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  1. I feel too mainstream to be misgendered, once again I am marginalised for being a white heterosexual male who is married to a female. Fml
  2. Never had any warnings. Absolute shambles.
  3. Yeah, it could be constructed tracks from the onesix era of tunes, studio edited format. That would be sweet.
  4. onesix was the Europe / Oz / Japan live tour though, wasn't it? So not expecting a new album from this. Never know what to expect from ae though, gawd bless'em
  5. Oh god I had a 3 channel behringer dj mixer and it was awful, cheap plastic and the cross fader was weak, felt like it was going to fall apart every time I used it. The volume faders were crackly at high levels too. Honestly the Mackie products feel light years ahead
  6. I've got a Mackie mix8, the smaller less flash version of that one. Built like a horse, metal frame and decent knobs to twiddle for a good price. The aux send loop is well handy, I usually stick a reverb or my granulator pedal in there, then you can assign a % of each channel to it. Nifty.
  7. mebbe the download section? Edit I just realised that chatmm runs as a pop-up window now. That is cool. Will use.
  8. I also had a modeselektor monkey face mug (broke in dishwasher, RIP), and a planet mu mug (dropped on floor by my 2 year old, smashed, RIP) Need new IDM mugs. My old faithful Bangface Mug is from the 2008 weekender and is still going strong EDIT: Would buy a WATMM branded mug!
  9. If you a bro, 40grit If you a ho, 320grit
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