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  1. Oh wow, never saw this. Ghostly u-ziq subforum, I should check here more often
  2. Thanks for the new morning alarm clock ring tone!
  3. I always get a little sad when I hear old Peel interviews. He was such a legend. Hearing Tom Ravenscroft on 6music now is pretty cool though - he has *similar* tastes to his Dad, although not as mad (although maybe that's just the confines of daytime mainstream radio)
  4. Friday night is always a bugger for me to get into London, but travelling over to Amsterdam the Saturday before looks like a winner!
  5. Give the fans what they want
  6. Soloman Tump

    Brexit :(

    Green's have stood down from my constituency, and i'm not voting Lib Dem. Choice's choices
  7. Dug up this old thread as it seemed apt to my current situation. Been suffering with depression and such over the past few years, have sought help and am making changes to my lifestyle as well as my work... so I've handed my notice in and looking to move in 2020. New job, new location, new whatever comes my way. Not sure if totally a midlife crisis but seems that way - although I appear to be digging my way out of the mire. Currently looking at buying some woodland where I can build a log cabin, set up some solar panels and use it as a recording studio / makeshift home. Hahahahaaaaa
  8. I generally don't think its a good idea to nationalize a modern communication sector that is still actively growing and expanding. Time and money is still going into R&D and new forms of infrastructure. Let the private investors and new tech companies keep whittling away at it, and let people opt in as new tech becomes available. Don't blanket conscript it to everyone in the uk, and don't constrict the private money that is going into it. Just my 2c. John the Farmer, Kate the Hairdresser and Me the engineer don't need the added cost of Fibre Optic Broadband to go about our daily routines, do not impose it on us. Fibre is a priviliege, not a necessity.
  9. This is exactly why they should be made. They offer a snapshot of a viewpoint at a particular time and place that looking at a website cannot give you. Time capsule type scenario
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