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  1. Caught the last 6 tracks of the listening party, sounded lovely even just through the stream. Awesome stuff Mike, especially "Manscape"
  2. A bit late to the party but happy birthday watmm. Some great memories from this place in years gone by, specifically Kiosk speculation, that BOC record store day release then Tomorrows Harvest, Paintshopping trashbear, rolling lols, bad DJ names etc etc.... And I've discovered some great music too
  3. The May release is amazing. It's like a new Quaristice EP
  4. Surgeon live is always a joy - how was it? Last time I saw him he was using the Pulsar-23 to devastating effects....
  5. There was a speed dealer moms special show on NTS1 (london) yesterday at 6pm but they fudged the playback and some of it was missing, so its on again tomorrow (Friday 10th) at 6pm local time. Its not shown on the schedule on their webplayer yet though, just a gap where it should be. LineNoise did a speed dealer moms podcast a couple of weeks back which is pretty cool, a nice long chat with them about the project and how they work together, really interesting:
  6. Yeah I think so, but *maybe they were jamming over the top of a backing trip with 303 or samples? I dunno, maybe not even that. For the encore they did "we're pulling names out of a hat, we have no idea what we are going to play" yet the visuals for Mr. Sleaford Mod were ready and all in-sync as soon as they started playing. I stood next to the sound booth for the brown album playback, the EQ guy looked thoroughly bored throughout and was sat playing on his phone. Honestly I don't care if its a top of the pops style karaoke jam a long, I enjoyed it and the midweek crowd were well up for it (many looking totally spangled at the intermission queuing for beers and water)
  7. Just been watching LOTR extended in 1 hour chunks with my kids (10 and 7) they loved it. And so did I.
  8. I saw them on the opening night in Exeter. Loved the album playthroughs, how green felt clinical and acidic, whilst brown more chaotic yet flowing. I wanted one of the blue logo t-shirts but they sold out when I went back. The encore totally lost me. They also ramped up the soundsystem so much for the encore that Dirty Rat sounded more awful than normal. So I left - and or course heard satan as I left the venue to drive home. My mate stayed and recorded it though. My watch said I danced 16km
  9. Albums from 2014-2024 that have stood the test of time and still get repeated listens. The usual eclectic selection from me, but have kept it vaguely electronic at least. Noise/techno/ambient everything between and beyond. Perc - Bitter Music Rolando Simmons - World Building Prurient - Rainbow Mirror Jason Crumer - Thin Ice Polypores - Flora Disgusting Cathedral - Adventurers Despised & Rejected Nathan Fake - Blizzards (and the Sunder EP) Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Mezzi Umani Mezze Macchine Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois Collab (plus the bonus disc) Kjostad - Environmental Electronics Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of Time
  10. Exeter on Wednesday, can't wait! Also, thanks to this thread, I rediscovered Belfast/Wasted which I have probably not heard in about 20 years. Fuck me, those vocals work so well. Blasted it out proper loud this morning
  11. Kinda excited by this now, a good teaser trailer. I liked the directors take on Evil Dead, should be a good addition to the franchise.
  12. He's definitely progressed from club music to more dad home listening music, some of it hits well but I'm not a rabid fan like I once was. Very skillful producer though, just not the sort of stuff I like to listen to these days.
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