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  1. Looks like she's not in the second season unfortunately, but that makes sense.
  2. Really enjoyed that, looking forward to new season in 2 weeks.
  3. I like this, as I'm honestly pretty tired of new shows and the overabundance of new shows that may or may not be good. Wish it was easier to search things by decade on streaming platforms. Or just find deep cuts & classic series more easily rather than always being recommended new/trending stuff.
  4. sidewinder


    Finding this nice but also maybe not sequenced in the best way? It’s very front-loaded with the beats tracks like Urgent Jell Hack and Dead Shark back to back. Basically the first 4 and then it drops to more mellow and even ambient stuff. But I don’t know if there’s a better way to have all this coexist on the same release. A 12” of the beat tracks would be great.
  5. Started This Fool last night. I laughed and will continue watching.
  6. Saw this on FB and Twitter today. I don't know how to embed twitter. https://twitter.com/plaidmusic/status/1569710018303246339?s=20&t=DSh1idpQws9jafDHwQv4AQ FB cover photo: FB profile photo:
  7. Still waiting for Better Call Saul s5 to hit Netflix. Stopped watching Stranger Things s4 a few weeks ago with 15 minutes left on the clock in the final episode. Stopped watching Loot after 2 episodes even though we like Maya Rudolph because it just wasn't doing it for us. Too unrealistic I guess. Recently finished On Becoming a God in Central Florida and I Love That For You on Showtime, both of which were good. Enjoying What We Do in the Shadows s4, Only Murders in the Building s2, Dexter New Blood, Brooklyn Nine-Nine s8 (and just realized I have 4 episodes left and they expire in 12 days), The (new) Kids in the Hall, Industry s2, the new Beavis and Butt-Head s1, House of Dragons, and I just started Detroiters.
  8. The Chat Pile album is quite good.
  9. Wow, back from the dead with that quote. Interesting that I haven't done a lot of hiking at all the last 5 years, miss it. I'm heading out on a road trip for about a week, Oregon and Northern California. Mostly planning to do some scenic drives and some time at the beach, really should think about some actual hikes. I'll be alone so I can do what I want. And the quote really reminds me of what I need from this trip - to leave all my problems behind and find some liberation.
  10. Have an OG Body Riddle on vinyl but will most certainly pick up 05-10. Some real bangers on there, like "Dead Shark Eyes". Interesting there's nothing from Throttle Clarence or Ted EPs, since basically the whole of Throttle Furniture is on it (exception being the LP version of "Herr Bar"). Japanese LP bonus track "Observe Harvest", "Springtime Epigram" from the LP (weird if the same version), "Dusk Raid" single, and I guess the rest are unreleased. https://bleep.com/release/320897-clark-05-10
  11. Braindance really seems perfect. Personal Electronic Music Mind Techno Intelechno Inteltechno AI-DM
  12. Finished The Staircase (HBO) miniseries last night, planning to start the documentary soon. Didn't know about the it before starting the miniseries, Oh, finished Berry S3 last night too, fucking brilliant. One of my favorite shows of late, really fine example of black comedy.
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