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  1. Pretty sure it's always done that, and that it's a fairly standard way of doing things. That's how I use this or any other forum anyway: catch up via unread content no matter what subforum it belongs to, and then flush everything I don't want to read down with one click so only actual new posts will show up as unread the next time.
  2. Yeah, that's what it does and should do.
  3. manmower


    Got a reminder from Clone this Thursday, looks like he brought some of the elusive Fata Morgana tapes to the store along with his paintings. He's since been advertising them on social media but if you hadn't noticed, they are still in stock.
  4. Yeah when I think of the best of 2019 I still instantly think of this + Aquaphoria, and struggle to think of much really "new" music this year. And I think both the piano track near the beginning and the thing around 90 minutes that sounds like Vangelis asleep at the wheel of his Blade Runner setup are still unidentified.
  5. manmower


    http://legowelt.org/golemXIV/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Order-Of-The-Shadow-Wolf-CyBeRzInE-issue-8.html In this issue: 1....Botanical Journal 2....Confessions from Club Promoters 3....AI and music making: A cheap reflection 4....Make your own self hypnosis tape 5....Nostalgie de la Boue - an Interview with Tristan Koreya 6....Studio Tips 7....Poetry Corner with special guest Puck Schot aka Acidic Male 8....18th century A.I with Muzikaal Dobbelspel 9....Secrets After Dreams 10...Unconvential Modular Modules 11...The Origins of Acidhall music 12...Interview with Franziska Lantz 13...On Carl Jung's Synchronicity 14...I Don't give a damn what you think - Canada's first bigfoot encounter 15...Gabber Tales from the Lowlands 16...Tylers Cyber Corner 17,..Gladio Parotti 18...Music Reviews 19...The Portal - A Short Story 20...Nightwind Records Bandcamp codes
  6. Got a ticket to a show tonight but I don't feel like going. Was going alone anyway so I'm not letting anyone down or anything. Why does this even feel like a problem? I just want to lie on the couch and forget about it.
  7. manmower


    Heads-up to the hoarders and sensi addics, Episode 5 is downloadable from Soundcloud now. Noticed today as I was looking for a download of the 7th. Hotmixes appears to be gone for good: https://www.intergalactic.fm/blog/2276-Hotmixes-net-shutting-down.html Quintuple posting in a Legowelt thread.
  8. manmower


    His SMEM record, 'Unconditional Contours', came in the mail today. And it's better than I expected to be honest.
  9. What's not to like? I'll take this over the n-th clichéd self-deprecating belgian whiner on the internet any day.
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