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  1. Hah I was wondering if anyone here would screencap that. Was gonna be all "look at the news my reply got" but then Warp ruined it all with the tweet anyway.
  2. One thing I love about his early stuff is the lo-fi tape sound, so I'm not particularly clamouring for a cleaned up version, although I'm sure it'll be an interesting listen regardless.
  3. Pervitin, Afros Afghans and Angels, the first part of Shape Shifters and Slave Till U Die. So yeah, not quite half. Not to criticise your opinion or anything obviously, I just thought it was an odd way to describe those tracks if nothing else, as they're quite textural ambient.
  4. Given that half the album is quite droney ambient, 'poppy' seems a strange descriptor.
  5. Could really do without the run of anonymous-sounding house tracks at the beginning. I almost turned off. Thankfully the ambient and dub stuff later almost makes up for it - some of the most well-rounded productions under the Orb name since the '90s. Agreed that there are touches of Fehlmann influence, only without the overtly Kompakty dub-techno production. The dub stuff is definitely the most impressive of this style since the mid-'90s. Generally impressed, but those four opening tracks are really fucking tedious. Going to have a listen to the 'dub' bonus album in a bit.
  6. Nothing confirmed on the length of the sale, but I think it coincides with the suspension of physical shipments because of COVID-19, so you have a week or two. (Don't quote me on that) My recommendations for your average WATMM IDM-head are KAAGE EP, Built by Humanoid, A Controlled Vista, Environment Six and Archived 9. You can't go wrong with much of the stuff on there though.
  7. They're so staunchly DIY I think they just like the idea of having their own site. That said, Brian did ask me about Bandcamp in the past so it's something they have considered / are considering - I recommended it as a very good alternative to self-hosting. So maybe they'll go down that route. Here's a clip they uploaded to Facebook:
  8. https://www.fsoldigital.com/product/humanoid-kaage-ep/ 01 – KAAGE (05:15) 02 – Static Objective (04:07) 03 – Aennuiosk (04:44) 04 – Event Null (04:29) 05 – Void Over (03:10) 06 – LoadedMethod (03:44) It's a lot less acid than other Humanoid stuff, much more IDM. Really good stuff. Digital is 50% off as part of the FSOLDigital sale. Rumours of a 12" to follow at some point.
  9. Digital available now, as well as two shorter volumes entitled A Controlled Vista 2.7 and A Controlled Vista 5.6. https://www.fsoldigital.com/ 50% off all digital stock at the moment.
  10. I honestly don't see it going ahead by then. I reckon we'll get it online this year.
  11. It is? Last announcement was it being delayed to 20th June. CD and digital still due to follow the week after RSD.
  12. 00:00 FSOL - I Can't Find You 04:32 FSOL / Dan Pemberton - Offers on the Table 09:57 FSOL - Closure 14:19 FSOL - You Will Forget About Me 16:30 FSOL - Organic Weapon 19:36 Yage - Subtle Cause 20:56 Yage - Across 82 22:30 Humanoid - Tiny Machine Birth 25:39 FSOL - Optical Overspill 28:27 FSOL - A Type of Thought 30:40 Synthi A - Rivers Over Roads 34:51 Yage - Tower City North 36:53 FSOL - Slope/5/a 38:24 FSOL - Control Vista 42:55 Humanoid - Mass Made 46:36 FSOL - The Old Coastal Path
  13. 1. Future Children - "The Lutine Bell" 2. Regal Worm vs The Amorphous & Dodginess - "Gunter & His Evil Soul Sacrifice Orchestra Play Black Mass A Gogo" 3. Cobalt Chapel - "Hymortality" (part 1) 4. The Amorphous Androgynous - "Physically I'm Here, Mentally Far, Far Away" (Excerpt) 5. Cobalt Chapel - "Hymortality" (part 2) 6. Las Trompas De Falopium - "Somos Inmortales Nos Persuadimosi" 7. Stoned Freshwaters - "Everything Is Easy With A Little Persuasion" 8. Atomic Simao - "Gravity Bong" 9. Richard E Further Out - "Our Dominion" 10. Steve Cobby's Sweet Jesus - "The Persuader" 11. The Amorphous Androgynous - "Synthony On A Theme Of Mortality" (part 2) 12. The Flying White Dots - "Counting Down The Time" (part 2) 13. The Cuckoo Clocks - "Tomorrow, Time & Immortality" Lolled at 'The Amorphous & Dodginess'
  14. 1. Cascade (Part 1 - Recreated) 2. Flood of Reflection 3. Amid the Overwhelm 4. Cascade (Part 6) 5. Brief Silence in the Distance 6. Cascade (Part 4 - Recreated) 7. Dark Hours of Your Being 8. Sluice 9. Multiple Falling Objects 10. Deep Sea of Clouds
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