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  1. Stores are now carrying dates of 14th, 18th and 21st October - a Bandcamp release will come along before that, so probably the next couple of weeks. Not sure if the tracklist previously given was an early draft of the album but this is the correct one, with a different running order and a renamed track: 1. A Space of Partial Illumination (5:30) 2. If That Were to Occur (3:16) 3. Intents and Purpose (4:06) 4. Embodied Cognition (4:03) 5. Long Green Field (2:24) 6. Temporary Aliasing (5:16) 7. In Solitude We Are Least Alone (Waltz) (2:38) 8. Frozen Height (3:07) 9. Informal Horizon (5:27) 10. Ephemeral (2:58) 11. All This Has Happened Before (5:42) 12. How Forests Think (4:56) CD/digital will have four extra tracks and different artwork.
  2. Oh awesome, I'm glad you found a home for this eventually! Congrats 🙂
  3. Out now on Bandcamp! https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/creator-warehouse
  4. Jean-Michel Jarre, in his 70s, making dark techno in homage to Pierre Henry. These truly are strange times. It's alright. Not anything I'd buy.
  5. I'd say the difference between Smiley and Spicy is that Smiley is a nostalgic recreation of the rave scene that Orbital were part of in the first place, so there's a feeling of genuine fondness there (I also wouldn't put it anywhere near the top of a Recent Orbital Tracks list, but it's solid), while Spicy is a piano house remix of the Spice Girls, which doesn't feel like it has anything to do with Orbital. The actual sounds used just don't sound like any other Orbital track, other than the little breakbeat snippets in the background. It just reminds me of their Doctor Who theme and Beelzedub, in that they're probably very fun live inclusions, but as actual home listening entities I don't think they work at all. I certainly don't hate Spicy, I just don't really want to listen to it. I don't really want to listen to anything with Geri Halliwell on. She's got a fucking foghorn for a voice and is a proper nails down the blackboard sound for me.
  6. Dude looks pretty great for 74. A diet of instrumental synthpop and OTT light shows must work wonders. Will wait for proper clips before making any judgments, but between this and Amazonia it's nice to know he's working outside of his comfort zone again after quite a few years of chart chasing and navel gazing.
  7. While I like or love all eras of their output, I agree that they're far too good at slower, more melodic stuff to be focusing largely on dancier material. Monsters Exist is great, but there's still slightly too much emphasis on four-to-the-floor type stuff on there. Not entirely convinced by two of the new tracks on that mix above having guest spots either, but we'll see how it goes. I'm sure there'll be lots of decent stuff on the album at least. Regrettably, I've only played 30 Something twice so far. The first disc, that is. The second disc once.
  8. At worst, this will be an interesting curio. At best it'll be a real insight and an enjoyable alternate version. Either way, Gier always gets my £££ so definitely buying it. That said, where is Autour de la Lune reissue? He skipped from Shenzhou to Dropsonde. I want my 2CD Autour. I've been putting off re-buying the CD for years because I know one is coming at some point. I'll take a 2CD N-Plants while you're at it, Gier.
  9. Why have they done a '90s piano house remix of the Spice Girls? I mean I kind of like the way they've made it sound quite melancholy, but it doesn't even sound like Orbital. I'd love to know what the In Sides-era Hartnolls would have made of this.
  10. Phil's Hard Trax > Paul's Novelty Trax
  11. Fucking hell, look at that list of artists. Christ, that's my next week's listening sorted! Nice one Bobby.
  12. "this is a new project on third kind, a strictly anonymous collective of producers creating music specifically inspired by early to mid-nineties electronica such as the artificial intelligence series, fsol, early autechre/gescom, detroit, afx and warp records." Copies are currently only available from Resident Music, I think the Third Kind Bandcamp page will have copies later in the year - they're waiting for replacement sleeves apparently.
  13. In defence of Phil's Hard Trax, I love 'Choice', 'Satan', 'PETROL', 'I Don't Know You People', 'Tootled', 'Tension' and 'Monsters Exist', so bums to you all.
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