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Recommend me some good Horror-Films


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Since the topic has strayed away from purely ghost movies how about...


Rosemary's Baby

Jaws (often gets overlooked when people talk about horror)

Pet Sematary



Although it gets a bad rap I think Paranormal Activity (just the 1st one really, the others are meh) is pretty decent. Stands on it's own well. But I think when most people are used to shock/gore type horror movies(like saw) they no longer have the patience for a movie like this. Hence the negative opinions on it.


The Last Exorcism was alright too.

The Ward was alright.

There's also Cabin Fever, it's sort of new. A fun watch for sure.

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I absolutely do have the patience for films like Paranormal Activity and I thought it was pretty good, much creepier than all the other recent movies I've seen, simply because it didn't throw ridiculous CGI in my face. The acting was alright, could have been better but served the purpose. Plus I am a sucker for 1st person camera movies. More films like P.A. would be appreciated. P.A. 2 was a bit unfocused and had a silly ending but altogether wasn't as bad as I expected either: There's a scene in it in which the girl is waiting for the others to come back home, and she just sits on the stairs for several hours, this seemed very familiar, her body language and everything ... I could relate to the feeling of not wanting to be in either room of the house once the shit's going down (somewhat similar shit did in fact go down at my place once, I did the same thing with the stairs)


Another good mystery movie I haven't mentioned yet is The Mothman Prophecies. I don't like Richard Geere, at all. But the film itself is pretty good and the atmosphere is very strong. I even got goosebumps from one or two scenes, which rarely happens for me these days just from watching a film. Lovely film if you like X-Files type things.



... and I did watch Insidious again, being less tired, and I am now in a position to officially say that this was a terrible recommendation. :cisfor:

The beginning was alright, although the poorly written dialogue was noticeable from the start. The writing really was the worst thing about the whole film ... which is sad as I used to think James Wan and Leigh Whannell were some sort of dream-team, given how well they did on their first big movie in 2004 (Saw). So it was no surprise the actors couldn't perform well with dialogue like that. The bit with "the further" was a neat idea, I liked how he wandered about the same place but in a different dimension type thing ... but when the film started with the laughable "ghosts" wearing dresses ... well. We've seen it all before, that wannabe-psycho stuff, pushing it WAY too much ... maybe Lynch could have pulled it off so it would have left me mentally disturbed, but not you, James Wan, I'm sorry ... It's the type of film you can take some hoe to cinema for if you want her to get all jumpy from the cheap scares so you can go all protective on her - of course whilst getting more and more frustrated about how easily she gets scared by such unimaginative lame clichées, knowing she would never be able to appreciate a subtle, psychological thriller, not to mention a good conversation, or an interesting taste in music - and then you set her on fire for it.

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Guest nene multiple assgasms

the mothman prophecies is way underrated. I love emotionally creepy atmospheric movies. plus burial sampled it.

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I remember when I first watched Mothman, I couldn't enjoy it because I had been "surfing on the net for a couple minutes" from my dad's computer right before we started watching, and some dialer had just installed itself and I couldn't get rid of it. So sitting next to him on the couch, being 14 years of age, whilst watching the film I was trying to figure out how I'd explain to him why there was not an app on his PC that was called TeenSEX which made it especially awkward and illegal seeming ...

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