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  1. She beat me to it by a few weeks. So nah, I don't feel old (yet)
  2. I've not seen this film and I had no idea there was a Netflix miniseries. Gonna see if thats available in the uk.
  3. New digital only 4 track EP, a strange theme exploring interesting insects but also having bad hayfever and not being able to go outside to find them. Free / Paywhatyoulike https://solomantump.bandcamp.com/album/gritonometry-ep In my griity/noisy/dismal style, but some percussive elements found their way in here.... also some excellent improv piano playing from Arachnopus that I added a shedload of filth too. As always, keen to discover peoples thoughts and thank you for listening... Longer description on the release page / blog.
  4. Nice to find this here. As always, very interested to hear NNN work and I think this release kind of slipped me by, so seeking it out now
  5. I read a bunch of complaints on Reddit about how poor the crowd control was this year. They sold an extra 25k tickets, and with the relatively poor / unfocused lineup it meant people were walking around a lot more between stages. Getting around Arcadia at night has been a shambles apparently. Also I read the new Glade Stage sound system is poor compared to previous years which is a real shame because its spec'd and tuned by the guy who runs Funktion 1. Ah well, 2 weeks until I hit Leicester for the tiny in comparison Noisily Festival. About 5000 people I think? 3 big stages, 2 small ones, and a load of daytime workshops. Psy trance, techno, dub and funk. 4 days and nights in some secluded woodland where I can forget about everything else going on in the world. It has pretty much now established itself as the logical successor to the Glade Festival (RIP) but without the electronica/overkill/hardcore tent, which is a real pity, but hey. It's not trying to copy Glade. Cannot wait!
  6. Was chatting with my wife last night and we decided we don't want to visit America anymore. We were gonna save and bring our kids on a road trip for a couple of weeks. See some friends. But everything is just too much now. What you got going on over there, plus the rising costs over here. Might save money anyway so I can build my apocalypse bunker under the house.
  7. Yeah I watched a bit of that, it was as expected which is fine I guess. He did well for an 80 year and I kept worrying that he might die. Also near the end he was sniffing a lot and I kept looking to see if he had burst a vessel. Actually live and let die was pretty cool. Hope Billie Eilish was watching, can anyone remember her bond theme?
  8. Tonight I watched Roisin Murphy, what a queen. Seen her live a couple of times and she never disappoints, actually reckon she just keeps getting better with age. Her band are the total jam
  9. Will watch skunk anansie later, I liked them when I were a young un.
  10. Yes it's on there, I watched it all this morning.
  11. Very underwhelmed by Eilish. I just don't get it. What I saw of Four Tet was good Loved Supergrass though. Greatest hits set, very tight band and Gaz sounding great.
  12. Complextro At least 4 things happening at once!
  13. I am still holding out for an Autechre beatz album with guest vocals in a bunch of different trax. Busdriver, King Kashmere from this album, Ivorian Doll (female drill).... that album would be so dope.
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