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  1. I see what you did there... What are you? 12?
  2. It is one of my favourite parts of the mix, the original version was wayy too short...
  3. Yeah I don't get that quote either I see no discrepancy between listening to downtempo music like K&D since 90s and being a watmmer at the same time...
  4. Oh guys don't be too overly attached to this barcodes artworks whatever, the music outcome is what matters really and I truly believe this will be done perfectly. However, don't lose any of the frequencies, this needs to be bassy you know...
  5. Is this going to be uploaded on watmm for good or just wetransfer link for a week and that's it?
  6. Mine is also more ginger maybe that's why I'm always cutting it...
  7. I always get such beard and then I think I look like homeless and trim it down, although I always shave my neck and groom the cheeks...
  8. This cartwheel track is amazing.
  9. Yeahh...can't be arsed to even play this ignoranus vid, if this was supposed to trigger some watmmers then it's probably winrar...
  10. that sobbing at the end, HAHAHAHAHAHAH
  11. Adamovich


    LOL challenge accepted! I can't beat lvl 31 rn, obvious tetris blocks smh
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