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  1. lol @ that transition from Stone in focus into DJ SS - Black
  2. Does anyone happen to have a copy of this beautiful version? (PM me pls if u have) Merlin/Warp fucks shut this down on yt for whatever reason as if this major scale was copyrighted original music they sell huh.......
  3. You mean video thumbnails? They suck for real, but the guy shows many things in his videos apart from sth he showed on thumbnail.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/enki_el_creador https://www.instagram.com/ufo_hunter_uk check these two accounts, loads of daily sightings and strange phenomenas from all over the world There was a sighting of glowing orbs hovering above burned amazon forests filmed at the end of august, will post it once I find it.
  5. Fuck this gospel back to the roots shit I wanna proper Yeezus vinyl copy
  6. Wow. Can I get a download button please? (wav maybe?)
  7. We live in a society of clowns...kinda presented as if he's some sort of hybrid of V (from V for Vendetta) Joker and Alex DeLarge. That's my impression at least.
  8. Yeah, the idea of a music guide always been great, but this douche commentary here and there is off-putting...
  9. FLOL, yeah not sure about his image but the trax selekta is alright!
  10. Paradox collab confirmed (he has a penis)
  11. No worries mate. It's just a WATMM way of saying hello. New people don't get that joke, so it's funny to see them screaming they've read the rules already.
  12. WATMM is very glad to have you back then. And yeah, read the rules.
  13. some brand new dubstep monsta: and some Om Unit dnb banger:
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