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  1. Just saw this on the latest e-mail, stoked for the Relaxer album too (aka Ital of NY)
  2. When I trawl my music collection, I realised how many Editions Mego albums I own. Many more than I realised. From the recent Surgeon modular rainforest experiments, the Ekoplekz live work, Merzbow and Prurient, even OPN Returnal .... Mark Fell's UL8 was a slight obsession of mine for a while. The label was a key platform in pushing the extremes of electronic music to a wider audience, he was well loved in the industry hence getting so many big hitters on the label. RIP
  3. Ok just realised this is on Netflix UK now, so im gonna watch it tonight. I watched the trailler, so im primed for a Candyman reboot but judging by many comments it should be something much different.
  4. I missed your brainwave this weekend but I'll definitely check this out cheers! *update* This is damn fine, you should be proud of this live collection! Personally I prefer the calmer tracks without the fast drum breaks, Comm On and Swarm To Secrecy are standouts so far. But that's just the current mood that I am in.
  5. I watched this last night and loved it. Leo d cap was really good to be fair. The scene where he fucks up and asks for his lines... Then realised he's gotta stop drinking. .. then later the scene with the girl and they applaud him; the realisation and the tears in his face that he can do this and doesn't need the booze! Also;
  6. I'm getting my 2nd Pfizer on Wednesday. Brought it forward so I could be fully Vaxx'd ready for the festival.... But... The festival cancelled due to pingdemic and not having enough staff to get on with the site build
  7. Soloman Tump


    Ah cool, it seems my local cinema gives total presentation time; with adverts.
  8. Soloman Tump


    ok, that trailer is cool. I've not read the books in about 15 years now, but a lot of the story is still engrained in my mind. I might try and read the first book again before the movie comes out. Just noticed that the film run time is 3 hours; I am glad it is not longer than that.
  9. I never noticed tbh, I kinda forgot about this EP which is strange given my ital tek obsession. Will revisit
  10. Probably deserves its own thread. Been reading comments from OPN, Surgeon and Ekoplekz tonight. .... The Mego label was so far reaching. Such a young age to go.
  11. Nice timely reissue that. Recently flogged a load of my old late 90s cthulhu books that's were gathering dust in my parents attic. Looks like I timed it just right
  12. How liberating! Hope you get sorted now and it doesn't make things worse from their point of view. If anything, there will be a security review..... Music is the great healer, hope they respect that
  13. Soloman Tump


    I'm gonna go see this at the cinema if they are still open by then
  14. We should crowd fund her a seat on the next Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson flight, and keep our fingers crossed
  15. Why the hell did you send Katie Hopkins back? Shirley you could have "accidentally" sent her somewhere more exciting like Uranus +2
  16. I was about to say NAW DOG the Danois Lanois X came out last year - but bugger me - it was May 2018. The recent Speed Dealer Mom stuff is old recordings, and the Gregs was a remaster. So yeah, you are correct. Love you snares though, his release schedule was relentless for years.
  17. Nice bumpy choons. A DJ friend of mine was looking for acid breaks stuff a few months back so I will send him this way.
  18. The original was a nice enough movie and all, but I cant help but to predict that each of these will be 3hr+ bloated monsters with cool effects littered throughout and a vaguely linear plot with diminishing returns.
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