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  1. New album, back to solo. Listen to Track 1, "Flame"
  2. Just finished listening again, and although it was kind of passive as I'm sitting at my computer doing nonsense, not much grabbed me and I'm not sure what compelled me to give it such a rating in 2016. It's just ok.
  3. I'm due for a revisit. I recall enjoying it, and I gave it a 4/5 on RYM, but I can't remember a single hook or lyric from it to save my life.
  4. It's funny, when the Growls Garden EP came out ahead of Totems Flare, I was taken aback by the vocals and not sure about the new direction. But the album blew me away and is definitely up there with his best. I love Empty the Bones of You and Body Riddle but I think this was his creative peak.
  5. I'm feeling the same after revisiting 10,000 Days yesterday and having one listen to Fear Inoculum this morning. This feels more solid, confident, and accomplished, whereas 10,000 Days had some cringe moments and dragged. That said, I'm not the Tool fan I used to be so I'm not going to be obsessing over this. I'll probably have another listen next week.
  6. I'm revisiting 10,000 Days. I'm enjoying it but it's so. damn. long. I've heard the new album seems to go by faster than its length would suggest. So that's good, because this does drag a bit and even though all of their albums are long, this one feels the longest. Worst pacing of their first 4 LPs.
  7. I've played this twice this week, while working. It's well done, efficient as rhmilo mentioned. I probably need a headphone listen, as nothing has really grabbed me that much yet. I feels a little like IDM by the numbers I guess.
  8. I'm tempted to revisit 10,000 Days before tomorrow. I haven't even listened to the classics in a while. Actually I did spin my Lateralus vinyl in the past year. But I haven't listened to Undertow and Aenema, my two favorites, in ages. So if I'm gonna revisit one, why not one of those? Well I guess I wanna hear the progression (if any) from 10,000 Days when I listen to Fear Inoculum. I don't know. I can relate to manmower's comment above. I was a huge Tool fan from 93 to whatever, even when the last one came out I was super excited and mostly liked it, even though it was a clear step down and felt like Tool by the numbers. That's what I'm expecting here. But I really just don't listen to that much metal or alternative metal anymore so am I really gonna care about this beyond one or two listens?
  9. But when's the next one coming out?
  10. I can wait 5 more days. Plus, aren't the interludes missing from the CD? Easy pass...need to hear it as it was intended. 13 years! What's 5 more days?
  11. I LOVE Hilt and Doubting Thomas. Although I didn't love the archival Hilt releases that were part of the Vault series...I love Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself and Journey to the Center of the Bowl. Hoping they press Journey on vinyl someday.
  12. Never really got around to checking out Psyche. Gonna look into this.
  13. I wonder what the official release date is – I was hoping to see this on Spotify today since the physical shipped this week. Maybe official release date is next Friday.
  14. Tracks are good, and I'd forgotten whether I liked "Murdered Out" or not. Yes I do. Looking forward to this – sounds more promising than her Body/Head or Glitterbust stuff.
  15. I love everything from the beginning through Last Rights. The Process was very inconsistent and felt like a totally different band, but has a few decent tracks. I only really respect it because it's the first "new Skinny Puppy" album that came out after I was introduced to them in 92. The reunion albums are not great, I only enjoy the material in a live setting as they manage it blend it in nicely with older material. So yeah, everything from The Process forward is very inconsistent.
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