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  1. Yeah, Im not gonna buy this. Can't justify £20 on 4 tracks that I already have
  2. Yeah from first impressions its a mix of CGI and makeup / stick on wings and horns which is good. Didn't realise Orlando Bloom was in it, he's not too annoying (yet)
  3. Taken from today's LittleBig mailout: After personally not feeling the Kiri release, I am excited for this.
  4. I heard XYZ on 6music earlier, and thought "cool, this is old BOC. I wonder why they are playing this" Then I opened this thread
  5. Carnival Row? I watched the first episode, its basically the Syrian war with irish fairy refugees. Bit weird, but I think I will stick with it. Possibly a bit too faux political
  6. I only have an online dating success story, sorry 😄
  7. Fair comments. Personally I would never use weed killers or chemicals - I pull out nettles as my kids generally just sting themselves which isn't pleasant. Our garden is generally "wild" - we have poppies, corn marigolds and those tall flowering daisies plus all the common stuff like dandelions, daisies and buttercups. Plenty of stuff that attracts bee's. Spotted hedgehog poo this week too - exciting! Being in a fairly rural area, we tend to get lots of long grass and random crops self seeding in our garden. Not great for my hayfever. I tend to pull those out before they flower.
  8. How do Vegans feel about cutting the grass? Shredding all those plants and in the process destroying thousands of insects and their habitats? (serious question, I was thinking about this whilst cutting the grass yesterday)
  9. Thanks to this set, I dusted off my Renegade Soundwave best of last night, 2 CDs full of great tunes right there.
  10. Yeah. My wife watched some of the live stream with me and she was surprised by how accessible it was. The first hour especially.... Of course it ramped up but Maybe because it was being streamed to a larger audience he played more "mainstream" idk
  11. Bugger, I was tempted to sell my vinyl as discogs prices were more than reasonable! Need the cash moneys right now. It is a great album though, I will keep hold of it now
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