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  1. They are in the US. Recently had to sync a couple of his albums to my phone as something prompted me to revisit and they weren't on Spotify. A few others I recently had to sync in iTunes: Drive Like Jehu - s/t Antipop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue
  2. What? Do you mean what releases aren't available to stream? If so that was a long and awkward way to say that. 😄
  3. Congrats! Good advice above from J3FF3R00. Regarding the music, taking a break is probably not a bad idea and I've considered it myself. As far as stopping completely/indefinitely, if that works for you then great, but maybe it's a matter of shifting to purely instrumental stuff for a while? Maybe just calm stuff, even? I'm saying this on an electronic music board so there's a chance most of what you listen to is already purely instrumental, but you never know (I'd say probably 60% of what I listen to has vocals). I understand that even instrumental music can cloud your own thoughts if it's hard not to focus on that. I can relate. But I also know that music has helped me and countless others get through things.
  4. Y'all definitely don't want to know what my mortgage will be, without utilities. 😬 It's a good thing the house doesn't really need any immediate work. We took a 2.5-week break at the beginning of September, it was incredibly helpful to reduce stress and recalibrate.
  5. Wow! I agree that qualifies as an achievement and not a FWP. I hate that feeling of regret after a purchase, especially something soooooo expensive. I'm really glad you had the option to think about it for 6 days and back out of the deal. The fact your lawyer found those issues was a life-saver! It would really suck to get into it knowing you weren't feeling good about it. I did that with my last house — my girlfriend and I saw a few things, and due to time constraints we agreed to buy a house that seemed to have everything we needed, but I had a feeling it was too small and would make me a little claustrophobic. I had some sleepless nights, upset stomach, etc. but we went through with it and I didn't really express my feelings. Two years later, we sold it. 1% is not a small amount of money, so I'm glad it worked out without you having to lose that. Hope you find something you really love. Since my last post, we ended up putting an offer on the house I mentioned, after initially saying we would pass. We ended up losing that offer, coming in 2nd out of 6 offers ($10k short). However, we saw a couple other homes later that week that we really liked, especially the 2nd. The listing appeared Thursday morning last week, I immediately contacted my agent to schedule a showing (without even asking my girlfriend since I knew she'd like it), and we were able to see it that evening. We fell in love with it immediately, it's exactly the style we were looking for (well one of them, we had a few in mind), and has a lot of tasteful updates including electric and plumbing. We put an offer together that night, to submit early in hopes the sellers would review and accept it ahead of the scheduled review date 5 days later. They accepted our offer the next day, so we are under contract and scheduled to close November 1st. The main thing I'm awaiting and nervous about now is the appraisal, which was done yesterday. We won't hear back until next week, keeping my fingers crossed that it appraises at the price we're paying otherwise we have to pay the difference...somehow. I've already paid $50k in non-refundable earnest money to the seller. So, I'm a little nervous for that, but really love the house and we're really excited to move in. If I'd change anything I'd have a slightly bigger yard and garage, but there's enough for the dog and to have a vegetable garden and flower beds. There's always compromise no matter the budget.
  6. I had this pizza yesterday, salumi molé. It was incredible.
  7. I got both on Bandcamp last Friday but haven't listened yet.
  8. Oof, that sounds rough. Based on the market here we knew we had to sell our house first, in order to have money in our pockets and make a competitive offer with enough cash down (20% required). My goal, until this last offer, has been to keep some savings that we can use for remodeling, landscaping, etc. that may need doing immediately, but we've reevaluated and started shopping upmarket a bit because we just can't find what we need in our initial budget. So that means, like you, throwing everything we have into it (ideally keeping $5k so we're not totally cash-less), and accepting a higher payment. But that also means we need a house that needs less work, so it kind of balances out. We don't really want to do that much work anyway. Kitchen, bath, landscaping, sure, but we're not interesting in redoing an entire house. We're both working from home as well. My girlfriend's income was also impacted by COVID, as well as a broken wrist she suffered in 2019. Hasn't been easy – she didn't make that much to begin with. Do you think the sellers would be willing to wait until you sell your current house? Here that would be nearly impossible – most homes sell within a week of listing with multiple offers. If a potential buyer said they needed time to sell their home, the sellers would just accept the next offer. What is "repayment freedom" btw? I imagine you're in the UK, and that's not a term I'm familiar with in the US.
  9. Revisiting this after some years
  10. Congrats! My girlfriend and I are looking, too. We sold our previous place in April after just two years, just didn't see it working for us long term. Planned to enjoy the summer and start looking again in autumn, but we started looking pretty aggressively already by July. We have a pretty specific wishlist as well as discriminatory tastes, so it's been a challenge. Particularly considering how expensive this city is. In the 3 months or so, we've only put in 2 offers (and lost both clearly). Kinda glad about the first, but really disappointed in the second loss which was just last week. Not too many new & interesting things coming on the market each week so it's frustrating. Too much expensive garbage, everything appealing ends up over budget. I think that can be said at any budget unfortunately. Very tempted by another one we saw this weekend, both of us fell in love with it, but it falls short in two areas that are pretty high on our wishlist (garage/driveway space and kitchen size/functionality). Otherwise stunning. I was about to post this in First World Problems but since you mentioned buying a house here, only felt appropriate.
  11. I spent too much of The Many Saints of Newark thinking about who everyone was in The Sopranos. Can't say I was really impressed with it tbh, and my girlfriend even less so. Still worth a watch if you're a Sopranos fan.
  12. Started watching The Serpent on Netflix last week. Pretty good so far, but only 1.5 episodes in. I got distracted during my 2nd episode last night and paused it to look at bullshit on my phone, then it was past my bedtime.
  13. I bought these. Probably would have gotten more but I'm buying a new house soon and gotta be a little thrifty.
  14. GodDAMN I wish I'd seen them here. I lived in Houston from 92-2006 and would have been 20-21 that year, no excuse as I was a huge Tool fan at the time, and since 93. I'm often mad at myself for just not going to shows very much in the mid 90s. Missed out on a lot of good stuff. I just didn't like spending the money I guess, preferred to spend it on drugs and CDs I guess. And it's not like I didn't go to shows at all, I just tended toward smaller shows I guess, many at Numbers, Fitzgerald's, etc. I did see acts like Ministry and Cypress Hill at International Ballroom though, 96 and 95 respectively. Why not Tool?!! I didn't see Tool until around 2002, after Lateralus.
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