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  1. All the Steve Albini albums went back up on Spotify when the new Shellac album was released, and the final one is killer. It may well be his/their finest hour. The vocals are uncharacteristically quite present in the mix, and it's a good thing too because the lyrics are great. Final song is just perfect. Also, the decision to put it all back up was made before he passed, in case anyone was wondering.
  2. Why any artist who basically has the world's ear wouldn't release an album every couple years is beyond me.
  3. I told an AI lyrics generator to write a song about pooing and peeing in the style of Bob Dylan and this is what it came up with in half a second: **Bluesy Bathroom Blues** Well, I stumbled into the bathroom In the early morning light Gotta drop a load of troubles Before I start my day right Water's runnin' in the sink And the toilet waits for me Feel the rumblin' in my gut Gotta set my bowels free Well, I'm poopin' and I'm peein' In the toilet where I stand Ain't nothin' quite like it For a travelin' troubadour man Flush away my troubles Let the water take 'em down I'll be singin' in the shower With my bathroom blues unbound Well, the sun is slowly risin' And I feelin' mighty fine Had my morning meditation Now it's time to drop a line So I'll sing my bathroom ballad In the key of number one and two Ain't no shame in nature's call When you're feelin' the bathroom blues So let the pipes keep flowin' And the porcelain shine so bright I'll be whistlin' while I wipe And head on out into the light Yeah, I'm singin' 'bout poopin' And peein' without a care In the world of my own makin' There's magic in the air ______________________________ I honestly can't think of any way to improve upon that. "So I'll sing my bathroom ballad/In the key of number one and two" -that is fucking genius.
  4. Sports cracks me up. Brilliant song and vid. There's just something about his delivery.
  5. ...obsessed with this band last few days.
  6. This channel appeared in my youtube feed shortly after I opened this thread. Very guitar: (Not me, for anyone wondering. I play a Fender Jazzmaster, and not like that.)
  7. I never expected to read a comment on a new PJ album on watmm. But now that we're here... yeah, worst PJ album by far. The drums sound like garbage, and the vocal treatment is horrific. I don't think I can stomach another listen. So weird how much praise this one is getting, considering how awful it sounds. I actually think the majority of their albums up until now have been great, and this one's a blemish in an otherwise remarkably consistent track record. No idea what they were thinking ditching Brendon O'Brien for this Watt guy. Utter madness. The first couple songs did sound like they'd probably be incredible live. Maybe if I could get past the production I'd enjoy some of the songs.
  8. My brain often does this thing where it'll give me a dumb song title or band name that will amuse me more than it should. it occurred to me to start looking them up and see what that theoretical song/band sounds like in practice. Stinkhammer was not bad.
  9. I haven't made any money from streaming, but I don't care about that at all. Only thing I care about is people hearing it. There's a site called submithub where you can pitch songs to various playlists. You have to pay for credits, and then use those credits to submit (amounts to anywhere from $1-$4 a submission-ish). For my most recent album, released late February, I've had songs make it onto 27 different playlists, and as a result about half of the songs have 100-300 streams so far. Previous album had a couple songs that did reasonably well. One has over 3000 streams, another over 6000. That's substantially more listens than all my songs put together from past releases, where I might get 15 album downloads from bandcamp and a comparable amount of streams. So as much as I hate to say it, I can't help but be grateful for Spotify. I'd feel differently if I were actually successful in music and had a shot at making money from these platforms.
  10. I hate that Spotify playlists are the only semi-effective thing I've found for getting my music to a wider audience in my 20+ years of trying. The idea of making money through streaming or selling CDs/vinyl/etc. has not been part of what I've considered possible for most of that time. So while I recognize Spotify is evil, I also recognize that it's the only platform that's been all that useful for me as a relatively unknown artist.
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