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  1. First new proper album since Sacrifices in 2018? I haven't listened to any of his sample collections since, or Fudge Beats, but I'm always curious. Single sounds nice, quite post rock-ish in a Tortoise way. Out on Lex Records March 22. 01 “Forever Chase (Scene One)” 02 “A Lord Without Jewels” 03 “Clean Up Scene Apprentice” 04 “The End Of Air” 05 “She Needs No Introduction” 06 “Onboard, Overboard” 07 “Fare La Corna” 08 “Full Recollection” 09 “Lullabies And Awakenings” 10 “Empath Lords” 11 “Desperate Demise” 12 “Wrong Suspect” https://prefuse73.bandcamp.com/album/new-strategies-for-modern-crime-vol-1 https://www.stereogum.com/2248981/prefuse-73-a-lord-without-jewels/music/
  2. Haven't listened yet but love to see the Dunk Murphy tracks in in the list. His stuff's always in rotation for me, especially the Friday Syndrome series. Didn't realize he'd be supporting Autechre - hoping for some US dates!
  3. Agreed about the vocal comments, the fact it's executive produced by Thom Yorke makes it hard to ignore his voice sounds like Thom. When Growls Garden came out I was cautiously optimistic about the vocals, but ended up really enjoying them as well as on Totems Flare which might be my favorite Clark. Wish he had taken that vocal approach, or at least a mix of styles, rather than this consistent falsetto. Still I've only played it once so far, after only listening to one of the singles, and will keep it in rotation. I'm glad he's taken things in a new direction after all the soundtrack stuff and the last few lackluster instrumental albums. Whether I end up loving this or not, I appreciate it's different.
  4. Alright so I played it again today, bit more focused this time and I enjoyed it more. Still don't like the trance vibe of The Grass and Outsider (Clark's feature). Some quite good meaty tracks between those two though, and more varied than I initially thought. Standouts being Vimana and Hawk, but quite liked Boss Core, Crystal Vision, and Amen 96 too.
  5. A 2016 album, never heard it - I couldn't bear to with this original artwork: https://bleep.com/release/75089-dmx-krew-escape-mcp
  6. Agree with this, was put off by The Grass (Wizard Apprentice track, never heard of them), much more trance than I like. And the Clark track was unfortunately lackluster. I revisited Blizzards earlier in the week ahead of this and after my first listen on Friday I just felt this was pretty middle of the road. Will play again this week and see if I like it more.
  7. This album is a lot to take in, have played it 3 times and it's definitely cohesive and beautiful, but at this point it's lacking a little something that The Animal Spirits and The Inheritors had. It's less engaging, there's less to grab onto. Definitely keeping it in rotation, great for staying focused on work at least.
  8. I had hopes an EP would be more solid but nah, gave this one 3/5. Two tracks are quite strong ("Secrecy Is Incredibly Important to the Both of Them" and "...And Loyalty Is a Nuisance Child") but the rest didn't work for me. Some just weak, others having annoying bits. Changed my tune on the new album yesterday, listening to it again on my way home from work. Think it's more messy than I originally thought. If not for the post-punk instrumentation I might not really like it at all. Previous two LPs were stronger IMO.
  9. Haven't picked any I find really bad on this, but generally agree in that he hasn't released a great record. Just good ones.
  10. Oh thanks for the heads up, didn't know he was releasing more under this name. Normal Bias has some great stuff on it, but at 3 hours long it's not one I return to often. I hear a track once in a while when shuffling my electronic stuff.
  11. Body Riddle (and associated EPs) was when he switched to Clark. The way you worded that made me wonder, was there a legal reason he had to?
  12. Clark is now Alternative because of Thom Yorke. Also what's with this art? Funny that initially I started to type out "Thom Yorke" to start that sentence, by accident, but typed it as Thom Clarke.
  13. I no longer have expectations for Clark. This track sounds pretty cool though tbh. Sounds like both he and Thom have vocals on this track, but I could be wrong. The description on Bleep says Clark employs a falsetto at times so I guess it's just him, since Thom is called out as featured on a different track.
  14. Looking forward to this, new track sounds great. First thing I heard was The Inheritors, and then The Animal Spirits in 2017. How's that one not been mentioned yet? I checked out The Idiots Are Winning until a couple years later and it's good but for me, not on the same level as the later two.
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