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  1. I remember him namedropping Ae as one of his biggest influences back when he and Josh Klinghoffer released A Sphere in the Heart of Silence back in 2004, although that album was more Radiohead-ish than anything else. Was always a bit disappointed it took him quite so long to start releasing full on electronic stuff, and apparently what he's put out is still only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of material he's recorded.
  2. Probably due a new thread really, but new track Long Road Home premiered on Six Music tonight, sounds like a dreamier version of Age Of without all the GoD-style sounds in there. New album called Magic Oneohtrix Point Never?
  3. Which samples do you mean? 'Phaedra' is sampled in Tokyo Travel (which was premiered on Kiss Test Transmission 2). It's also sampled on Liquid Insects, and 'Movements of a Visionary' is sampled on the Hamish McDonald remix of PNG, I think elements of that turn up in one of the Kiss Transmissions as well, although briefly... I think it's one of the two Test Transmissions from 1992 but wouldn't like to say for certain.
  4. Sort of disappointed that there are two tracks from Apollo there, as if any Eno fan wouldn't have that album. Also, it's properly up his (recent) street to do a huge overpriced boxset of all his film scores. Where's that at?
  5. My favourite things about IDM are the looped, unchanging bass and snare loops, and the simple melodies.
  6. I have a version of Mojave also installed on my Mac so I can play older games, considering actually moving my music over to that because some things are a fucking pain. Audacity isn't supported in Catalina which means I had to move to WavePad - not bad, but not ideal. I'd go back down to Mojave only my iPhone doesn't fucking support versions older than Catalina. Apple have gone from "better than Windows" to "not quite as awful as Windows" and seem to be eyeing up "maybe I should just use Windows" as their next marketing strategy.
  7. Tapes never went away within certain DIY scenes, particularly lo-fi ones like noise and black metal. For reasons that I still don't quite understand, the new age / Berlin-School synth arps revival sound grew out of the noise scene in the mid '00s - OPN, Emeralds, Pulse Emitter - and became popular enough to gain more attention outside of the scene, which gave the noise tape scene a bigger audience, and it grew from there. If you want an analogue format - CDs had really begun to go out of fashion at this point - then it's a cheap alternative to vinyl, which is where the popularity came from. Th
  8. The Divine Comedy, Tears for Fears and Mansun. Two are 'complete discography' type boxes so clocking in around the £120 mark.
  9. I'd take it over the Sign artwork any day! I've pre-ordered this but I'm yet to work out how I'll be paying for it. I have two other super-deluxe boxes on order for the week before and another in November. Goddamn fuck becoming one of these middle aged deluxe edition obsessives.
  10. Different countries have very different consumption habits. In Japan, CD has never been overtaken as the most popular format. Last year in the UK, the only format the sold less than vinyl was cassette. The US seems to have abandoned CD a lot faster than other countries. COVID has definitely hit CD sales dramatically, because they are more commonly bought by casual listeners than vinyl. I've gone for 'digital only' a couple of times, once out of choice, once out of necessity. Both times dramatically affected my listening habits, and I enjoyed music considerably less as a result. Fundamenta
  11. CD box came a few days ago. The demo isn't so far off the original, and the Lone remix is decent but unspectacular, so the box offers relatively little in terms of new material. But being able to get Pentamorous in a newly remastered version for a decent price is worth it alone. The liner notes are lovely too. I really hope we get a Reload box to complement this next year.
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