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  1. . Or the red and blue are both huge balls, with a tiny green peen.
  2. That feeling where you're in (or observing) a densely populated area and struck by the fact that each person you see is also experiencing that moment through their own lens, which contains a lifetime of memories, dreams, anxieties, love, loss etc. That profound "we're in this together" universal empathy feeling. Is there a word for that? I experienced it while delirious at the airport/flying over city lights. Conversely, there should be a word for that profound sense of alienation when you're in a densely populated area and get the sense that your own experience couldn't be further removed from the people around you. I experienced that one today while doing everything I could to avoid shopping cart collisions at Costco. I nominate emphory (also emphorial state) for the first, and antiphory (antiphorial state) for the second. Also, that weird ticklish sensation your guts experience when swooshing through the air on a swing/rollercoaster. I'm calling it swingasm.
  3. I think you should. Buy some shirts, that is.
  4. Kind of where my brain went too. Wop-bamma-loo-bop, more specifically. This album will be Tom's Wop-bamma-loo-bop.
  5. That midlife crisis thread sure is a rollercoaster. Still have the second half to go. Am I really too old to be wearing a leather jacket? It wasn't even my idea! Other FWPs today include hot dog burps, discontinued bulk evaporated milk, and women from other cities trying to app me up when I'm no longer in their areas. Why don't they ever queue up where I actually live?
  6. Birdman is indeed one of the best films this side of the century. Actually won best picture too (one of the rare times I could relate with the choice).
  7. Is it the eye of Elliott Smith that baby is trying to wipe (foolishly I might add, since he is clearly inside a TV)?
  8. And for some reason the grade 4s are reading 1984 out loud, even though it's science class and there's a film playing. Not only that, but there are 1984 children in the class for some reason, or perhaps no reason at all.
  9. Did everything from the Enya video onward get deleted or something? Was that too much for watmm?
  10. If I ran a pizza joint I'd have a "Krueger Style" pizza that would resemble the bottom right chunk of that one throughout. Have made a few just like it already.
  11. Oh yeah that's what I'm talkin' about!
  12. I can't even imagine Untilted not being a top 4. So many of the most iconic Ae tracks for me. Can ppl plz post their Untilted Vinyls posing all sexy for us poor folk who don't have them?
  13. How have I remained uncultured to the work of Éliane Radigue all these years? *currently one half hour through Kyema and loving it. Also made a correction to her wiki page, as it had a blurb about this being her first recording, but then contradicted itself in the discog section... which is also missing a couple releases prior to Kyema. Shit...
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