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  1. You're in for a shock mate.
  2. Angel is awesome, a friend of mine for years, she's totally 100% behind everything she does, no hint of irony or gimmick. It's brilliant to see her finally getting a lot of attention for her music.
  3. Clips here: https://raster-media.net/shop/ballades-sur-lac-gele Sounding good, some very minimal ambient and glitchy stuff, a few loud bangers, kind of runs the entire Raster gamut it seems. CD currently being manufactured with no concrete release date but pre-orders are now being taken.
  4. Yeah, this has gone from "this sounds awesome" to "this sounds really samey" with every track that's been released.
  5. Mine came in the post this morning. First spin gave very positive results. Plongée, Calypsoid 1 and Sans Retour are the immediate standouts.
  6. Dunno, it had a lengthy thread on here: Also check the last page for links to all the various compilation tracks, EPs and stuff that Brian's put out recently, there are so many. The KAAGE EP that came out in March is fantastic too, no real acid on there, just dark, heavy IDM vibes. Future: Turned will have a digital release on FSOLDigital, definitely.
  7. It's a difficult one. Gaz Cobain is a bit of an anti-vaxxer conspiraloon as well and it's sometimes kind of painful to think about. Being skeptical is one thing, but automatically taking on everything that's 'anti' what we're told is just as bad as believing everything we're told.
  8. Well, no series 2 yet, but series 1 is getting a re-release in a more compact box, with a bonus disc of a live recording of a pre-gig set by Rick. https://underworld.bandcamp.com/album/drift-series-1-complete
  9. You'd think they might have tried to license more different material to the 2CD version (it's what I would have done knowing there was a limitation on what could be afforded) so there's most incentive for previous purchasers to buy it. I mean I'm moaning but I'm still buying it because getting Pentamerous Metamophosis - remastered - for £25, but for long-term fans it's still a bit underwhelming. Ah well!
  10. Yeah, even though I probably buy as much music as ever, the size of my collection is still gradually shrinking over time. I always tell myself I'm only going to buy something I can guarantee I'll love, but obviously it doesn't work that way. Still, it happens quite often that I listen to an album I absolutely love and in the back of my mind I start thinking "why the fuck do I even own half the albums I do when I could just be listening to stuff like this?" Sometimes a bit of variety is necessary, and I do turn to less-listened-to albums that I might not love as much just for a change, but I've long since stopped being completist with artists and buying things I like one or maybe two tracks on, 'classic' albums that I feel I should own, etc. I probably have enough music in my collection now to last me the rest of my life, although I'm always on the lookout for albums that are the same quality as my favourites, and they'll still come along. There are a handful of albums from the last three years that I still listen to loads, but realistically, as time goes on, and we have larger and larger recorder collections and more experience, there's just less and less time to get into new records. There are loads I know I love that I just haven't given the time to, and I'd love to be able to really get lost in in the way I did when I was a teenager and discovering things for the first time.
  11. Probably too much hassle licensing all the tracks a second time. Yeah, honestly I'm a little disappointed with it. It swaps out The Biosphere (GC Remix) for a demo and the Lone remix, meaning I'm going to have to keep the 2006 version just for that one track (really don't like owning multiple copies). Was hoping for a more comprehensive box, with The Biosphere, Funk in the Fridge, the Maiden Voyage remixes, maybe a proper unreleased track or two? I mean I'm still buying it for Pentamerous, because that's still ludicrously priced in the second hand market, but I'm still effectively spending £25 for that one CD and a demo, which is a bit pricey.
  12. His last really great album. Kind of surprised it's come before Autour de la Lune. Going to grab this pretty soon.
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