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  1. Streamed it this morning while taking the dog on a long walk, sounded quite good.
  2. I need to catch up on his latest stuff. Loved his albums between 2004-2013.
  3. I was due for a revisit of this amazing album. Feels criminally overlooked.
  4. I haven't played this "yet" because like many of you I'm discouraged and have lost interest. I listened to Kiri Variations twice. Death Peaks twice. The Last Panthers twice. Clark maybe 3 or 4 by now, but don't remember anything from it. I'm surprised I listened to the more recent few more than once each to be honest. I think it just shows I want to like Clark's recent work, but it's doing nothing for me. I just listened to the the 30-second clips of Playground on Amazon, as I hadn't yet, and holy shit I want to go to sleep. There seemed to be a few recognizably Clarky elements here and
  5. Yup, driving and walking. But walking with a dog is more of a task, needing to pay attention to many things, as opposed to getting lost in your thoughts and the scenery like walks in the old days. Plus with a smartphone at one's disposal, a lot of thoughts prompt me to take a note or set a reminder or look something up on my phone as I'm walking. Never fully disconnected.
  6. I can't remember the last time I listened to an album with zero distraction. I'm always doing something else while listening to music, whether it's working, walking the dog, driving, or looking at something on my phone or laptop. I miss the old days.
  7. My Boxy Valentine My Valentine's Box
  8. Looking forward to this, I liked their last one Hypnic Jerks. Haven't listened to any new singles, I'll probably wait to stream the whole album April 9.
  9. The first one isn't available for me...what's the track?
  10. I'm listening to Genius/GZA's Liquid Swords for the first time ever. I listened to a fair amount of hip-hop in the 90s but also ignored a lot of it. Pretty sure I've listened to Wu-Tang Clan's 36 Chambers once or twice but can't remember when (probably not front to back until the 2000s). I guess it never really did much for me, and so I never bothered with the individual members' albums either. Decided to play it this morning as I was shuffling a Spotify playlist I made of hip-hop albums I like and need to check out, and the track "Duel of the Iron Mic" sounded good and made me realize this mu
  11. Agreed that De-Loused is where it's at, I also listened to it non-stop when it came out. It's been a while since I've played any TMV album, to be honest. And the only one I have on vinyl is Octahedron, which I purchased just a couple years ago after finding it in a local shop for a reasonable price. Other albums I've come across in the last 5+ years were too spendy. Buuuuut I still haven't even played the damn record. I'd probably have them all on vinyl if I was buying vinyl when they were released. Had them all on CD, up to the last one, except for the live stuff.
  12. I have not. I guess to be honest I was aiming for the less harsh material most of the time. I should have listened to the early stuff in the 90s (I was too young for Swans in the 80s) and probably would have appreciated it more. But still, I do intend to give it a go. Just not sure if it's next or further in the queue.
  13. Wouldn't mind hearing new material from them, who knows. Noctourniquet was certainly their weakest one, but still good. Probably just a result of their style running its course, so maybe we don't need anything new. Octahedron was underrated, a much-needed and very well-executed change of pace after the very intense but great Amputecture and The Bedlam in Goliath. Saw them on the Frances the Mute tour when I lived in Houston. So fucking good.
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