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  1. Try it again, if there's still nothing email graham @ frdm . co . uk who manages the site.
  2. Just CD here so no download yet, but the Bonus EP is fucking great. Loving this.
  3. Original plan was FSOLDigital were shipping it a week early (as is common with them), but Juno sending them out now must have pushed them to do it too.
  4. FSOLDigital copies now available. All purchases come with a bonus download-only EP.
  5. purlieu


    Check the comments here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfc_xp113Oo
  6. Biophon is distributed by Cargo (I think) so you should be able to pick up the CD on various sites. In the UK it's in stock at Norman, Boomkat, Amazon, etc. and his stuff is usually in HMV.
  7. Yeah, the Humanoid track's a new one. I don't think there are any complete tracks in the archives now.
  8. Yeah, it makes sense if the track's been put out for clubs, not for Burial, who seems to be primarily a listening artist, longer formats make more sense. I'd love a nice compilation of the most recent 11 tracks on a CD or something. Really enjoying the track, anyway.
  9. Clip of 'Orfan Atmosphere' - sounding incredible.
  10. https://www.fsoldigital.com/product/humanoid-built-by-humanoid/ Pre-orders now up. Two Built by Humanoid t-shirts also available on FSOLDigital. Official shipping date is 7th July, although it's likely pre-orders will be sent early (they usually are).
  11. Properly loving the first track from Episode 4, Listen to Their No
  12. Yeah, expect some proper twisted IDM stuff. No idea about those classic acid sounds... I wouldn't be surprised if they came out as a 12" of their own or something.
  13. Album is finished and due in the summer.
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