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  1. My latest album 'Unruly Souvenir' is out now on Bonding Tapes. This is the second album from my post-cancer diagnosis recording sessions. Available on Cassette and Digital. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/unruly-souvenir
  2. Thanks for your support! You're one of the Day Ones! Check out our latest by Torito & Jumbled 'Music For The Rapture'. Underground Hip Hop, Lo fi Beats. Raps on Side A, Instrumentals on Side B. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-the-rapture
  3. Asymmetrical Head - Vos Tak EP Contains a variant version of Vos Tak and other tracks from the post cancer, covid sessions.
  4. X RENDERED is Asymmetrical Head's fifth studio album. Inspired by Isolationism caused by COVID-19, civil political unrest, Black Lives Matter movement, and his personal battle with kidney cancer makes this his most personal album to date. X Rendered is filled with meandering melodies, technical hip hop beats, and alien yet earthy organic soundscapes. This album is a further extension of Asymmetrical Head's ambient, idm, techno roots. Out now on Bonding Tapes. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/x-rendered
  5. Another track from the upcoming album.
  6. Around this time 30 years ago? I was on leave from bootcamp. I remember really being into Jane's Addiction 'Ritual de lo Habitual' album. Public Enemy 'Fear of a Black Planet'. Happy Mondays, Charlotan's UK, Soul II Soul. That's what's jumping out right now.
  7. From the forth-coming album 'X Rendered'. Will be available on Bonding Tapes 1/19/2021. Cassette and Digital.
  8. Thanks guys! Not quite cancer free, but I'm getting there. I do like SIGN. I'm just used to the more abrasive side of AE from the past like 7 years. But I love the direction of SIGN after each listen.
  9. I implore all of you to remember this shit and remember the enablers. Never forget for future elections. Because they will be back.
  10. When got and listened to SIGN I was like "this is cool" but wasn't totally sold until about 5 to 6 listens. Then I went to get my tumor and right kidney removed. When I came home I realized that they released PLUS. Listened to it and was immediately like "THIS IS MY JAMS!"
  11. The Trumpers that were on my FB page (friends before the election) all migrated to parler.
  12. I'd love to have a wrestling match with that big dude in the front.
  13. Yeah, I haven't watched much news since like a week before election night. I spent much of that time in the hospital anyway with other patients to incapacitated to check up on current issues. Today, I spent about an hour watching the news talking about the remaining states and the the imbecile came on to do his speech and watched Joker with my boys. Actually on election night we watched Avengers infinity Wars and Endgame. Got a phone call from my dad asking me if I was watching, I was like "Dad! I'm watching Avengers! I already did my part!" I mostly read news online nowadays and stay away from social media where a lot of my friends fell into that rabbit hole.
  14. LOL. No. All I have is a pic that the Dr. sent me after I told him my son wanted to see it. Of course my son showed all his homies at the skatepark.
  15. I had my tumor and right kidney removed last Wednesday. I'm at home now and I feel tired and a little bit of pain. But nothing unbearable. The tumor was about the size of a football and 10 pounds. Everyone is like "You didn't feel this inside of you?". I did feel discomfort on my right side before my accident. Since the accident, I've been responding well to treatment and the tumor shrunk to the size that was comfortable for the surgeon to work with. So it was much bigger than that before. I'm taking things slow right now and starting to eat healthy now. I was doing so for the last year but I wasn't really strict on it. What does the future hold? Will be recovering at home for the next 6 to 7 weeks, will work from home after 3 weeks when I can, and 4 Asymmetrical Head albums will be released starting January on Bonding Tapes. Thank you all for your support and vibes. Will be checking in periodically with you fine people!
  16. Alright, just got news that I've been cleared for surgery on October 28 to remove the tumor on my right kidney. The doctors said that my kidney is still fully functional, so they are going to try to save it. But I won't know till I wake up if I have a right kidney or not.
  17. I started drinking Bustello again.
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