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  1. Oh wow, I guess this is when I first came down with the 'vid. That means I'm on day 5 and am okay to re-integrate with the general public according to the health mandate. Was kind of enjoying having an excuse to not do anything though... Also this means I was running around passing my disease off left right and centre with every Skip delivery I made for a couple days. Shit... I do always put my mask on for this very possibility, and never cough inside a public place (I'm able to choose when I cough, generally... never NEED to). Anyway... really hoping I didn't inadvertently kill anyone.
  2. No tinnitus or hearing loss. Cough worsened for a bit last night, but I was able to sleep several hours uninterrupted. My throat was annoying me when I first woke up, but a cup of tea fixed that. Now the most notable symptom is a pressure in my ears, but pretty easy to ignore.
  3. I got the 'vid. Worst seems to be over. Most notable symptoms were hardcore fatigue and a pain in my ears that wasn't quite an ear infection, sensation-wise. Cough, sore throat and congestion were all about average. This is with double vaccination. First day I had a mild sore throat and headache that did not strike me as cold related, next two days included those notable symptoms I mentioned. Today I feel pretty normal but need to self-isolate, obviously.
  4. Turns out my wheezy throat thing is, in fact, a cold. I can feel it in my ears now, and I'm coughing sporadically. But more annoying than that, is that I bit the tip of my tongue last night, while telling my GF about the last time I was actually offended. It punctuated what I said in the worst possible way. Sort of took offence to it tbqh. Anyway, I can't stop paying attention to it. Don't recall the last time I was this irritated by anything. Furthermore, I lay awake for over an hour before coming here, meaning I only got 4 hours sleep. Awful.
  5. The upper range of my voice is all wheezy today. Woke up with my throat feeling "coarse"... but it's different from a typical sore throat. I think I've been pushing it too hard in the van-singing department lately. Plus a karaoke night where I ended up screaming the last chorus of someone else's song (Violet by Hole... fucking nailed it, but at what cost?). Bummer, since being able to scream-sing with ease was a major vocal breakthrough for me. Hrmmmm....
  6. I tried to shut my phone down by holding down the power button, like a normal person, but some google message kept popping up asking how it could help me. I ignored it, but muttered "shut down you piece of shit." It responded with "I'm going to pretend you weren't talking to me, but let me know if you really meant "shut down you piece of shit." Ahahahahaha what?? I need to worry about hurting my phone's feelings now?
  7. Perhaps an "accident" could be arranged.
  8. It's coming. Can't say when or how... but it will find you.
  9. Julee noooooooo! (Sounds like it was probably a good decision though...)
  10. This is a very good question. It was because I passed a sign with Jesus Christ on it, then pictured the first and last letter removed as some ranodm dumb thing that made me chuckle. Then I thought it would be a good indie folk arist name. But you're right. G-sus Chris is better. I came up with a bad joke for my ex one day: "what's god's favourite guitar chord?" what? "G-sus". She dumped me on the spot. j/k... about the dumping. the rest is true.
  11. There should be an indie Christian folk singer/guitarist named E-sus Chris.
  12. My phone got obliterated the other night when it fell out of my pocket as I was getting out of a cab (unbeknownst to me). I suspect a car ran it over at some point. Possibly the same cab i got out of. Didn't find out until the next day when i did some online phone tracking espionage. Tracked it to a nearby gas station, GF phoned them, was told someone DID turn in a phone. Drove there all excited to get my phone back. Clerk pulls out the phone. I'm like "oh that's not my phone, mine isn't completely obliterated.... oh shit that IS my phone. Noooooooooo...." On the bright side, I now have a brand new google pixel, which is the type of phone I've been sorely missing for the camera/video capabilities (had one once before, then dropped it a few inches to its death - got a much better case this time.) But this leads to my OTHER SFWP which is that I need money!! Fast!! Ahhh!!!
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