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I just started using FL Studio!


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After making a lot of reasonable music using what was available to me at the time, I have now moved on to the next phase of my musical career: professional music editing software.


Fruity Loops 9 was the weapon of choice, and here is the second track I ever finished using this software. I hope to continue with bigger and better tracks, as I move ever closer to getting the sounds in my head onto a digital canvas.




Please let me know what you think. I need critique.

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Guest Quantum

love the build up, great melodies and atmosphere. However i feel the drums should have come in sooner, and i felt the rythm was rather awkward, with a hollow feel to the drums that i feel doesn't sit well with the track.


So basically i loved your melodies and textures, but feel you should maybe try writing another drum part.


It's very good for a second piece using professional software, well done.



If you get the chance check out my track called shape, it's just below yours, let me know what ya think.

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Hey Rhombix that sounds very nice. I've just started using Maximus through FLStudio for mastering, what do you use? The constituent track parts all sound really clear. My main problem is I dont have any monitor speakers so im mastering tracks through my headphones which is not ideal.

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