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  1. I think I listened to Black Light District's A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room for the first time this week. Took me long enough – an instant winner. I also checked out Worship the Glitch, which was a bit less memorable but still interesting. I was always interested in Coil's work as a teen in the mid 90s, but hardly ever heard any of it because the CDs were expensive. So I was curious but not willing to invest, especially in the more ambient stuff as I preferred the industrial sound. I only heard things here and there, maybe some friends had some but I'm not sure, until digital music came along. Revisited the archival Backwards and The Ape of Naples as well.
  2. Approaching the end of my second listen to this, and it might be my favorite since Ambivalence Avenue. I skipped Phantom Brickworks as I haven't been in the mood for ambient stuff and the length is daunting. Although I've got a lot of work to do this week/weekend and need to focus so I may put it on. Anyway nice melodies here, varied just the right amount, nothing cringy like on some of the other albums since Ambivalence.
  3. Didn't expect to see two new songs, albeit live, when I came into this thread. Exciting! But I can't bring myself to sit through them with poor quality and crowd noise. I skipped through a bit and I can confirm they sound like Tool alright. I await an official release. Hopefully not more than 1 single before the album.
  4. Next up: Poison releases new album Slip of the Tongue.
  5. Woah, haven't listened to Ilkae in ages. I might have skipped a few releases that were too ambient and lost track. This sounds good.
  6. ^ This, times million! Even worse, apparat and modselektor! :facepalmism Yeah, pretty shocked at the name-dropping of much younger producers, lol. I only took a quick sample of the tracks on shitty speakers yesterday, but hope that's not a sign Plaid's sound is becoming too influenced by the mentioned artists.
  7. This. Although I do like Cosmogramma and it was relatively mind-blowing when it came out, depending on my mood it was "overly-busy thundercat filled jazzwank." 1983 and LA are definitely my favorite material. UTQC was fine, refreshingly chill but also not that moving. And to be honest I don't really remember what You're Dead! sounds like at the moment, though I know I've listened to it plenty. Or maybe just a handful of times? That could be the case. Need to revisit those last two. I'm in agreement the cover at sucks and looks like Michael Jackson's Dangerous. The "teaser" video/track isn't enough for me to go on, I'll just approach with caution and certainly not be pre-ordering anything. Cosmogramma was the last one I bought physically anyway. I hope I'll enjoy it and assume I'll find something of value, but yeah he's a previous favorite artist that is no longer.
  8. Didn't you like Sisters ? I only listened to it twice if I recall, and just wasn't feeling it I guess. Didn't hate it or anything. I'm sure it's fine but with so much in my queue I just needed something more from it if I was going to keep it in rotation.
  9. No More Wig for Ohio (2003) is really good. I also liked Burner and Level Live Wires but beyond that nothing's really grabbed my attention. Still plan to check this one out though.
  10. I've been thinking/saying this for years - I would love to hear what they can come up with in a shorter timeframe. Something perhaps more authentic and immediate, instead of some over-analyzed whatever that's gonna be totally predicable and frankly irrelevant at this point.
  11. I've never bothered with any of Avey Tare's solo work, but these samples sound good. Now that Panda Bear has gone all autotune I guess I gotta shift over to Avey.
  12. From the Thurston Moore project's only album, 2013.
  13. Iiiiiiiiinteresting. That "split" Ep is also on Bandcamp now: https://frontendsynthetics.bandcamp.com/album/whindie
  14. Umm yes, very interested, thank you! There's another EP from 2000 according to RYM, with the following track list. Never heard it either. A1Sleet5:51 A2Pocket6:18 B1Redudents6:08 B2Kurant (Booger Remix)6:06
  15. Lol Reddit in general, never could get into it because of the shitty layout.
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