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  1. I used to get super excited about exclusive variants, not to the point of buying more than one variant for any specific album (ok I did that once, had two different color variants and a black version of a said album), but I did try to score a unique variant if one was available. Then I got tired of it. I wasn't interested in spending more money buying that shit on Discogs if I had missed out on it, and just got annoyed with how fast stuff would sell out and seeing it pop up immediately on Discogs. It's just not worth it. Now, most of the time I intentionally just buy the black versions of albums if I can. We know sound quality is better, and I don't have to worry about the extra stress. Fuck it. Sounds like you just need to spend more time in the music forum, tbh. I think the fact you posted this thread in General Banter is a clear indication. 😉 As someone who has been aware of Actress but not necessarily a fan, I learned about 88 in time to download it from Bandcamp without any hassle. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Instead of deleting the cross-post (not that I would expect that), maybe it could be moved to the music part of the forum. https://forum.watmm.com/forum/25-music-discussion/
  3. I think the album would have been more tolerable without the Rock On cover. I probably would have given it more chances.
  4. Finally ordered 7.2 vinyl to complete the set. One of my favorite Autechre as well.
  5. Does it suck now because it's dated, or did it suck in 1993? (I personally like it)
  6. I have a question. I don't think it's really been asked or answered here. But with all this dislike for the new cover (and I get that it's not mind-blowing or very unique but I also don't have much against it), is there an Autechre LP or EP cover that you think is worse than the one for SIGN? I've never taken issue with the simple covers for Tri repetae or LP5, for example, but I understand that the absence of a shape can be less offensive than the presence of a shape you dislike. Tri repetae was a nice color and LP5 had a cool solid gray CD case with the Autechre text debossed, so that was unique. But what about elsq? Solid black circles and squares on a solid white background, arranged differently for the different volumes. What about Quaristice.Quadrange.ep.ae? A large gray square centered on solid black. Again, it comes back to "nothing" or something super basic being less offensive than something you actively dislike. But I'm curious...is there anything worse in their catalog?
  7. Aside from the top few and bottom few it's hard to really rank them. I think elsq and NTS are near bottom simply because of their length and my inability to fully digest them within 4 years. Forget trying to rank them individually among the discography. Quaristice could actually be higher. Tri repetae Incunabula EP7 (cheating because it's that good) Amber LP5 Draft 7.30 Untilted Exai Chiastic Slide Confield elseq 1-5 NTS Session 1-4 Quaristice Oversteps
  8. I've been scrobbling religiously since 2006. To think of all the time I've spent ensuring that everything I listen to on and offline gets scrobbled...I'll never get that time back and I guess I'm ok with that because I'm still doing it. Too much history to stop now. I mean I visit the site a handful of times per day for some reason. Before some of the major redesigns I used it to track shows I wanted to attend, get some recommendations, chat with people on occasion. They've really fucked up some of those features unfortunately, but at least we can still track our listening habits. An odd word, indeed. But I enjoy having a record of everything I listen to. None of it listened to on the actual last.fm site (ok maybe a little bit of last.fm radio listening early on). It's just connected to my iTunes and Spotify to track what I play. And there are ways to submit physical media plays you've done offline too. I'm playing a record right now and as soon as it's over I will submit the tracks to last.fm, hahahah. 🤓 Yes, that is definitely annoying, that to this day they haven't figured it out. Oh well, at least I know which artist I'm scrobbling.
  9. Digging that artwork and the sounds.
  10. Yeah just found the singles and had the same thought as I started "Running Red Lights". Terrible, much worse than "Wherever You Go" but yeah this isn't gonna be for me. The title track with Blood Orange was fine but I don't need to listen to it again. Signing off.
  11. I didn't care for the last one, and thought their live show was pretty cheesy. Will keep an ear out for a single though, see what they're doing. And I like the artwork.
  12. I used to have Stryper poster. The band in front of their striped caravan. I didn't know they were Christian. And my favorite band at the time was Poison, so there's that.
  13. You know I was looking at that earlier and it made me feel better about my receding hair. Not like "oh I'm not the only one," of course I'm not the only one, but more like it doesn't hinder his looks. Attractive fellers indeed.
  14. Best news to wake up to. Was looking at this on my phone while lying in bed when I heard my girlfriend fall down the stairs. That was less cool, but she's fine. Love the normal album length and track times. Artwork is fine, no complaints. Always been a big fan of orange + gray (and green + gray as may come soon?). Album name is the most boring part about this. But whatever. This will great. I'm so excited. And it's not far away. I think I'll pick this up from a local shop when it's out. Was tempted by the t-shirt until I saw the back of it. That's gonna be a No.
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