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  1. Yeah the digital cost made me cough a bit, especially considering this would have cost him nothing to set up. It might have been in a different thread, but I've mentioned that i've got the alternative versions CD release of this and not the originals. So, i'm still on the fence with this. Great music though.
  2. Sold quite a lot of stuff so I have repopulated the list.
  3. Isnt'ses (art / noise / diy duo from London) make great t-shirts, I've got the noise to the moon one.
  4. Is there a "read the rules" TikTok version? If no; there should
  5. 5 years + (I think) facebook free. Not missed it one bit. I use instagram for my musical content and have a private family account that I barely update but it keeps my relatives happy to see what I am up to. But I am off instagram for August anyway as a bit of a socials detox. The "reels" thing really annoys me, I wish I could disable it. The adverts are getting worse too. it is only a matter of time before I close my account completely. TikTok looks like the worst.
  6. I have compiled a collection of tracks as a digital download to Bandcamp, spending the past few days sorting out and thus cleansing my hard drive. These are orphans from past projects, early live demos, alternative compilation tracks and things that didn't fit elsewhere, but all things that I consider "finished" and not just any old crap..... Here you will find a couple of longform drones, some harsh percussive pieces, a gross noise thing, a suite of tracks previously aired with video on a live stream and a manipulated field recording. I will add to this compilation in the future. I also included my track "Imbibilence" which I wrote following the passing of Salvatorin. I now feel better placed to move on to new things. Appreciate any feedback if you get a chance to listen. Looking for opportunities of split / label / compilation releases going forward!
  7. Episode 3 features LUXUL, Ekoplekz, Burnthouse Lane, Salac, Trou Aux Rats and a host more. Dismal electronics at its darkest.
  8. Just saw this on the latest e-mail, stoked for the Relaxer album too (aka Ital of NY)
  9. When I trawl my music collection, I realised how many Editions Mego albums I own. Many more than I realised. From the recent Surgeon modular rainforest experiments, the Ekoplekz live work, Merzbow and Prurient, even OPN Returnal .... Mark Fell's UL8 was a slight obsession of mine for a while. The label was a key platform in pushing the extremes of electronic music to a wider audience, he was well loved in the industry hence getting so many big hitters on the label. RIP
  10. Ok just realised this is on Netflix UK now, so im gonna watch it tonight. I watched the trailler, so im primed for a Candyman reboot but judging by many comments it should be something much different.
  11. I missed your brainwave this weekend but I'll definitely check this out cheers! *update* This is damn fine, you should be proud of this live collection! Personally I prefer the calmer tracks without the fast drum breaks, Comm On and Swarm To Secrecy are standouts so far. But that's just the current mood that I am in.
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