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new mix, very slow, very deep.


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Hatvikvah - In The Spirit (Rod Modell Remix)
Hatvikvah - Introduce Me
Sigha - The Politics of Dying (James Ruskin Remix)
HD Substance - Futurama (Markus Suckut Remix)
Morphosis - Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 2)
Area Forty One - C.N.T.C.T
Kink - Kiss the Sky
Shed - Citylicker
Planatery Assault Systems - Radiance (Unreleased 1996 Drone Sector Remix)
Shifted - Drifting Over
MD2 . MD2.1
James Ruskin - Sabre
Marcel Dettmann - My Black Sheep
Albinez - Iberia 5





theres a rough tracklist, i was using some new tunes and listening back ive actually forgotten what they were. it was interesting mixing deep techno shit that would usually be at least 125 plus this slowly, really accentuated some interesting rhythms and atmospheres for me.

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