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Recommend me some good Horror-Films


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oh come on, society is great, why is the whole thing terrible? its b movie fun


edit: with a timeless message. sure the acting is terrible, but thats what makes it endearing, no?

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Whistle And I'll Come To You is a ghost story by M.R. James, adapted into two BBC dramas - one in 1968, one in 2010 with John Hurt. both are awesome, highly recommended if you can find them on line somewhere. the 1968 version is probably spookier though.

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I will say The Phantom Carriage and Vampyr because I <3 them both long time, not only because the KTL soundtrack to The Phantom Carriage is ridiculous.

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To The Devil A Daughter

The Exorcist

The Signal

Evil Dead 2


The Grudge


The Shining

Hellraiser 2: Hellbound

Lost Highway


The Descent

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My opinion on some of the films mentioned that I have already seen:


Amityville Horror - Kinda meh

The Changeling - Too cliché for me, but then again, it kind of invented the cliché so I don't blame it

Red Dragon - I like this one. Silence of the Lambs was of course better, but Red Dragon was better than Hannibal for sure.

Sleepy Hollow - that is a lovely Halloween-Movie. Not really serious but it has that fun-creepiness-factor to it

The Thing (original) - just saw it two weeks ago, for the first time, because of the Sparkle Motion mix. I thought it was decent but I would have enjoyed more of the suspicion-scenes like the blood-test, direction felt a little off sometimes, but I could still like it.

Evil Dead movies - Yes, they're fun, but not quite what I'm looking for

The House on Haunted Hill remake - Scared me when I was 12, looking back now, it's just silly and over the top. but it doesn't take itself too seriously so it shall be forgiven.

Dawn of the Dead, classic and remake - I know they're an important part of history, but I like neither of them

From Hell - I have it on DVD but I don't remember anything from it

Silent Hill - Lovely games (especially 2 and 3 - Shattered Memories was a surprise too) but apart from the set design (and the sound design, which was taken directly from the games though, so no points awarded here), the film is complete rubbish imo

Rec - I liked it, even though I only saw the German dub at the cinema. What about the US-remake? I assume it is shit but Jeniffer Carpenter is a good actress, so I don't know ... ?

28 Days Later - One of the best films I have seen in my life by my favorite director, I've watched it 20+ times and it still surprises me. The last "viewing" was particularly interesting

Even Horizon - Don't remember much, but I think it was over the top as well and hence lost its scariness for me

The Omen - Quite scary at times, I like the scene with the baboons best cause the same thing happened to me as a child.

House movies - I think I saw them all as a kid. Might have missed 3. I liked them, but they are just so weird they can't be taken seriously. Not scary but interesting. One of them was more like a soft porno if I remember correctly, the one with the plants and the spores.

The Blair Witch Project - That is my favorite film, period. I know it by heart.

The Exorcist - Good, but only scary for me in the beginning. Once it gets all crazy, it doesn't do that much for me, probably because I have next to zero relation with Christianity.

Ringu - Saw it (the original) and it's exactly what I dislike about Japanese horror films. I hate to say it but, even if it wasn't a "good" film, the American version was much better as it was properly directed and knew what it was doing. And the soundtrack was pretty solid (but that's what you always get with Hans Zimmer - not creative, not reinventing anything, just solid)

The Grudge - Hate all versions for reasons stated above. Oh look the little kid meows like a cat, shit this is some deep mental shit right there ... Q_Q

The Shining - Perfect

Lost Highway - Nice display of Lynch-o-mania. I remember being pretty scared of the dark hallway in the house, towards the beginning, although nothing ever happened there.

The Descent - The beginning was nice, nice build-up of claustrophobia, the tensest scene was the one where they were climbing across that crevasse, but it got stupid once the ACTUAL theme of the movie kicked in. Could have done without it.

Jurassic Park - I was a kid in the 90's, so of course, JP is my fav childhood-movie. I never found it scary though, I would have settled with the dinosaurs getting their way and just eating everybody, cause I love dinosaurs.


^ I never mentioned these because they're either not really ghost-movies, or because I forgot, or because I hate them like The Ridiculous Grudge



Soooooo I'll probably watch these:


The Dark Hours

The Innocents

Whistle And I'll Come To You (which versions? - I'm leaning towards the 2010 one)

Shutter - I'll give 'em another chance, but this better be disturbing!

The Signal Man thing

and perhaps Ghost Story


edit: and Insidious


What's the one that's just called The Signal? Title sounds good.



The reason I'm leaning towards the 2010 version on Whistle is that I'm currently in a mood for more recent films. Not because I think they are better - it's quite the opposite really - but because I find subtle films to be more "effective" when the sound- and image-quality isn't noticeably dated. That's why I like The Others so much. It's set in the 40's and it certainly is inspired by classic ghost films, but it's very clean looking and thus more convincing for me. I don't think it would be as creepy with loads of dust and scratches and tape-hiss business going on.

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