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  1. Honestly, techno is so vast and cross pollinated with every other genre now. What sort of sound are you looking for? "Pure" drum machine techno? Some stuff I have listened to lately.... KInk, x0sar, Andy Stott, Demdike Stare, Rrose, Shifted, Ancient Methods, SNTS...
  2. I do enjoy the UVB style. Cold slabs of precision.
  3. Lush news indeed! I just picked up the re-issue of their Molar Wrench album on wax, a grand collab with Dead Neanderthal. I saw Dead Neanderthal at a festival last summer and they completely slayed. Their set was performing this.. https://deadneanderthals.bandcamp.com/track/bone-hill then mic drop and outta there. So powerful.
  4. No Covid-19 related deaths in Oxfordshire for the past week. There are still obvious UK hotspots (dense urban areas mostly), but it seems to be under control in most rural areas now. Life slowly emerging as a "new normal" which I hope means more sustainable travel, less waste, looking out for each other and the environment, and supporting small business. Yeah, I can hope. Where is "here"?
  5. Twitter storm away, and tag the minor-celebrity in it too. What could go wrong.
  6. Nnnhhgggh.... resisting eurorack still.. for now. If I make the leap I will have to sell a bunch of stuff I have to make space for it (and raise some funds). Happy fiddling with pedals and sticking with my lo-fi approach. Yes. really, I am.
  7. I want this but I struggle to listen to everything that I purchase as it is. Not sure how I will do 7 hours worth of new (to me) material justice tbh! nvm just realised its pay what you like... awesome work
  8. I still have your autechre mix, great work. Am keen to hear this!
  9. Happy with this live recording from yesterday. Pulled straight from my mixer, recording live with no post-processing, all hardware still. Kinda getting the feeling I could do a live show now without making a complete dick of myself. Maybe. I was also invited to provide some sounds for Heinous Whining #10 which is a weekly noise/improv/experimental stream which has been going out live weekly on Twitch, Saturday evenings during lockdown. My 16 minute set with weird accompanying video is here: Also some amazing other sets on there, Evicshen is up last and she slays it with the NOISE
  10. Before the shit REALLY hits the fan, please can you let my delivery from Crank Sturgeon through the wall, I wanna experiment with my new microphone and switch controller. Thanks.
  11. Love some of the cosmic baby productions
  12. As far as I can see, its just economics jargon, for example this from the UK Office for national statistics: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1057%2Felmr.2010.155.pdf nothing to do with racism?
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