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  1. MORD is a great label, and I do love a bit of SHXC
  2. So very sad 🤧 His ear for melding genres was impeccable, Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport for example. Amazing sounds. Primal Scream, Loaded. Christ, such a tune that propelled indie into thr eorld of acid house. The sabres of paradise remix of Chemical Brothers, Leave Home... Such an inspiring mix. And then the mix CD he did for fabric, number 19. Seminal. Probably one of the ones I've listened to the most. DJ set I've seen of his over the years.... Fabric room 3 for 3 hours, immense evening. Houghton 2018 he played a 4 hour set and i was there for it all. I never caught any of the A Love From Outer Space gigs with Sean Johnson and I wish i had. The events at Corsica Studios were hailed as fairly legendary. Gutted this evening.
  3. Yes, it was a weird and beautiful thing. I e-mailed Sam Fez (Love Love) trying to see if I could contact qebrus after the release of the awesome ᐔ ᐌ ᐂ ᐍ ᐚ Eventually got an email address for him, and it was really cool that he replied and was keen on answering my questions and supporting my little project. I just did a reprint of that issue of the zine a couple of months ago, and its sold out again already. Really honoured to have swapped 1's and 0's across the internet with him. Ref:- Stickers. New Snare/Rush stickers coming soon! Another one to recommend, Special Interests from Finland is all about the experimental, noise, power electronics, drone and doom. Great black and white zine, was an A5 style book but in the last issue they have switched it up to an A4 size. Full of what you would expect - collage artwork, interviews, reviews, gig photos, dread and damnation.
  4. MODS duplicate threads alert! Yep, sounds like a good continuation of the Sunder EP which was full on dancey off-kilter techno trance action. Looking forward to this.
  5. Hyped AF for this. He kills it live (seen him twice now), and the Sunder EP was a highlight of the year for me when it came out.
  6. New issue of Electronic Sound just landed... Looks like a decent Squarepusher interview about gear inside. Also Ulrich Schnauss inside too
  7. Just ordered an ex-demo Volca Drum for £109. I love ex-demo bargains. Can't justify a drumbrute or anything more substantial right now. I actually really miss my Volca Kick since selling it.
  8. Amazing value box set of experimental sounds, most of which is 40 years old. So much inspiration and originality in here. Still not made it through to disc 3, keep listening to the first two! https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/further-perspectives-distortion-an-encyclopedia-of-british-experimental-and-avante-garde-music-1976-1984-various-artists-3cd-boxset/
  9. Soloman Tump

    draft 7.30

    Wish fulfilled 🙂 Watmm has some lovely people here after all.
  10. Has anybody else drawn comparisons between the melodies in Neverlevers and Bladerunner theme yet?
  11. Nice, will look into that. Are you aware of Northern Earth? Archaeology / folklore / environmental history... ignores religion and political agendas. Quite refreshing to read! Mainly UK based findings but there are field reports from across the globe. I took a subscription out, £9 for 4 issues (1 year). Good reading, really interesting.
  12. I still really rate Damogen Furies. Followed by Ultravisitor. I know I am probably wrong, but I am OK with that.
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