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  1. Oh weird, I just happened to listen to one of his albums on Spotify on Fri, one I had not heard before. Only time I've listened to Vibert on Spotify. Neat coincidence. Also was giving Chicago, Detroit, Redruth several spins in my van this week. It's become a classic for me.
  2. These and Stone Temple Pilots - Purple for me. Downward Spiral I think I discovered the following year, which was a game changer for me (but it was released '94). Portishead - Dummy and IDM related albums of that year weren't on my radar until closer to 2000. Just realized, PJ, STP, NIN and Soundgarden all released their best albums in '94. That's kind of nuts.
  3. Fee figh foe fum; IDM is quite not dumb
  4. Haha, cheers - I've missed providing them. Obtaining a gf has gotten in the way. Now when I'm not working or making music we're spending quality time together, or I'm catching up with other friends. I do miss having an abundance of free time to waste at my leisure. Glad the landlord got back.
  5. But would you really want a landlord who'd reject an applicant because of a typo?
  6. Yowza. Baby psychopath. How did he get to that point? My brother and his partner use the phrase "no thank you" on my nephew anytime he's doing something disagreeable. Keeps him in check while keeping the mood light. Probably wouldn't help in this case though. Your "I want to punch my friend's son in the face" statement seemed extreme until I read the story behind it. Fair.
  7. I'm most like the only one I've never heard of, and least like the one I most enjoy reading. Typical.
  8. I prefer the electronic genre where you load your mp3s into your ipod or whatever the fuck and never hit play. The unlistening kind. New term is way more awkward than the old one...
  9. My girlfriend bought some peppermint essential oils for her diffuser that she needed help opening. So I unscrewed the lid and removed the plastic seal. 5 minutes later my balls are stinging with that ice cold fire associated with minty things. Seriously??? I must have unconsciously touched the crotch of my pants, and the oil residue managed to seep all the way through the pants, through my briefs, and onto my balls. Still stings.
  10. Homogenic and Vespertine are both damn near perfect. Biophilia is underrated. Last couple albums the vocal melodies have seemed very improv... can only ever make out vague melodic themes, but inconsistent enough that I'm never sure what the core melody really is. It is sort of frustrating. I always enjoy the production though.
  11. I used Reason for making drum/synth/bass loops 2003-2004, then sequenced tracks in Acid. The native compressor and reverb plug-ins were really unique and incredible. I still haven't used anything comparable, and it's kind of a shame I got too lazy to keep with that method. It's so easy to effortlessly make everything sound huge in Reason. I found sequencing awkward in it though, especially since I was really into chopping up samples and effects at the time.
  12. At some point within the last 5 years, cheese went from being universally on top of the patty, to below it. I don't know how or why, but any time I see an ad for a burger, or order one, the cheese is mysteriously below the patty. Was there a petition about this? An influencial meme? Which restaurant was the first to make the transition, and when? I want answers. "what if I told you..."
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