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Matmos / Wobbly / Lesser - Simultaneous Quodlibet LP


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artist: Lesser/Matmos/Wobbly

title: Simultaneous Quodlibet

format: LP

release date: Oct 10, 2010


track listing:

Simultaneous Quodlibet 1-10


Matmos, Wobbly & J Lesser present: Simultaneous Quodlibet. These pieces originated

in improvised recordings which were then taken to Snowghost Studios in Montana & overdubbed with additional

instruments, synths, drums, bass and organs. They were then edited down over the course of a few

months until becoming a fully realised studio album of carefully constructed and meticulously composed pieces

rooted in music that could only have been performed spontaneously.


Simultaneous Quodlibet was created out of the spirit of long-term colleagues and friends using the studio-as-instrument

to recreate what they had already created. Warm and complex with a fine rhythmic shuffle, these pieces are both glowing with

surprises eminating from enduring collaborations and musical companionship.


preorder here, says it's limited but i don't know by how much


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