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Saroos - See Me Not


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Saroos - See Me Not

Alien Transistor - N24CD/N24LP - November 9, 2010




1. Lobster Claw 4:05

2. Daylight Chant 4:37

3. Fog People 4:53

4. See Me Not 5:21

5. Scott 3:52

6. Yukoma 4:38

7. Týden Divu 4:04

8. Outrigger 2:28


Saroos is a German trio consisting of Christoph Brandner, Florian Zimmer (both also work with The Notwist's Markus Acher in Lali Puna and Tied & Tickled Trio) and Max Punktezahl (from The Notwist). Their first, self-titled album from 2006 was quite special, IMO, and featured the vocals of Anticon's Alias on one track. It's kind of minimal and slow-moving, fans of Anticon, glitch-hop and early post-rock should enjoy it. This new album is produced by Odd Nosdam.


Boomkat says:


See Me Not finds German trio Saroos reuniting for a second album, this time overseen by producer Odd Nosdam. The band consists of Lali Puna and Console member Christoph Brandner, Notwist and Contriva man Max Punktezahl and Iso68's Florian Zimmer. As might be expected from such an esteemed bunch, the album is a diverse and multifaceted affair that pulls off the trick of sounding like a virtuosic studio project without neutralising the individual players' contributions; in terms of its fluid relationship between post-production and conventional musicianship there's something very familiarly 'Weilheim scene' about Saroos. Like sister groups Notwist and Lali Puna, this trio are continuing the great German tradition of creating adventurous, electronically slanted rock music - paying homage to a krautrock heritage on cuts such as 'Lobster Claw', only to travel some way beyond those influences on crunchy, electronica-informed pieces like 'Fog People' and the magical, vocal-adorned 'Yukoma'. Recommended.




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would say that this is well crafted. did not push to the edge of the seat and know new ground was

necessarily broken but a good solid album none the less. it will more then likely get repeat play

when choosing within our extensive catalogue.

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