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  1. I ended up buying a new-to-me car from Michigan and it finally arrived last Friday – it took like 3 weeks to do paperwork and about a week and a half in transit. Part of the reason paperwork took so long aside from the sales guy being generally inept was that they mailed the docs I needed to sign to the wrong address. When I provided them copies of my driver's license and insurance, I made it very clear in my email what my current address was (not the one on the DL). So they overnighted the stuff and after a day and a half I'm like, where's the stuff? And after confirming the address he told me they mailed it to the wrong place. Apologized and admitted I had provided my current address. So that accounts for about a week of the process – me tracking it down, sending it back, them sending docs again with the correct registration address on them, etc. So why am I bringing this up since the car was delivered last Friday? Because one would expect that my copies of the signed documents would have been in the car, along with a temporary plate providing proof of registration. But neither were in the car, so I inquired. Sales guy says he'll check with the finance manager, as those things should have been included. A day or so later I follow up and he tells me she overnighted them. Another day goes by and I say I haven't gotten them, and ask to confirm the address. Guess where they fucking sent it?!!! Un-fucking-real. You'd think after the initial mistake and having to redo paperwork they'd remember this shit. So I've been driving around the past week with no temporary plate, just a dealer advert plate basically so at least it's clear the car was recently purchased, but nothing displaying that it's registered. Luckily I was wise enough to take photos of all the sales documents I signed before sending them back, so I can use that if needed, but could still wind up with a ticket. It's a calculated risk, I could always drive my older car but I waited so long for this new one I can't help myself – it's more fun to drive. I just can't believe these incompetent fools at a reputable dealership group.
  2. I voted for "I don't like chat rooms" but it's not so much because I think they've had their time, as I was never that into them. I just don't spend enough time on the forums so sit and inject myself into chat vs hopping into specific threads that interest me.
  3. "The inscrutable shoegaze legends..." 🤦‍♂️
  4. I'm getting that feeling too, except for some departments that need to be on site. I still look forward to the opportunity for in-person collaboration a few times a month or even 1-2 times per week, but have started to think about whether I really need to be here. I was surprised to hear "moving" brought up on an organization meeting today, in fact. Apparently some folks have already brought up that they'd like to move, and leads advised talking to HR first mainly for tax implications. I've thought about moving to another nearby town, mostly for more affordable homes and a slight change of scenery but now also because I don't need to be as close to the office. But maybe it's worth expanding my options even more. Kinda tired of Seattle tbh and this autumn I'll have lived here 14 years, which was the limit I told myself I had to live here, in order to surpass my previous longest city of residence, Houston, since I never liked it and really wanted it stripped of that crown. I think in general we're likely to see a shift back to suburbia and more sprawl as people want more space for their money, don't need to be as close to the city for remote work, and want to be away from dense populations. That's not for everyone, of course, but certain age groups as well as families.
  5. I was surprised to see Watchmen on Hulu the other day, didn't notice other content. But yeah, I assumed it was from previous deals or perhaps a way to entice Hulu users to sign up for the HBO Max add-on. As required by the FTC, I must disclose that I'm an HBO employee when commenting on public social platforms. But I know nothing about licensing deals. 😄
  6. Cool, thanks for clarifying. I was assuming based on the RYM dates and album release that yes, the previous members would have a lot of writing credits on Electra 2000, but also wrongly assumed they performed on the album. Difficult to know without looking at join/departure and recording dates – and liner notes 😉. I gave up my CD collection some years ago. ETA: Anyone ever heard the 1991 album Fillet Show? I haven't, wonder if it's worth seeking out. I'm a big fan of Electra 2000 fwiw.
  7. Yes, it is very good and was released in April. See previous thread:
  8. Guessing you mean the last lineup before hiatus, as some original members have left before and after Electra 2000. So probably Matt Talbott, Bryan St. Pere, Jeff Dimpsey, and Tim Lash. From RYM: Matt Talbott (vocals, guitar), Andy Switzky (guitar, vocals, 1989-93), Akis Boyatzis (bass, 1989-90), Jeff Kropp (drums, 1989-90), Bryan St. Pere (drums, 1990-2000), Joe Futrelle (bass, 1990), Rod Van Huis (bass, 1990-91), Balthazar De Ley (bass, 1991-93), Jeff Dimpsey (bass, 1993-2000), Tim Lash (guitar, 1993-2000)
  9. Curious what you all thought of the Failure comeback album The Heart Is a Monster 5 years ago? Don't recall if there was a thread. Seems like the general consensus was similar to this one, that it was a really solid comeback album. And I agree. I gave it 4 stars, but to be honest I haven't played it much - maybe 3 to 5 times. Might be the case for this one too, simply because I don't listen to this type of stuff that much anymore. Plenty of rock, still, but I guess comeback albums just have a tendency to fade away. But this is definitely great and probably stronger than Failure's comeback. BTW who's in the band for this album?
  10. Played it once last weekend while driving with the girlf. Sounded like 70s Neil Young alright. Nothing stood out, but perhaps on subsequent listens.
  11. If you're a fan of True Widow I can imagine you'll like this very much. When Betty came out, I immediately liked it better than Meantime. Still their best IMHO.
  12. Fuck yeah. Was expecting this soon as I knew they were working on new material. Surprise drop is excellent. Gonna listen to this when I get a long enough break between meetings. Never saw them live, not even sure I even started listening to them until the late 90s or early 2000s, but I like them a lot. Seems people are very pleased with this.
  13. I was heavily into diecast cars as a kid. Matchbox (less so HotWheels), Micromachines, 1:24 plastic model kits, but my favorites were 1:18 (and some 1:24) Bburago models. Those were hands-down my favorite, what I'd always ask for for birthdays and Christmas. Had all the classics that were released in the 80s. I got rid of most during my teens, maybe hung on to one or two a bit longer, but it's been ages since I had anything. A cousin that's my age still has a lot of models we both had as kids in glass cases in his home office, along with some car posters and such. Pretty cool to see that he still has them (along with some more expensive collector models he collected later in life), but he's still back in Belgium and has moved around FAR LESS in his life than I have, living that typical American life. But it's not just that...it felt childish for me to hang on to them. 🤷‍♂️ I did this with a few Matchbox ones. For some reason I also did it to a Bburago MB 300SL Gullwing that I took apart and decided to spray paint. 🙄
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