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  1. It's a very good impression of one of those forgotten mid-'90s ambient records, with moments of real inspiration, echoey voice samples, and long bits of two blokes doing some long forgettable noodling on some dull synth presets.
  2. https://astrangelyisolatedplace.bandcamp.com/album/iridescence-of-clouds Sounds pretty lush.
  3. I quite like the sound of these. Pretty different to Shenzhou and Departed Glories, which are the obvious comparison points in his catalogue.
  4. The Pendant album, the Loidis EP and one compilation track as Autobouncer620 are all he's released in five years. Where you at Brian?
  5. When Audius introduced their $AUDIO tokens last year and paid them out to the top 10,000 users on the site, I cashed them in and they came to about £350 worth of bitcoins. I spent £300 because, y'know, free cash. I was left with about £25 worth after transaction fees, and they're now worth five times that. So I'm going to leave them there for a while and see how they turn out. I might even pop a few quid in at the end of each month if I have anything spare before pay day.
  6. Gaz from FSOL posted a lot of stuff about vaccines and autism and has shared a lot of plandemic / Covid skepticism stuff on Facebook. I think 5G stuff too. But he's spoken about pseudoscience anti-Western medicine stuff in interviews since the start of the century so it's no surprise really.
  7. This is an old post, but I have a directory in my music directory called Pink Flag, where I'm putting all my sub-two-minute tracks. Once I've got 45 minutes of them I'm planning on making them into an album. I have the weird thing that the better I get at music, the less I like the music I make. Maybe it's because my standards have shifted and I've become more aware of my shortcomings, but I definitely miss the old days when I could put together something a bit scrappy and be really proud of it. These days I quite enjoy the actual process, but afterwards I end up feeling reall
  8. It was probably because I suggested I'd rather listen to Taylor Swift than AFX knockoffs.
  9. I did this, then spent shit loads of money buying most of it back again. Not saying this will happen to you, or that you have the same mental health issues that I do, but y'know. It does happen.
  10. If it's as good as Folklore and Evermore, I'd be happy for more Taylor Swift, yeah.
  11. 73% of global carbon emissions are directly due to the manufacture of vaporwave merch that nobody will ever listen to.
  12. I don't mind a 12" with material like this on, it was his ambient 10"s that baffled me. Awkward format, totally lacking in any immersion because of the need to flip sides after six minutes and the whole thing's done before you've properly got into it. The tracks make total sense in the Tunes compilation, but as singles they were utterly baffling. I do have a fondness for whatever he does because he's never really upped his production game, there's always an amateur feel to everything he releases. He always gives off the "guy making a few fun tunes in his bedroom for himself" vibe which I
  13. No, but in another ten years we'll get a nice compilation of 12" tracks that will make all the previous purchases a bit redundant.
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