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free AGT Rave Cru track


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disclaimer: apologies if this is the wrong forum.

EKT 'latest creations' didn't seem to fit, as it's an older fully released track, just being gievn away temporarily for xmas...


Originally released on 12" vinyl only (no digital) in 2009;


AGT Rave Cru - Terror Overdrive


Free mp3 download for the next 24 hours only....


There are a handful of copies still available to buy on vinyl, with DJ Wasp - Amenyall on the flipside.

As said by the label: "Amenyall is produced by DJ Wasp, a pseudonym for one of the most revered and consistent producers of electronic music over the last 16 years. Expect the usual formula to be broken, crushed and recompiled into something truly unique. “Wasp” described it as "The track I wanted to make 15 years ago" and we are really proud to be able to release it"


I know who DJ Wasp really is...but I am bound to silence.

What I can say though, is that if it were ever revealed, many people here would kick themselves for missing the chance to buy a copy.

I think I could accurately guess that pretty much every single person that posts on this forum will have several releases already that this person was involved with....anyways, nuff said.

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Guest Beefuncle

Thanks man, great track.


I'm surprised there aren't more producers experimenting with rave elements, theres a lot of potential, its well overdue a comeback.

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