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  1. My copy of Elektronik-Impressionen will be spinned even more often now. Goodbye master.
  2. I've had a couple of ideas how to react to this thread but being a little bit tired after work I'll just post: FUCKING LOL.
  3. "I am your father" Fucking Mandela effect... This is great, though.
  4. Yeah I was about to quote this in not covid-19 thread the other day, ridiculous.
  5. What Graham Hancock theories are BS? About existence of megalithic sites? You think he made them up or what?
  6. The Homework 25th anniversary remixes are sweet.
  7. My future grabs: *nerd*
  8. I was thinking of release date, probably September or sth but no, just June. Very promising though, judging from the previews.
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