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..to buy a midi controller ? the silly season thread

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guys !

Im thinking about getting a small n cheap midi controller. Never had one, and Im simply asking myself whether I really need one.

I want to keep my setup small, flexible and sort of portable (and fitable on a small desk)


My choices are so far:

Icon IStage (most buttons for the buck)

Novation Noctrun (not many knobs, not many buttons).


Mostly I use Logic and 1 of 10 times ABL.

Naiv as I am I would like to control the Mixer and the Plugins, a plus would be some shortcut buttons( stop/play, cut, etc).


The nocturn has an automap software running between Logic and the plugins (Don't like the idea of having a wrapper process running within Logic, if it works without any problems, fine)


I would kinda go for the nocturn, but the IStage seems also nice, but can I use all the buttons with Logic, seems to be more a ABLthing.


Anyone used the mentioned controllers with Logic ?

Any other ideas ?

I wouldnt be surprised if I end up doing everything old style after trying one out.

Do YOU really use that thing all the time ?

Tell me what you think watmm !

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I have a Evolution UC-33. Great controller with 9 sliders and about 30 knobs and a few buttons. I use it for DJing mainly but aside from that I don't really use a knob controller when making music just a keyboard.

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