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  1. Oh jeezus. Haven't kept up with Colundi but I guess I'll at least check out the first in this series. Revisited his first 3 LPs recently and still nothing has topped those.
  2. Gotta try to play this again today - had my first listen on Friday but it was started in the car then finished at home while working and listening on a bluetooth speaker with my space heater on. It's a quiet album and needs headphones or just more volume.
  3. Nice surprise, ran across it on Spotify Friday. Got his upcoming LP Hexose on pre-order too, don't remember if there's a thread for that. https://countersunk.bandcamp.com/album/hexose
  4. So weird – I just ran into this on Spotify via Release Radar. Put it on, sounded enough like Plaid that I wasn't immediately caught off guard although a bit rough/unfinished/basic, until I noticed how short the tracks were and I began to wonder what the hell this was. So yeah this is far too similar to the real Plaid, in the sense that it's IDM/ambient techno, to be using the same name. GTFO
  5. Awesome, thanks for the link. Vinyl arrived today and I just put it on — but no download link. 😞
  6. I bit the bullet and ordered the LP. Hopefully it comes with a download but I’m not holding my breath.
  7. There’s a new CP/BW (Corporate Park & Beau Wanzer) released February 7 that I’m eager to get my hands on, but no signs of digital anywhere yet. https://www.liesrecords.com/products/cp-bw-lp-ii-lp-bw05
  8. So far, Bowie is my favorite answer as his discography is diverse enough to keep you from going crazy as quickly. Even though I’m not into his complete library, I can’t think of a better choice. And there’s even a lot of his work I haven’t heard yet.
  9. Really been digging the new one, quite a shift from the first. Both are great!
  10. I agree with all of this — I think they along with Aphex Twin set me on a track to discover more electronic music. And yes the remix EPs from those two albums were insane and stand up on their own. When Beaucoup Fish came out, I was definitely disappointed as it already felt more flat than the previous two. I enjoyed Everything, Everything to some degree but for me it didn’t add any value. I never saw them live. And well like you said, that was about it for them. I sampled various things they released after that but none of it ever appealed to me.
  11. Hmm now I'm unclear. So it's just 2 tracks and not a full album?
  12. Haven't listened to Cujo in years but I think I remember really liking it. Not into this being an exclusive club release though. https://nomarkrecords.bandcamp.com/the-nomark-club The first Cujo Release in 23 years, Nine Bars Back, is available exclusively for Nomark Club members. Out 20 Dec 2019. "Cujo was my first ever project back in the mid 90's. I thought it would be a nice way to celebrate the launch of nomark club to go full circle with the first cujo release in 23 years. there will be two tracks available only through the club specifically for those hardcore fans who might be nostalgic for the jazz tones cujo was known for"
  13. Available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc. https://karstenpflum.bandcamp.com/album/normal-bias MAX MAXELL is a creative collaboration between Karsten Pflum and Michael Shiøler Tingsgård. NORMAL BIAS is an odd lesson in style and sketching. It is an aesthetic joint venture displaying a body of songs and drawings, built in an everyday mindset. The works are reflections of mundane input processing. Preparing gizmos and calibrating behaviour. Night after night, like therapy, looking through the stars, and dreaming about recurring places, animals and objects. A sedated dystopian cosmos - anno the Christmas of 2019. Michael Tingsgård is a Danish visual artist and cartoonist from Copenhagen. Karsten Pflum is a Danish electronic musician and producer, living in Berlin. All sound was recorded directly onto cassette tape, with no additional editing. 31 tracks (184 minutes of music) and a 55 page PDF file. All made between 2017 and 2019.
  14. Just saw that email - wasn't expecting a second part so quickly. ETA: Haven't seen him on Instagram. I know he's active on twitter and Facebook, as well as sending email updates. I also know there's a band named Sunken Foal on Instagram, but haven't found a profile of his there. So, perhaps it was this other band that played in LA?
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