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  1. This whole forum is elitist by itself, you should jerk off to the fact that you are being part of it. You are upper class whether you like it or not.
  2. AFAIR there was a huge drama over this LTM subforum because it was exposed to non-upper cast by some screenshot or summink... No need to create another one I guess...
  3. straight from Ghana... I don't know if this is Kuduro or other subgenre, but it's really enjoyable the video is pure fun!
  4. You wanted you got it, some choons in bio 😂
  5. Mulholland Drive (2001) was in my private must-watch section for a over a decade now and I finally watched it yesterday. I started watching it at 2 am. I would say that it was a perfect time for watching this wonderful dreamy story.
  6. Oh yess finally The Advent electro release... No cheesy melodies, just pure fast electro ammunition, just the way I like it ?
  7. Yeeahh, instrumental camp reprazent woop woop Be certain now lol
  8. Yeah, I was expecting someone to post this at some point
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