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Deepchord Presents: Echospace - [live] rarities & out-takes


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Guest jasondonervan

Nice. I didn't go with those really expensive re-issues, but this one should be a winner. Any further developments on when that CV313 release is actually getting released? I think I've still got a preorder with boomklart for it!

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sounds interesting. I recently got this from 14 tracks: http://14tracks.com/selections/127-14_tracks_echospace_exclusives


not sure where these live songs were originally released (if at all), but some of them are really fucking good.


Yeah I picked that up a few months ago. I'm assuming that this new comp will have material that hasn't even been released digitally, but we'll see I guess. There are couple live tracks on the digital release of Silent World too, which are great:




And regarding the new cv313:


"echospace 313-4 - cv313 "dimensional space" also scheduled for May this year and YES, this time it will be released, our apologies for being perfectionist. ;-)" via Facebook.

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