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  1. Twoism: BOC Maxima cassette origin This has that whole origin story. I still don't know which version of this I have, it's one with 20 separate tracks but not the Betacord remaster.
  2. There is lossless of it out there that sounds good. I remember the backstory was complicated (supposed tape rip burned to cd then ripped from the disc again or something), the full lineage is probably still somewhere in the what.cd metadata that are floating around. Regardless of its authenticity I know it sounds better than the old Soulseek MP3 tape rip I had before.
  3. Didn't read the new WATMM terms of service.
  4. Is it me or does it feel slower already? 🐢
  5. manmower


    Tonight Shadow Wolf Radio Episode IV Thursday 2nd May A fresh new episode of the Shadow Wolf Radio show presented by smackos - In this episode some fresh new Acid Hall music, A Mexican minimal wave superhit, new Gladio stuff and lots more! 21:00 C.E.T 15:00 E.S.T 12:00 P.S.T
  6. Jerry Seinfeld A deeply unfunny and awful human being who can't shut up about what a pro he is and how it's only fair for him to be rich and famous and every other comedian should just try harder, or something.
  7. https://forum.watmm.com/notifications/options/
  8. You can create an Activity Stream to do that, I already made one to emulate the old 'New Posts' or 'New Replies' button or whatever it used to be called.
  9. The 'Read Status' and 'Ownership' filters can be used to achieve these, respectively. However I haven't found the way yet to make the changes permanent, apart from saving them to a new 'Activity Stream'. Ideally we'd be able to make permanent changes to the behavior of the Unread Content link (or to add custom links to the forum index instead of going through the Activity dropdown).
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