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  1. lol @ Yorke backlash I've found him annoying for the past twenty years or so. I think him whining all over that PJ Harvey album was the drop for me.
  2. Them chops. Bassist looks sus af though.
  3. I completely missed the news about this series being revived... Vol. 3 still does it for me. Will have to check the new ones out sometime.
  4. Andrea - Ritorno Eefje de Visser - Bitterzoet Hum - Inlet Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
  5. This is out now: https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/album/system-shapeshift-ep
  6. Legowelt – As yet Untitled(not like terence Trent d’arby style but I still have to think up one) Legowelt – Taping a Broken Heart Felix Schmidt – Vision Factory Cracktro + Rhythm The Satin Valves – Vacancy For A Freak Esplendor Geometrico – Chile al Dia Clan of Xymox – Stumble & Fall CrusHerr – Slijptol Caramel Chameleon – Peanut Butter Savantorix – The Hordes Ben Wodanski – Shutdown 2020 01 Simple Chevalier de Barbaras – I ride my Horse Fatima Yamaha – Day we Met Legowelt remix Simoncino & Merwyn Virgo 4 – Dancefloor Legowelt remix Legowelt – A Plan Comes Together Gladio – Sequential
  7. Welp, here we are in uncharted territory. COVID beds in Belgium from March up until today. Bars are the daily new hospitalizations, the line is the actual occupancy after subtraction of discharges and deaths.
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