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  1. Same, I've already put my ""CovidSafe"" (lol) ticket to good use in the 10 or so days since it was introduced. Went to three shows, capacity ranging from 1.500 to 20.000 people. No masks, distancing, or any measures at all once you're past the checkpoints and inside the venue. But everyone's free to be as careful as they want of course. I am not exactly tongue kissing strangers right now, still not even shaking hands in fact, but not really fearing for my own health anymore either, totally trust the vaccine will have my back until long after those antibodies wane. That seems to be more of an issue for those who were in higher risk groups to begin with, i.e., more important for them to stop the initial infection from spreading as they may have a harder time fighting symptomatic disease. Obviously don't feel like putting anyone else at any unnecessary risk because of my own behavior, so I've been making liberal use of rapid antigen tests at home before going anywhere these days (always ones approved by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products, for what it's worth). Think the autumn and winter could still get rough but nothing like it was before, and once we're through that for all intents and purposes the entire population will have been vaccinated and/or infected. For most of us that should mean lasting protection from a virus that by its nature mutates much slower than influenza. Kind of hope we don't go overboard with the boosters for the general population, although they certainly do make sense for certain demographics.
  2. Surely patients should be provided care based on their health status and not their vaccination status. Anything else would be horrible.
  3. No idea, but her nickname is 'Chise', pronounced chee-seh. https://www.inputmag.com/features/furry-scientist-vaccines-chise-covid-19-twitter-controversy
  4. Incidentally one of the senior scientists involved with the development of Moderna's vaccine is an anonymous furry who has her MBTI and star sign in her Twitter bio. She's pretty awesome, too.
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