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  1. https://tommycreep.bandcamp.com/merch/black-panels-only-eurorack-zine-issue-ii Eurorack zine! Really great reading. Interviews with module designers, artists and what / how / why they do their thing. Really interesting to me as eurorack is all new to my innocent mind. Mainly noise, experimental, industrial music. Well worth the time and money.
  2. Did anyone say it was a nuke?
  3. It's possibly what was being stored in the building next door and not the fireworks.
  4. Gives me chills watching these videos. Can't imagine what it would feel like watching that from a distance and seeing the cloud heading towards you. Given everything that has gone on in that region, there will be a shit ton of anger and fear on the streets tonight - I hope calm remains though as the injured are found and treated
  5. Unfortunately so. Depressing! It sounds nothing like the track title leads to believe
  6. Flying Lotus after los Angeles. Probably been said already, because its true. Cosmogramma frustrates me because of the density of tracks and ideas, could have been spread over 2 albums with longer tracks.
  7. Love B Traits. She did some great lockdown dj sets from her house on twitch, such a lush pad she's got. And I miss her late night radio 1 shows but glad she has found an outlet for her music on cpu
  8. I picked up his Royal Dungeon 12" on Opal Tapes. Good stuff. He also released an album called Dimensional which is pretty filthy
  9. Ive got a great fuzz pedal that someone hand built a few years back, but every time you touch the aluminium outer case it creates a deep HUMMMMM I have limited diagnostic skills, but i'm guessing that is a stray wire inside and it's earthing out when I touch it? Can anyone help? I can take the pedal apart and have a look.. if it is just a wire I can probably sort it out, but could it be something else?
  10. On first listen, the Computer Murder compilation sounds like it will be right up my street. Thanks for the tip! I have a copy of the new Noise Receptor but have failed to read it yet.... Doh
  11. Interesting. The recent couple of Hospital releases have been a bit bland IMO, the Alberich album was a bit flat too. Hope for something a bit more memorable!
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