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  1. Two classics on one 12"? I think this is the point where their career really began to take off. Mental Cube - Chile of the Bass Generation -Chile of the Bass Generation -Q -Dope Module
  2. That time FSOL did a downtempo pop / acid jazz track. Yunie - I Can See for Miles -I Can See for Miles -I Can See for Miles (Astral Mix)
  3. Art Science Technology - A.S.T. In which Brian and Garry put out a 12" that, on the surface, is a world away from what you might think of as the FSOL sound, and yet contains almost all of the hallmarks of a FSOL release, including sounds they'd use in 1994. A.S.T. Esus Flow Esus Flow (Vast Galaxy Remix) Also for the love of God somebody else say something in here. What's everyone's favourite FSOL track? Does everyone still hate the new Amorphous material? What's everyone's favourite haircut of Gaz's?
  4. Music for 3 Books is shipping this week. Covid-related delays. Calendars should be out by the end of the month.
  5. Did a big write about Eurotechno: https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/stakker-eurotechno/ Also the last three Humanoid singles: https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/humanoid-tonight-2/ -https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/humanoid-tonight-radical-mix/ -https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/humanoid-tonight-acid-jam/ -https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/humanoid-tonight-radio-mix/ https://fractionaldifference.wordpress.com/2021/04/19/humanoid-the-deep-2/ -https://fractionaldifference.wordpre
  6. Humanoid - Global In Brian's words: So I've written a fair bit of this from the perspective of imagining how these tracks would have sounded without the label's interference, and comparing the Peter Black tracks with the Brian Dougans (spoiler: they come up short). Global-Tonight-Dream-Technoid-Cry Baby-Sunshine & Brick-The Deep-Crystals-Don't Stop
  7. I traded in my $AUDIO for BTC last year, had about £450 worth. Spent most of it but decided to keep about $30 worth, that was last October / November and it's worth $130 now, so there's definitely money in it.
  8. Humanoid Peel Session Humanoid - Slam Links to song-by-song info in the tracklist sections of both of those pages. The Peel Session is great, has one of my favourite Humanoid tracks in it. Slam is the start of a run of releases which are frequently, er, 'not very good', but are kind of fascinating because of how they came together, with Brian gradually being forced out of his own project and it turning into a generic vocal house act directed by Morgan Khan. And thankfully there's Eurotechno to come at the end of it all.
  9. To be fair, that tweet is quoting an article that was corrected shortly after its publication two years ago. Bitcoin still uses a ludicrous amount of energy in terms of its user base (far more than fiat currency), but the stat quoted is vastly exaggerated and completely untrue.
  10. Don't worry, I'll be doing that, and everything else Brian and Garry have put their hands to over the last 35 years. Original Humanoid era over the next week: Peel Session Slam Global Tonight The Deep Eurotechno Crystals
  11. I've done a track-by-track for the 1988 Stakker release. There's a bit of info about the making of the track on the entry for the main song, including a surprisingly long gear list. There's also stuff for the Radio Edit, Omen Mix and Part 2. I'd forgotten just how good the Omen Mix is. Absolute belter.
  12. Every time there's a new release there's normally a fair bit of discussion in the relevant thread, so I thought it was about time to start a general FSOL thread. Also, I just started a new blog called Fractional Difference, in which I'll be going through every release and song, in order, and looking at various things... all the facts, connections with other tracks, and my own personal feelings about them. It's going to take forever (they released 180 tracks on the launch of FSOLDigital alone), but I'm quite looking forward to revisiting the whole catalogue over the next however long it takes.
  13. To confirm, there will definitely be an expanded CD & digital edition following a couple of weeks after the RSD release, as with the past few years. In other news, I've started my blog. I'll probably make a thread over in the general music forum when I get to the main posts.
  14. 01. We Have Explosive 2021 02. Implosive 03. Abandoned Housing Blocks Of Prypiat 04. Vaporise 05. Detonation 06. Herd Killing (2021) 07. Stasis Field 08. Waiting Your Return 09. Mib1 10. Exploding 11. Exotype Accelerator is just the same album split over four sides, so basically an audiophile version. Given that the sides are meant to be played gaplessly, I'm going to file this version under "pointless".
  15. I'm actually on the cusp of doing a FSOL blog to kind of replace the fansite I ran for years but got rid of a while back. There's still my plan of doing a book as well, but Christ knows if that'll really happen. Maybe I'll make a book of the blog.
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