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  1. On a similar note, I just saw Saturn, Jupiter and our Moon make an awesome triangle in the sky on my evening walk. Mars was hanging around too. I wasn't listening to SIGN though
  2. So in the past week alone I know 3 people who tested positive, all from different areas of the UK. Didn't know anyone in the first wave.
  3. I don't like the fact that the box probably cost £30 to print
  4. Well apparently so, sold like hot cakes. And I was debating whether I could afford to buy a 12" if one was announced today 😄
  5. ...and how many of those can afford $500 on a synth
  6. Nnnhhhggg, this hasn't clicked with me yet, at all. I enjoyed the stream because it was a communal thing and I was bouncing ideas off other people. But since then i've listened twice and struggled to engage with it. Maybe its because im super busy at work and downtime is at a minimum. Or maybe it's because i've been listening to loads of noise music lately! I dunno. Im sure there will be a time and a place for me and SIGN to get netflix & chill 2geva
  7. encore n cur I see what they did there.
  8. haha for the second link, not the first, obv 😞
  9. Vinyl and CD have arrived, I am at work so will be vinyl spinning tonight. The cover is really vibrant - more so than I anticipated. It's kinda almost luminous. Which is rather fitting given he music we have. So, raspberries to all the artwork haters
  10. Twin Peaks is the only limited run reboot that was AWESOME amirite
  11. I've had a despatch e-mail! And in true Autechre fashion I have been listening to elseq today and really enjoying it
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