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  1. https://polypores.bandcamp.com/album/chaos-blooms Lush artwork and premise for this new LP. Polypores is mega prolific, not sure how he managed to release 12 albums in 2020 and everything I heard was great?! Grabbed the vinyl for this. He seems to have a solid fanbase already amongst modular / synth geeks / Slutz
  2. They have lush signatures. Don't think I've ever seen them before.
  3. Really nice. I'd love one of those and wear it with pride!
  4. "Jewish Space Marine Warhammer 40000 Cosplay" is something I never expected to read in the promo bumf for a p-mu album. Fair play, colour me intrigued. And also, I gotta see those photos!
  5. Wait. So just like that, the biggest watmm controversy of the year (so far) is quashed. And it was just getting exciting
  6. Re Cult 48 Bleep are selling it with the press release quote "for fans of BOC" so i'm guessing any hint of plagiarism/ ghosting is right out of the window as far as they are concerned if they can shift a few records https://bleep.com/release/210472-cult-48-catalog-1-
  7. I wouldn't have expected his tenure as President to end any other way. Don staying as Don right until the bitter end. Congratulations America.
  8. I completely forgot that this came out. Just listening now and its really great! Pretty much an hour of music. Lush times.
  9. I just relocated to (near) Exeter, so not a million miles away. Bristol is great, back in the old world order I visited regularly for gigs and shopping. Check out: Idle Hands record store RWD/FWD online record store Elevator Music for all your synth / modular needs NOODS radio is local FM to you, some great sounds on there and the website just had a recent overhaul Good luck and hope you enjoy Bristol
  10. Congrats! Did you have to pay for it? Just interested in how the US system for rollout is working. Looking how far down the priority list I am, and how much of a shit storm the UK is right now, Ill be lucky to get vaccinated before Summer is out. The NHS is overwhelmed with patients. Im guessing vaccinations will eventually become available in the private sector and you will be able to pay for it if you can afford it.
  11. Ok, to a slightly more ethical bank
  12. God it was awful. She also slayed that Whitney Houston song too.
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