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  1. Online dating works great! I've met my last 3 LTR girlfriends there.
  2. Silicon Valley, Mrs. Fletcher, Living With Yourself (just finished), and just started Fleabag last night. I like that. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is hot.
  3. How can anyone keep up, and actually become familiar with all of his music? 2007-2010 material is great. There was time to familiarize myself with the material before the next one came along, and I could tell the albums apart.
  4. Damn I never got around to Sacrifices. Probably because I thought Rivington Não Rio and the 2 accompanying EPs were so boring. Although the samples sounded like an improvement over those. I've heard a few tracks from Fudge Beats that I passively enjoyed - nothing earth-shattering. I believe that's just the instrumentals release of the album Lady Parts, a collaboration with some dude named Michael Christmas. Project was called Fudge. The few tracks I heard from that didn't appeal to me, I'm sure I'd enjoy the instrumentals much more.
  5. I don't think I ever heard the Oversensitivity EP associated with Ampexian (which I thought was a solid return to form). Have you heard Meditation Upon Meditations (The Japanese Diaries), also from 2009? I don't recall the details of its release, but it was on Beat Records in Japan and not on Warp - I didn't find out about it till 2 years later I think. Anyway I found it quite good, 8/10 like Ampexian. I probably said it in this thread already but Diamond Watch Wrists with Zach Hill was terrible. The real turning point in my mind.
  6. Just checking this out now after Bleep promoted their latest release POLY011 – first time I'd heard of them. Quality stuff.
  7. September 19 quote is accurate for the B-side, "Legacy Pet". Not a bad track, but it's predicable.
  8. I'd believe it, even if it seemed like he was getting more well-known with his last few albums.
  9. Good god! I'm finally listening to The Fifth Mission and it's incredible! I'm fairly certain I never played it before – never owned it physically, and it's unlikely I would have heard it through a friend. I was discovering and buying CDs on my own for the most part when it came to electronic music in the 90s and 00s. This will certainly get more plays in the very near future.
  10. I've never liked dressing up. This year I'm sending my g/f out on her own. Or rather, she was invited out by a friend and didn't extend the invitation to me which is just perfect. But I do need to pick up some candy for the brats in the neighborhood. Bracing myself for hearing "how many can I take?" over and over.
  11. sidewinder

    Now Reading

    I haven't read Al's book, and I'm only about 10 pages into this, but he's calling Al a liar from the start. It's not all negative, but the preface is like "yeah Al is full of shit. that said, here's my story..." So far it's interesting and his writing is engaging, but I don't typically have more than 1 book going at a time so I may not pick it up again till I finish the other book I mentioned. Unless I have to travel, then I'll bring this thinner book.
  12. sidewinder

    Now Reading

    Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin - the whole 9-book series. I started at the beginning of the year, I think, and have just started book 7. I also recently started Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible & Fried: My Life as a Revolting Cock by Chris Connelly.
  13. I was revisiting Tiny Reminders earlier today and much like Stay Down, it gets better as it goes along. Both start out pretty subdued and tasty nuggets start to emerge as the albums progress. I suppose that's a fairly standard approach for electronic music anyway. At first I'm like, yeah this is good but does it warrant the 4/5 rating I've got here? Then by midway and through to the end I was certain that it does. I'm up to 55 2LS plays so far this week thanks to this thread. I'm not sure I ever listened to their early albums so I've added those to my queue. I have lots of work coming up this week and weekend that will require deep focus, so my electronic intake will be high.
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