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  1. The SEAES albums are amazing. And he has so much more that I have not explored. Get well soon / get through this / team
  2. I have been eyeballing the Afterneath reverb pedal for some time, and Earthquaker just announced a v3 model at namm https://guitar.com/news/earthquaker-devices-afterneath-v3-namm-2020/ Looks sexy
  3. https://r obclouth.bandcamp.com/album/zero-point Released 12th March 2020 EXCITED. I was a big fan of his Vaetxh output from last decade, very glitchy idm beats. Looking forward to this. The lead single The Vacuum State is available now:- https://robclouth.bandcamp.com/album/the-vacuum-state
  4. Well actually I kinda dig it. I wonder what Keep it G actually means, but Im gonna try and use that in a convo at the pub tonight. lol, Norman Cook cameo in the video (as well as Mr Hartnoll)
  5. Actually cannot remember the last time I illegally downloaded something. Not taking the high moral ground here, I just can't remember when I last did it. Years and years ago perhaps. It's out in 2 weeks properly and there's loads of music I have actually already purchased that deserves a bit more of my attention until then.
  6. At what point do Warp decide that the leak is hurting their sales? Do they sit there looking at how many times something is seeded on torrent sites? 😞
  7. ... and also the MS20 http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/01/14/korg-intros-four-ms-20-fs-synthesizers/
  8. There are a number of items on that list that I find desirable. Now is not the time for buying more though
  9. Review in the new issue of electronic sound. Colour me intrigued by the Ceephax comparisons
  10. Soloman Tump

    draft 7.30

    Anyone got a good quality vinyl copy they want to sell me?
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