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Sense - The Dream


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Psychonavigation are pleased to announce the new album from Sense!!

The Dream is now available to pre-order from our website :


Cd's are limited to only 100 copies worldwide!!

You can download a free track here :

Press Release

Adam Raisbeck aka Sense follows up the success of his previous album 'Selected Moments Volume 1' with another trip into a world of beautiful Ambience. This time around there's a darker edge to the melodies but as ever the quality of his recordings remains exceptionally high.

Psychonavigation are truly excited to be able to share this lovely album with you.

Adam says : New Abum The Dream In a perhaps darker ambient mood, I present an album which for me is about the constant realisation of “reality” and the “dream”..

Tracklisting :

1. Denizen
2. K4muance
3. The Dream
4. Floatingtimepoints
5. Nonlineareally
6. 31mus
7. Waking Transition

More information on the artist here : http://sense.i2pi.com/

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The album is now officially out folks!


Bleep.com : Adam Raisbeck turns in this deviation into dark ambient territory, moving away from the more hopeful tracks he contributed to the Electronic Emotional Music label. ‘Nonlineareally’ plays decrepit drones until they blur into a sinister fog; ‘K4muance’ and its twinkling keyboards tease with Ulrich Schnauss-style ecstasy. But it’s the murkier stuff that truly shines here, painting an ominous landscape in dark, smeary colours.



Down to the last 12...... http://psychonavigation.com/post/46462514497/due-to-demand-more-discs-in-stock-now-12-discs


Thanks to everyone for your support!



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