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  1. lol at the 3xCD hype in the other thread because it was badly translated from an Italian webshop
  2. Been spinning the CD today. Its a nice album - certainly a slight departure from murky fog Stott of the past decade (which I love). The drums on the title track are super lush. Definitely are more upbeat / spring vibe on this album and it does feel like an evolution of his sound (I don't think he could have got deeper down the rabbit hole of murk without losing what makes his sound "Stott", so going upbeat and slightly poppy was the right choice imo) I quite like the video; its not cringe?
  3. If it strings out for another month then it could potentially reach BOC levels of hype / disappointment. 🍿
  4. Also: Out this Friday. Reminds me of a certain album cover?
  5. I've been playing the combined digital playlist on shuffle, and I can now confirm that I don't know which tracks come from which album. So there you go.
  6. He went a bit too "clean" sounding a few years back, but what I've heard from this release is on point filth....
  7. https://nathanfake.com/album/sanxenxo-ep BOOM
  8. Yeah we are going at a good rate to be fair. It started at oldest / most vulnerable first, then working our way down through the ages. All over 60s have now been offered the jab, as well as critical front line staff etc. Over 50 invite going out from today, slightly ahead of schedule. It does seem to be the one thing that the govt have done pretty well at
  9. Nah don't worry, im still under 40 and relatively healthy so probably won't see a vaccine until June / July.
  10. Shops and gyms open in England and Wales tomorrow. Be interesting to see how the stats react since Covid seems to be largely under control now. Plenty of people still getting jabs though so hopefully we have actually got a way out and can have a half decent summer ahead. Unless of course the work done so far gets spoilt by the idiots partying and recklessly protesting en-masse. (Note, I'm ok with a protest.... But not when you act like a twat and don't protect yourself and others)
  11. Butlin's Minehead Interlude ===> BANGFACE I was there! It was madness.
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