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  1. manmower


    His SMEM record, 'Unconditional Contours', came in the mail today. And it's better than I expected to be honest.
  2. What's not to like? I'll take this over the n-th clichéd self-deprecating belgian whiner on the internet any day.
  3. Out now, most excited I've been by new Ultrademon in a while.
  4. manmower


    Hey did anyone ever cop a download of Shadow Wolf Episode 5? It wasn't on Hotmixes yet last time I checked, and the site's been down for a while now.
  5. manmower


    I think this mix may have cured my electronic music fatigue. Pretty glorious, thanks Danny.
  6. https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/cruising-blu-ray/FCD1920
  7. BOC soundtracking the world going to shit Ae somehow having a better decade than the one before and giving us the AAA and lots of free stuff The return of AFX, the Caustic Window Kickstarter, the dump Nightwind rising from the ashes of Strange Life records, also L.I.E.S. and Ilian Tape Four Tet kind of reinvented himself and had a great run in the first half of the decade, some of his radio shows were a real treat too in terms of exposing me to stuff I would never have heard otherwise Ishome made a decent "witch house" album The vaporwave aesthetic and its kind of surprisingly far-reaching influence I wanted to say something about how brostep died, but then I remembered there's still plenty of parties with shitty dubstep and drum & bass, it's just that they're mostly invisible to me because I'm old
  8. Think I'm developing an appetite for brains at this point.
  9. @Tim_J I'm guessing the TECH thing: https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-3-Gerald-Remix-24-TSIM-2/master/1338216
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