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  1. OMG that's us lot at the end of the Manchester recording! Kinda ironic in a way as it's the first AE we didn't bother recording assuming the soundboards will be out eventually.
  2. Yessssss thankyou! Awesome ;)
  3. I reeeeeealy hope we get official soundboards. (Sean pls) Didnt bother recording this one so I ended up cuddling myself and shuddering in a pretty heavy pshychocative mess, fucking awesome in the dark!
  4. We were at mid point 42/42 via the studio lightrigs grid reference. Best sound, best venue, best band = meaning of life! Those wavey reverb combfilter fx were like nothing I've heard before, kinda like controlling your own psychoacoustics in a conviniently soundproofed flat venue designed for the job.
  5. This, but the opposite Same. I was increasingly frustrated with Autechre after EP7 and eventually abandoned them by Quaristice. But elseq brought me back into the fold hard and also Exai is one of my favorite Autechre albums. I think there's less variation in their approach since they dumped using hardware. I got only really (ashamedly) properly got into AE around Untillted, Quaristice was also awesome (especially variations), never quite gelled with Oversteps but I felt Move of Ten was much more a fans album which I love. Exai has some top draw stuff but also a lot of so-so which is what I felt about Elseq especially for how much it cost for a download. Personally think the live stuff is something really special and I love to think the bootlegs we've been hammering over the years have had some influence on the release of the proper soundboards from the webshop although I'm still waiting for a definitive Quaristice tour recording. I'm really liking the current evolution of the live sound which is only a week away. Whats the chances of this tour getting on the webshop, i.e. do I have to hold a sweaty recorder all night at Granada studios?
  6. I like this live set, more consistent with some very plush comb filtering action and the arrangement flows better than the last tour. Can't wait for Granada Studios. (Not sure about that church organ drop tho )
  7. I'm kind of in the same situation - first train back home won't be until after 7am or 8am. My plan was to hide somewhere. Guess we'll have to blag our way to the aftershow party then lol. Sean pls. Coming from Belfast were there is pretty much zero after hours life, let alone life before that, it will be no surprise. I'm a pipe and slippers man anyway. But Ae live is too good to miss. Sent from my EVA-L09 The Northern Quarter has loads of late bars. Nighhtclubs tend to be more miss than hit unless there's something special going on. Not sure about late Oxford road but worth also checking out listings in that area.
  8. Extreame commb filtering with compression gives a similar affect to grain shifting but with a lot control.
  9. Manchester sold out already!!!!??? Can't get any on ticketmaster found them on the WHP site
  10. soundwave

    elseq 1-5

    Listened to all of them all back to back on a long trip to London and my first impression is there's some absolute gold in there (just over a regular albums worth) but I can't help feel that a lot of it sounds a little overstretched or underdeveloped in places like what would otherwise be outtakes thrown in for good measure and maybe not the calibre of material I'll be returning to in a hurry. Ok AE's outtakes are still pretty awesome but I cant help get a sour taste after forking out a whopping £42 tbh. Of course I gave it the benefit of the doubt being AE but against what we paid for the live sets I'll be doubting paying that kind of price again especially just for a download. Move of Ten I got the digipack CD, 24bit, Flacs and Mp3 for the same price as a regular album. £42? (Sean pls)
  11. soundwave

    elseq 1-5

    So if I get the top of the shop £43 24bit WAV do I still get to download the mp3 or FLAC too for free like the other albums?
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