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  1. Semi-Real is definitely... questionable. Still fond of Metropolis though. Amorphous Androgynous - Tales of Ephidrina -Liquid Insects -Swab -Mountain Goat -In Mind -Ephidrena -Auto Pimp -Fat Cat -Pod Room
  2. It was a straight re-press from the original CD, apparently done against Jonah's wishes. I think it getting pulled was the final thing that eventually pushed Psychonavigation into closure after countless controversies involving artists being screwed over, albums being re-released without permission, etc.
  3. Yeah, there are levels of tolerance, and being a transphobic reactionary bible basher is sadly far beyond that. Christ, there's always fucking something, isn't there?
  4. Of course, it's still far better than public transport pretty much anywhere else in the UK.
  5. Ughhh that's awful. Never would have known either, he's always seemed pretty decent during all my interactions with him. I think we were connected on my old Facebook, surprised I didn't get shit from him given I'm openly non-binary. I wonder if Martin and FSOL are aware? They don't seem like the types to work with someone as openly socially conservative as that.
  6. Plus if you move to Stokey you can go look at Aphex's old place.
  7. The Future Sound of London (+ infinite other projects) Underworld Orbital Aphex Autechre No obscure names there, but five artists who've been putting out solidly excellent material for 30 years (other than Barking). Deaf Center, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Photek are up there in terms of artists with small discographies; Tangerine Dream would be in the top five if 1972-1988, 2005-2007 and 2014-2015 could be cut from their overall history and presented as a unique collection.
  8. 1992 remixesNomad - Your Love is Lifting Me (Smart Systems Mix)Nomad - Your Love is Lifting Me (Deep Field Mix)Nomad - Your Love is Lifting Me (Stateside Mix)Unity - Unity (Future Sound of London Remix)Unity - Unity (Future Sound of London 7" Edit)Unity - Unity (Future Sound of London Tuff City)Unity - Unity (Future Sound of London Piano City)Inner City - Praise (The Future Sound of London Conceptual)Inner City - Praise (The Future Sound of London Concept Dub)Inner City - Praise (The Future Sound of London Instrumental)Stereo MC's - Connected (Future Sound of London Mix)Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me (Deep Field / Stateside Swamp Mix) And thus FSOL's time as a dance act comes to an end, and 1993 calls with ambient music on the horizon. & I'm glad because, on the whole, this is the start of the era that is the reason I love them so much.
  9. Given that it's got a lot of remixes of other artists on it, I'd imagine it's licensing issues that have limited it to a one-off CD release.
  10. Kiss Test Transmission 2 + Metropolis - Metropolis -Metropolis (Original) -Metropolis (Sueto Mix) -Hyporeel -Metropolis (Analog)
  11. CD's out now https://touched.bandcamp.com/merch/fsoldigital-presents-mind-maps-limited-cd
  12. I love the stuff about strange birds and eagles being inside it. "I saw pigeons."
  13. If you want to lower the rent a touch, move slightly further out to Walthamstow, Wanstead, the western end of Ilford and such, you'll find rooms in shared places a bit cheaper without being too far from interesting stuff, plus with Wanstead Flats and Epping Forest nearby it's not chokingly urban either. You'll certainly get a room in a flatshare for less than a thousand. spareroom.co.uk and rightmove.co.uk are pretty broad but reasonable starting places, Gumtree has some dodgy shit but isn't too hard to identify what's good from bad.
  14. John Peel Session 1 Recorded 25/08, broadcast 18/09 Lifeforms / Expander (Remix) / Papua New Guinea / Space Hippy
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