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Erothyme - Swept in the Dust (feat. Rachel Zen) [cosmic blues / trip-hop]

Guest Erothyme

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Guest Hermann

I´m really not a fan of those RnB-sounding vocals, especially with those oh ye-e-ea-eaah´s that you hear in every RnB song of today.. I liked it more when the vocals seemed to take a more jazzy approach in the harmonies.


Anyway, that´s just me bitching about my personal dogma on specific vocal techniques ;) I think the track overall is pretty funky, you got a nice mellow groove going.

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Pretty solid pop production. I'm a fan of the extended instrumental break a couple minutes in. The vocal sections are p.good too but I think during the initial ones I was waiting for just a teeny tiny bit more atmospherics to come in (hard call, though, might've been over saturating it if you had).

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