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  1. Thanks for the congrats chaps. 🙂 My guess is the FSOL one might appear on FSOLDigital at a later date... seems bizarre that it'd be otherwise unavailable.
  2. Ambient thread is a good start definitely. Environments II by The Future Sound of London has a very similar arctic theme and sound. A lot of stuff on FAX records would probably appeal - the albums by Shades of Orion, the second Fires of Ork album (a Biosphere / Namlook collab recorded around the same time as Substrata)... FSOL's Lifeforms and Global Communication's 76 14 are benchmarks in the genre, although a lot more dynamic and beat-based than Substrata... that said if you put BoC in a similar bracket then they're obvious choices. Early albums by Autumn of Communion, especially 1, 2 and 4. Anything by 36. Hypersona, Hollow, Void Dance and Black Soma are my favourites. Seascapes and Blue Infinity by Ishq.
  3. The Apertures track that starts the compilation is the debut track by a collaborative project between Brian Dougans and myself. Just a heads up for FSOL fans!
  4. This Tunes 2011-2019 comp is a pretty nice set. The first disc is a bit of an odd one, as it's basically front-loaded with ambient tunes with a couple of bangers at the end (printed in the wrong order on the case), but it's still a much more satisfying listen than the standalone 10"s were. The second disc with Street Halo, Kindred and Truant all on it is really nice. Truant was always my least favourite of the EPs but in context of other material the collage approach jars a lot less. That disc really feels like it could have been LP3. Utterly, utterly baffled by the lack of Rodent, though. It's the only Hyperdub track missing from the set. Unless there's going to be a version on Beat Records with it as the standard Japanese bonus track.
  5. Top 20 albums: Underworld - Drift Series 1 Desperate Journalist - In Search of the Miraculous The Future Sound of London - Yage 2019 The Divine Comedy - Office Politics Confluent Phase - Ad Astra Aurora - A Different Kind of Human (Step 2) Idlewild - Interview Music A Winged Victory for the Sullen - The Undivided Five Mikron - Severance Humanoid - Built by Humanoid Sigrid - Sucker Punch Ariana Grande - thank u, next 36 - Dreamloops Michele Rabbia / Gianluca Petrella / Eivind Aarset - Lost River Dobrinka Tabakova - Kynance Cove, On the South Downs and Works for Choir Charli XCX - Charli Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Deaf Center - Low Distance Off Land - Field Tangents Pure Bathing Culture - Night Pass Favourite reissues / box sets / compilations Tangerine Dream - In Search of Hades ECM Touchstones: Pat Metheny - Watercolors / Eberhard Weber - The Following Morning / Barre Phillips - Mountainscapes / Mike Nock - Ondas / Bobo Stenson Trio - War Orphans Archive - 25 Nurse With Wound - To the Quiet Men from a Tiny Girl & Merzbild Schwet Cleaners from Venus - Ginger Stepkids Max Richter - Voyager Mansun - Six 36 - The Lower Lights
  6. I can't even remember what 'Prophecy' is from, it's just sat on my computer. I like 'Old Tape' a lot.
  7. The run of 10" and 12" EPs in the last few years has been patchy but with some good tracks. But as they're all just one or two tracks, it shouldn't take long to rattle through them anyway. Best listening order: Classic era: Burial (+ EP tracks 'South London Boroughs' and 'Nite Train') Untrue (+ EP tracks 'Shutta' and 'Exit Woundz') 'Unite' and 'Fostercare' (comp tracks) The decent and lengthy EPs: Street Halo Kindred Truant Rival Dealer 'Prophecy' and 'Lambeth' (comp tracks) Recent singles: Temple Sleeper Young Death / Nightmarket Subtemple Pre Dawn / Indoors Rodent Claustro / State Forest These only actually add up to eight tracks and one remix, so can be listened to in a single sitting, and you'll probably find you like some of them. 'Old Tape' (comp track) If you buy CDs then Street Halo and Kindred were released together in Japan, which plays out a bit like a third album. Alternatively, the majority of the post-Untrue era material is being issued as a 2CD set in a couple of weeks, which actually benefits the recent tracks more, because two five minute ambient tracks on a 10" is a stupid way to listen to music.
  8. Yeah, they've said they're doing a series two (I think the phrase was "was there any doubt?"), although apparently it'll be different.
  9. With those wavs and the BluRay, the whole set comes to sixteen and a half hours. Hell of a set.
  10. My favourite stuff is generally the 1991-1994 era - SAW1&2, SOSW, Classics, AB3, On, Caustic Window. Probably always will be as that lo-fi analogue sound just ticks all the boxes for me, and it gets the most plays in general. But I listen to the recent stuff quite a bit (probably more than his dnb era), because there's lots of magic to be found that hasn't been dulled by hundreds of plays.
  11. Got my boxset today. Lovely thing, although the cover is different to the usual edition - the dog picture is just a white space, surprisingly. The liner notes are a really extensive into the creative process behind the album, very enjoyable read. Also the first UW album to feature a lyric book. Haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but the bonus tracks are all good so far.
  12. As it was mixed to DAT, the CD is actually the more... (I'll stop). The LP edition does have extended intros and outros bookending the sides so I do give mine a spin once in a while as a curio. Trainspotters will be interested to note that the outro 'pig' environment to WHE from the CD turns up at the start of Everyone in the World on the LP too. So it's more interesting than the Lifeforms LP where the gaps between sides were just subtle crossfades on the CD.
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