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  1. Man, that's an album that's been in need of a reissue for such a long time. And unreleased material is always welcome. Very excited for everything to come.
  2. Looking forward to the 31st anniversary album, then.
  3. Paul turns up just at the end as well. Christ.
  4. Good to see that last year's promised Orbital 30th anniversary triple album with new tracks, live-in-studio versions of classics and remixes by an amazing array of artists never came about but they were working on this instead.
  5. Yeah, they're normally the 20-somethingth, I think November 2019's was actually on the 30th. Last year's calendar album was absolutely superb, the more I listen to it the more I think it could actually end up in my top 10 FSOL records, so my hopes are high for this year's.
  6. I reckon series 2 will start next month. I'm already excited. Although I'm going to pay more attention to the individual releases - whatever they might be - as this year I thought "I'll listen once and then leave them until the album comes out" and now it's so fucking overwhelming!
  7. Nope, only those 100 available. All of the albums can be purchased separately now on the Touched Bandcamp. The FSOL album will be on FSOLDigital as a download at some point in the future.
  8. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-by-silence-please-note-fsol-is-cd-only-boxes-will-ship-in-january
  9. Tracks being previewed right now - http://mixlr.com/touched_music/
  10. Luftrum is a superb album, a touch of BoC to it in places too. His recent albums on ...txt and Neotantra didn't quite grab me in the same way but have some great moments certainly.
  11. The LP version has 0 54 moved back a couple of places which doesn't work at all as it's basically a segue between 7 39 and 8 07, messes up the flow. But yeah, I don't really get the idea of listening to an album like this on vinyl. Even with a few splits between tracks it's very much a single listening experience.
  12. Thanks for the congrats chaps. 🙂 My guess is the FSOL one might appear on FSOLDigital at a later date... seems bizarre that it'd be otherwise unavailable.
  13. Ambient thread is a good start definitely. Environments II by The Future Sound of London has a very similar arctic theme and sound. A lot of stuff on FAX records would probably appeal - the albums by Shades of Orion, the second Fires of Ork album (a Biosphere / Namlook collab recorded around the same time as Substrata)... FSOL's Lifeforms and Global Communication's 76 14 are benchmarks in the genre, although a lot more dynamic and beat-based than Substrata... that said if you put BoC in a similar bracket then they're obvious choices. Early albums by Autumn of Communion, especially 1, 2 and 4. Anything by 36. Hypersona, Hollow, Void Dance and Black Soma are my favourites. Seascapes and Blue Infinity by Ishq.
  14. The Apertures track that starts the compilation is the debut track by a collaborative project between Brian Dougans and myself. Just a heads up for FSOL fans!
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