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  1. New 4 track digital only EP, crafted following the departing of Richard H Kirk. Some lovely mournful sounds on here... really recommended if you have not checked out much Ekoplekz lately as it feels like a departure from his recent works. The inclusion of the guitar on "Surveillance System" and "Tapz" is really good to hear and works really nicely imo.
  2. 2 new Dungeon ? Noise Synth releases from DISGUSTING CATHEDRAL. Really strong surreal stuff again, I am addicted. https://disgustingcathedral.bandcamp.com/album/besieged-defenders-2 https://disgustingcathedral.bandcamp.com/album/a-hunters-grave
  3. Niiiice! Will give it a spin this week for sure
  4. Was sad when Instagram came back online after such a short outage. Was hoping for a week at least. Started a blog today and intend to rage quit insta soon!
  5. Wow, they keep churning out the quality. I need to catch up, still not picked up issue 5. Grimoire Silvanus are up to issue 4 too
  6. I pooped out a new zine http://intrusivesignals.limitedrun.com/products/711961-intrusive-signals-2 Noise/drone/electronics/weirdness Art/interviews/poetry/words/collage Cut&paste, hack&slash Lovely
  7. Damn you mean I gotta try and remember my twitch login.... then spend ages messing around with the access codes again....
  8. I was driving to a meeting and got delayed, missed the reveal / sale. This was before I had a good smart phone so would have needed to get my laptop on on arrival anyway. Gutted. Meeting was a waste of time as well.
  9. I've got the vinyl on order, I love the sound of this album. Dark. Tripppy. Surreal. Shack'
  10. Today I released a split 3" cdr alongside Lee Riley from Oxford. Intense sonics, noises and drones which fit together quite nicely. 4 tracks at just over 20 minutes total. Really happy with how this one turned out - seeing Lee perform live years back was part of the catalyst for me deciding to start doing it myself. So it's his fault. Digital is pay what you like.
  11. I don't know, see above 😄 It's definitely not washable.
  12. I got my LP5 CD second hand, and previous owner had scrubbed the sticker off so I just had a blank case. I like the grey card of the vinyl reissue.
  13. Sweet. Happy with my press of Chiastic Slide, and just about to hit buy on LP5. Great stuff cheers ae *edit* Fuck it, im gonna wait and actually go to a record store and buy this from them instead.
  14. Pretty much everything can be blamed on covid still at present; so once that's died down we can see where we are then. I guess the *good* is that pretty much every country has been fucked by covid... and yeah there are murmerings of trade deals. I guess loads is going on behind closed doors. But otherwise there are fuel shortages due to panic buying and lack of hgv drivers, NHS waiting times are through the roof; there are protesters blocking major roads, taxes are going up,... its business as normal over here 😄
  15. It feels good to be hyped up for a planet mu release again. There was a point in recent history where their release schedule was relentless and I was constantly chucking money at them; in a way I'm glad it's eased up a bit!
  16. Jazz electronica freeform... like early brainfeeder or notapplicable. Quite nice and refreshing to listen to something like this because I havn't heard anything like it in a while.
  17. Happy to see this coming out, sounds great. And obvs can't wait to hear the Qebrus collab and dedication
  18. The buzzer is a sick radio show. Always worth a listen
  19. Soloman Tump


    I really enjoyed BR2049, and I have a ticket to see Dune at an IMAX. First cinema trip in ages... cant remember what I last saw.
  20. I've slept on this thread until now, so much been going on in camp Tump lately. Gonna purge everything else then binge these MFs
  21. Sad news indeed, out of the blue it seems. Glad he got to release new cabs music recently.
  22. yeah, lol at 1:33 Didnt realise this was the Vengaboys singing this, had heard it a couple of times. Fair play to them. Actually dont think its that bad.
  23. This is really good. Psychedelic trance inducing rumbles. Really cool to get a "solo" record again after so many collaborations - most of which I did really enjoy.
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