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Squadra Blanco - Night Of The Illuminati


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Heads up for the fans, I know this is a well liked release here and almost missed the news of the reissue a few days ago, but noticed today thanks to a random Legowelt.com visit:


Another re-issue this time of the super sought after 2002 Squadra Blanco Night of the Illuminati double LP on Holosynthesis records....no more paying 1000 $ on discogs it can be just yours for a mere 19 bucks now! You cannot touch...You cannot see but only hear! "Brimming with psychopathic malvolence and sinister Bohemanian Grove paranoia" get it here at clone or your local dealer!

More like no more shitty MP3s, heh.


Reissue of this classic from 2002, the already valuable Holosynthesis 1. Herr Wolfers, hiding under his Squadra Blanco moniker, audio nods Claudio Simonetti and John Carpenter on this amazing ride through the land of late 70s b-flick horrors. Considered by some as his best work... Highly Recommended!

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