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  1. Immense treat. Had to hold in a poop for an extra 30 mins so I didn't miss any of it. Cheers.
  2. BOC covered Cichli with live acoustic drums, Sean thought it sounded cool but the beats were a bit "stiff" Yikes
  3. Unreleased jams mix session
  4. Aye. There are at least 3 charted from Peru back to the UK bringing people home at present. There are also still Brits stuck in NZ and other places, but I guess they are safe enough over there
  5. If Boris goes down then Raab is in charge.
  6. I hope they find inspiration from the pandemic to churn out a new album.
  7. Today's selection has been top all the way so far
  8. Bop de boop... great times from teh bros
  9. No. And when I do, I hate it. I cannot concentrate properly. Merging work and home feels like an evil to me.
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