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  1. Gonna have to revisit those demos, I think I've only listened to them once.
  2. Pixies - Surfer Rosa Slint - Tweez PJ Harvey - Rid of Me Shellac - 1000 Hurts
  3. sidewinder


    Jesus, this is amazing. Still on part 1. Mind blown around the 23 min mark. 🤯
  4. Ooof, not into the track. Bad vocals, plus a little autotune?! Interestingly, some of the vocals remind me of something you'd find on a Prefuse 73 album. I like P73, but it's not working for me here. I can kind of hear some Clark-ness wanting to come out in the track, but it's not. Kind of like everything on his last 2 albums. It's buried in there, but broken and unable to form.
  5. Didn't spend much time with the last EPs that comprised Head Carrier, don't think I even listened to the whole set. This sounds alright, but I think primarily because it sounds like an algorithm listened to their catalog and spit out this song. So maybe I'll check it out, depends if I hear anything good about other songs. But my expectations are firmly set to "reunited band" level.
  6. Still look forward to new Clark even though the last...decade hasn't been great. I also got a 20-sec clip for that new single on that link, and yeah there's not much to go on. This doesn't exactly sound promising, unfortunately: "It started as score, but grew into something else entirely, hence ‘Variations’."
  7. My second listen was more enjoyable. Still just on a decent-sounding bluetooth speaker, not headphones or hi-fi, but it was more pleasant and didn't feel as much like a compilation.
  8. Just finished streaming. It sounds like I've heard it all before.
  9. I think I listened to Black Light District's A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room for the first time this week. Took me long enough – an instant winner. I also checked out Worship the Glitch, which was a bit less memorable but still interesting. I was always interested in Coil's work as a teen in the mid 90s, but hardly ever heard any of it because the CDs were expensive. So I was curious but not willing to invest, especially in the more ambient stuff as I preferred the industrial sound. I only heard things here and there, maybe some friends had some but I'm not sure, until digital music came along. Revisited the archival Backwards and The Ape of Naples as well.
  10. Approaching the end of my second listen to this, and it might be my favorite since Ambivalence Avenue. I skipped Phantom Brickworks as I haven't been in the mood for ambient stuff and the length is daunting. Although I've got a lot of work to do this week/weekend and need to focus so I may put it on. Anyway nice melodies here, varied just the right amount, nothing cringy like on some of the other albums since Ambivalence.
  11. Didn't expect to see two new songs, albeit live, when I came into this thread. Exciting! But I can't bring myself to sit through them with poor quality and crowd noise. I skipped through a bit and I can confirm they sound like Tool alright. I await an official release. Hopefully not more than 1 single before the album.
  12. Next up: Poison releases new album Slip of the Tongue.
  13. Woah, haven't listened to Ilkae in ages. I might have skipped a few releases that were too ambient and lost track. This sounds good.
  14. ^ This, times million! Even worse, apparat and modselektor! :facepalmism Yeah, pretty shocked at the name-dropping of much younger producers, lol. I only took a quick sample of the tracks on shitty speakers yesterday, but hope that's not a sign Plaid's sound is becoming too influenced by the mentioned artists.
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