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  1. New 4 track digital only EP, crafted following the departing of Richard H Kirk. Some lovely mournful sounds on here... really recommended if you have not checked out much Ekoplekz lately as it feels like a departure from his recent works. The inclusion of the guitar on "Surveillance System" and "Tapz" is really good to hear and works really nicely imo.
  2. 2 new Dungeon ? Noise Synth releases from DISGUSTING CATHEDRAL. Really strong surreal stuff again, I am addicted. https://disgustingcathedral.bandcamp.com/album/besieged-defenders-2 https://disgustingcathedral.bandcamp.com/album/a-hunters-grave
  3. Niiiice! Will give it a spin this week for sure
  4. Was sad when Instagram came back online after such a short outage. Was hoping for a week at least. Started a blog today and intend to rage quit insta soon!
  5. Wow, they keep churning out the quality. I need to catch up, still not picked up issue 5. Grimoire Silvanus are up to issue 4 too
  6. I pooped out a new zine http://intrusivesignals.limitedrun.com/products/711961-intrusive-signals-2 Noise/drone/electronics/weirdness Art/interviews/poetry/words/collage Cut&paste, hack&slash Lovely
  7. Damn you mean I gotta try and remember my twitch login.... then spend ages messing around with the access codes again....
  8. I was driving to a meeting and got delayed, missed the reveal / sale. This was before I had a good smart phone so would have needed to get my laptop on on arrival anyway. Gutted. Meeting was a waste of time as well.
  9. I've got the vinyl on order, I love the sound of this album. Dark. Tripppy. Surreal. Shack'
  10. Today I released a split 3" cdr alongside Lee Riley from Oxford. Intense sonics, noises and drones which fit together quite nicely. 4 tracks at just over 20 minutes total. Really happy with how this one turned out - seeing Lee perform live years back was part of the catalyst for me deciding to start doing it myself. So it's his fault. Digital is pay what you like.
  11. I don't know, see above 😄 It's definitely not washable.
  12. I got my LP5 CD second hand, and previous owner had scrubbed the sticker off so I just had a blank case. I like the grey card of the vinyl reissue.
  13. Sweet. Happy with my press of Chiastic Slide, and just about to hit buy on LP5. Great stuff cheers ae *edit* Fuck it, im gonna wait and actually go to a record store and buy this from them instead.
  14. Pretty much everything can be blamed on covid still at present; so once that's died down we can see where we are then. I guess the *good* is that pretty much every country has been fucked by covid... and yeah there are murmerings of trade deals. I guess loads is going on behind closed doors. But otherwise there are fuel shortages due to panic buying and lack of hgv drivers, NHS waiting times are through the roof; there are protesters blocking major roads, taxes are going up,... its business as normal over here 😄
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