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  1. sup @hello spiral what's that discord channel again? thx
  2. Don't even joke about that. The worst era of my WATMM career, I think I actually stayed away for a while.
  3. Naar De Klote (Gewoon) I don't think there's much more to it. It's a compilation, titled "Impressions", of stuff that's accumulated over several years, probably because it didn't fit on his club 12-inches. No real unifying theme or concept to it, if that's what you were looking for. And it being such a haphazardly compiled bunch of tracks might well be why I like it so much. If I wanted 10+ tracks of the same Dark Days era Legowelt style I would just listen to the original. But this thing makes TAFKAMP sound like a regular polymath of niche techno/house/jungle genres. I listen to it kind of rarely and there are some surprises every single time.
  4. New DJ Python EP, on Dekmantel. Took me a couple of listens but I think I now like it even better than Dulce Compañia.
  5. Swear it reappeared last night but it's gone again. R.I.P. WATMM
  6. > Store > Subscriptions Or go directly to https://forum.watmm.com/subscriptions/
  7. This thread isn't quite dead enough IMO.
  8. manmower


    Had already bought everything he gave away, but these should be followed by new Nightwind release announcements soon now.
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