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  1. That's my new mission in life: checking every video file if it's not a hidden .zip...
  2. Yeah this. It's not like we are demanding music every month cuz we are spoilt brats, we were promised something, that's it. You don't put some mysterious dates just for great banter and hahas. If this was intentional just to lower my guard down then yeah, tap yourself on a fucking shoulder, you made it! But if you think this will make me even more enthusiastic about anything that will suddenly pop out of warp, weirdcore or this freaka tit guy then no, couldn't care less. Autechre for instance knows how to handle audience and other things, they make you look like a fucking amateurs by a lo
  3. Looks like this nft .rar and .rtf with date was bullshit... nothing to see, we can go now. happy afril 14th folks
  4. That's fucking jokes, Snares del Rio kills me 😂
  5. Adamovich


    Never liked this track. I'm more Hedphelym guy...
  6. https://screenrant.com/once-upon-time-hollywood-tarantino-margot-robbie-cut/ 20-hour cut of Once Upon a Time...? I wonder what percentage is the close-up footage of women's dirty feet...
  7. you need Daft Punk and Gesaffelstein to top Yeezus, so...
  8. Nobody works on Sundays, you got Rich-rolled...
  9. Adamovich

    afx nft

    It's not a gif, it's looped .mp4 vid... oops...
  10. Seriously this sounds like Detrimentalist bonus track ordered on fiverr. "disgusting ejacutronic"
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