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Neotropic - Equestrienne Remixes


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Neotropic - Equestrienne Remixes (A+H005)




1. Celaphane Road - A Dancing Beggar Remix

2. Sirens Sister - (Rusty’s Housekeeping Mix) by Panoramica

3. Knucklebones - (Dark Corners Mix) by The Grim Life

4. Sometimes - Lady Husk Remix

5. Tall Fences (The Electric Fence Mix) by deaflemon

6. Love & Hate - DJ Stephen R. Remix

7. Party Fears & The Alcohol Loves You Mix by Small Fish with Spine Remix

8. Sirens Sister - Georg Hekt Remix7

9. Hezbollah Girl - 10sui Remix

10. Party Fears - Dub I.D. Lullaby ReStitch

11. Muddy Water - Howpee Remix

12. Sirens Sister - Minor Blow Remix

13. In These Days - Deltason Remix

14. Carpet (bonus Track)



On August 16, 2011, London producer Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic, returns with Equestrienne Remixes, a companion to her 2010 release Equestrienne. The album features mixes and reworks from an international cast of producers and friends plus one bonus unreleased track.


Maslen has two previous albums and several EPs on her own Council Folk label, an album on US imprint Mush Recordings and multiple EPs and albums on Ninja Tune’s NTone division. She’s also produced short films and has been commissioned for numerous sound installation works.


Equestrienne’s dark themes and expressive songs are reformatted into diverse offerings that arc from experimental electronic soundscapes through up-front beats and lush, daydreamy chill-out fare. Opening with Dancing Beggar’s arresting, sonically rich treatment of “Celaphane Road,” the album winds into New Zealand artist Panoramica’s moody, field recording-sample-infused “Sirens Sister” mix. The Grim Life explores “Dark Corners” in his mix of “Knucklebones,” while games-industry veteran deaflemon adds sturdy beats and swirling synths to “Tall Fences.”


London’s Tracie Story takes on Neotropic’s “Hezbollah Girl” and gives it a strong breakbeat lift in the style of her many singles as 10 Sui for TCR, Bochit and Mob Records. Berlin’s Georg Hekt, Scotland’s Deltason and San Francisco’s Dub I.D. also contribute mixes.


Maslen offers two of her own stunning reworks as Lady Husk and in her long-time alter ego Small Fish with Spine. Throughout the proceedings Maslen’s glistening voice and emotive songcraft are set against both pastoral and urban motifs. Her versatile music finds a match each producer’s new vision.


Maslen organized the entire remix set and continues her work as an active independent artist, including writing music for two sound installations commissioned by Kew Gardens in London and prepping for a residency in the Amazon rainforest. Like the steed referenced in the album’s title, Riz Maslen is a graceful artist in full stride.





CDs available soon.

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I loved everything up to Prestatyn (especially Prestatyn) but couldn't get to grips with Equestrienne at all. I'll have a listen to these, see if the remixes are any better, but I only really like Riz's voice when it's lower in the mix like it used to be on the odd 'song' she did.

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