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  1. Cheers! Brian is reading and giving me the odd correction, as well as answering a few questions as I go along. Dead Cities, then... Herd Killing Dead Cities Her Face Forms in Summertime We Have Explosive Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me My Kingdom Max Antique Toy Quagmire In a State of Permanent Abyss Glass Yage Vit Drowning Through Your Gills I Breathe First Death in the Family Punk City / Dead Cities Reprise
  2. Dead Cities I'll do a track-by-track later, that took ages. Tell you what, though, that's the most I've enjoyed that album in years. After going through all the '93-'95 stuff it's so fresh and different.
  3. Whose kingdom? My Kingdom -Part 1 -Part 2 -Part 3 -Part 4 -Part 5 My favourite piece of music ever, so beware, it's a bit gushy in places.
  4. Semtex - We Have Explosive -Semtex (Part 2) [aka We Have Explosive (Herd Killing)] -We Have Explosive I'll get around to the album version when I get to Dead Cities in a few days.
  5. Just tidying up a couple of small reissues before I get properly into Dead Cities. Papua New Guinea 1996 US release Accelerator 1996 US release And now for the worst FSOL-related release of all time. Aircut - Visual Attack 1996 -Jon the Dentist Remix -Humanoid Mix -Billabong Mix
  6. Tape came today. Can't work out whether to put it with my other tapes or store it on my CD shelf given that it's in a CD sized box. Wonderful album, anyway.
  7. Yeah this is fucking awesome. Manages to be totally Ae and totally Stakker at the same time. Mega happy to hear my two favourite IDMmers like this.
  8. ISDN (White) -Kai -Amoeba -Snake Hips And, rounding out the ISDN era, the 1995 remixes & compilation tracks (& some overall thoughts on the Virgin-era remixes, given as these are the last) -Far-Out Son of Lung - Cow -Jon Anderson - FSOL Deseo Reconstruction -Jon Anderson - FSOL Deseo Reconstruction #2 -Jon Anderson - FSOL Deseo Reconstruction #2 (Radio Edit) -Osamu Sato - Face-Savers On Line (F.S.O.L. Remix) That marks the end of the ISDN era and, pretty much, the end of a run of transmissions and releases that started three years earlier. Dead Cities begins next.
  9. Someone's getting used to PLUS-style drops. Back in the day you'd get an album announcement three or four months before it was released, then a lead single would be on the radio a month before, then released a week or two before. Six weeks is naffink, mate.
  10. https://www.sabre-roads.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=A664
  11. Far-out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman -Snake Hips Parts 1 & 2 -VHS release Essential Mix '95
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