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  1. BPM autodetect and sync is not that difficult.
  2. What was your previous nickname? I can't recognise you, knew a few Norwegians here..
  3. This is going to be a very slow glitchy bassy album. Given to what I've heard on HELSINKI ONE SIX, there is NO WAY the album will be something completely different. (I am jinxing) Ps. Thanks Sean for releasing Helsinki soundboard, I asked you for that on mixlr, you're my hero. ❤️
  4. I like the fact that the Draftr564746765 tl;dr post was completely ignored while the onion ring SIGN pic was awarded with some 6 likes.
  5. This always happens with the new release the bois are hyped
  6. I never said I cry to music. nth Dafuseder.b is just one of my favourite not-so-happy tracks of AE.
  7. Adamovich


    You are posting too much in a Dune movie thread. Nobody gives a fuck about your tl;dr posts. We are waiting to see the movie to express our further opinions. In other words, you are taking yourself too seriously, which is the best reason for others to troll/provoke/belittle you. If you're older than 18, chill the fuck out. Over & out.
  8. Adamovich


    We can't generalise it, but there is something to it. Look at the old pictures of people from early 1900s, they're like 35yo or sth and they fucking look like 55 already! This is a picture of an English golfer J.H. Taylor from 1908, he's 37 in this pic! Look! I don't know what's the reason behind it, the Earth was a healthier, cleaner planet 100 years ago, that's for sure...
  9. Adamovich


    Well, in the beginning of the first Dune book Paul Atreides is 15-16, what do you expect? Also Chamelet is of the same age McLachlan was in 1984, both ~25.
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