.
  8. @chenGOD Yikes. Do you at least get some time to slowly acclimatize yourself to waking up earlier, or is it a "meeting's the day after tomorrow" sort of thing? That was way easier than quoting. I'm just going to use the @ trick from now on. SFWP - working on music has gotten me back into the habit of being up until the birds are chirping and rising not long before it gets dark. It's a bad cycle to be in for the winter months, and one that's really hard to break.
  9. I was in the process of trying to write something about how Metaz form8 is one of the most emotionally affecting pieces they've ever created, and somehow this happened: [spoiler]mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememememtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemtemt
  10. It's streaming on kanopy.com, which is free to anyone with a library card, 10 movies per month (at least in Canada, not sure about elsewhere). There's 302 horror movies on this site, and mostly good so far as I can tell. Way better than Netfux. Everyone reading this should register.
  11. It occurred to me that if potato chip sandwiches are a thing, there's no reason pretzel sandiches shouldn't be. So i made one with sour dough bread and hot mustard. It was excellent. Something about the soft dough combining with the crunch is extremely satisfying. Very IDM texture.
  12. It's true! I was so weirded out when I first heard that song as a kid, like "WTF is Fruciante doing... isn't he a guitarist?" I never understood that solo. Was it deliberately bad? I can't think of another solo that's baffled me as much. Also, he has the best falsetto. There better be falsetto all over this motherfucker.
  13. Checked out the top 15 most popular songs on spotify for the first time - big mistake. I feel gross now. What happened to musical/sonic diversity? Had no idea how bad things had gotten... maybe some idea, but this is the first time I took a hard look at the evidence. I liked the ass pussy song tho.
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