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  1. Been laughing at this all morning for some reason.
  2. Seriously, can anyone explain to me how this is a thing still (or again)? Probably my own fault for following the wrong people on social media but I see so much of this silly horoscope talk. I remain optimistic that it's a meme but it does look awfully unironic at times.
  3. TRACK LIST: Chevalier de Barbaras – My Name is Chevalier הברווזים החבוטים – Into the Valley of Smack Legowelt – Novation Circuit Tracks build in Demo Mono Junk – Won’t u leave love to me Delroy Edwards – Killer Charlie David Vunk – Kievietslaan 25 Dickie Smabers – Pompy The Robodoll Legowelt – Edelweiss Reingold Chupacabras Acid Freq. – Shitting the Floor Chevalier de Barbaras – The Chevalier Challenges Parris Mitchell – The Worm Dickie Smabers – Sweeping the D&R AUX 88 – Erase the Time Franziska Lantz – Run For It The Speedfreak – Fumble Tunnel Dickie Sm
  4. when the need is greatest the dank is nearest
  5. I remember early on there was this reddit post doing the rounds, about how the virus was going to mutate in the Brazilian bat population. But I guess Bolsonaro decided to give it direct access to their human population instead.
  6. https://polyend.com/polyend-tracker-x-legowelt-artists-edition/
  7. time to dust off the apparatus and start operating my dude
  8. marcus baby i love you, but
  9. https://foundation.app/AphexTwin/afx-weirdcore-blockscanner-7180
  10. https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/56388596
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