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  1. tokn

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    It's a nice and diverse ambient listen, but I think you can feel it's actually music for a TV series. Hope there'll be a proper dancy Clark LP coming soon after that. Did he actually leave Warp or why is he back on his own Throttle imprint?
  2. Well even Mykki Blanco couldn't save it. Well executed but boring for me though I love "Human Energy". Would love to hear both explore more experimental stuff like in the old days with this retro-neon sound palette.
  3. "Claustro" does it for me, though I also liked "Rodent" and can understand the scepticism around.
  4. Really deep and lush LP after several spins, like his new less-is-more vibe with the emotional melodies. Artwork is amazing as usual.
  5. Really good read, thanks for the input and well biased opinion. Next life I wanna become the strawman.
  6. Overmono are on fire, check them out and their solo releases. Kreggo's LP was amazing as well.
  7. Yep, not enough time in the world to consume all the good music. Is there something AtomTM didn't do?
  8. Woha thanks for the old footage, wish I was around that time. Banging new singles!
  9. This x 200 - can't get enough of that. Brutality at a new level, right? Can't think of any tracks that do the same for me... They dropped a new mixtape, usually high quality, anyone listened? https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/42833
  10. Hey, I'm playing a fine-ass version of "Black Snow" on acoustic guitar, it's heart-warming I tell ya
  11. What an amazing suprise, been listening to the Millie and Andrea-LP a lot lately Huge fan of Wonderland and their deconstructed club material, though I sometimes wish they would use another moniker to seperate the early "spritual" material if that makes sense?
  12. tokn

    Clark - Death Peak

    Well where are the remixes
  13. Very very much looking forward, the press release is promising, sure this won't be a second Flatland.
  14. Uhm, don't you find this kind of offensive? Harpsichord is amazing, Piano does not much to me or maybe it needs more spins, always waiting for a heavy bassdrum to kick in, which never comes. Anyway this gives me hope that the next full-length could be less fuzzy and more adventurous again
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