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  1. Maybe afeks will send you some 1s and 0s Sent from my RMX2155 using Tapatalk
  2. Who told you that? I had a great time at All Points East a few years back (also held at Victoria Park) - and Field Day is basically a day of this festival now anyway. Great production in the tents (sound quality was perfectly adequate for a daytime London festival tbh). Stages were nicely spread out and I never noticed any unwanted soundbleed. Loads of bars, loads of different food options, plenty of toilets etc, never felt overcrowded. Main stage sound quality was great (Chemical Brothers banged it out, I left before the end and could still hear them playing from nearly at the tube station) Couple of smaller outdoor stages were good too. Drinks were standard London prices, you never expect them to be cheap now, so that is what it is. I shall be going along with a positive mental attitude (TM) and enjoying myself! Here's hoping for a dingy basement afterparty playing acid chiptune breakcore jungle nonsense until 7am
  3. Ah yes, Voorn was neat. Kinda forgot about that. He had a ton of tracks all layered up and spliced, it was great. Chris Fortier's is a fairly straightforward tech house mix but across 3xCDs. At the time it really hit the spot - I should probably give it a listen again (its definitely been a few years, may have aged). Some great DJs did that series actually, looking at the discogs now, I remember Lee Burridge, Anthony Pappa, Phil K and Will Saul all bringing great mixes too.
  4. Yes! Pure gold that. The Chris Fortier Balance mixes were great too, but I think James Holden's effort was by far the best. Another cracking tune of his:
  5. According to the bleep bio its Clark singing. I kinda like it. Remember when Snares sang on the My Love is a bulldozer album that time - I kinda liked that too,
  6. Yeah I was a massive James Holden fan in the early 00's when Sasha, Armin, Tiesto etc were dropping his tunes. This is the banger: Horizons, The Wheel, etc... all gold
  7. Suspect Bonobo will headline the 2nd stage so you can quite happily miss that if you so desire. Stoked to be able to see Moderat again! Sent from my RMX2155 using Tapatalk
  8. Mustard Sent from my RMX2155 using Tapatalk
  9. I will be there. I had a fever dream that the lineup also includes Moderat (who I love seeing live) and Autechre headlining one of the tents before Aphex hits the main outdoor stage. If this becomes true, I meltphase Sent from my RMX2155 using Tapatalk
  10. Something like the audio-visual twitch experiments from a couple of years back but hosted at ae.twig or similarly cool url, and its an ever evolving album patch that will play out live over the course of a month, never to be repeated and there will be a chat function of course. Maybe warp will wanna release a 2xCD "best of" at the end called Fieftine When the stream is over, anyone who listened to the ENTIRE thing get a "cool" from Seb and a "lol" from Roy.
  11. Thanks for sharing this, a few of the tracks were niggling me because I knew what they were but lost in the fog of time.... turns out I had a couple of them on vinyl in the shed 🙂 This mix is a keeper
  12. Katla. Strange goings on at an Icelandic research centre. Great stuff, 3 episodes in out of 8 so far.
  13. Yeah loved that tainted love cover. Pure vibes. This is so good, I'm getting pissed on cheap wine
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