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  1. Joyrex's discretion, don't think there are any other criteria unless the artist objects.
  2. Hope he got all the shit music out of his system. I am ready for some good ass 0PN.
  3. Yeah early 2000s for sure. They released a fair amount of stuff in quick succession then, Beautiful Place..., the Geogaddi promo and album, and the Twoism reissue. Also Soulseek's heyday, when it had a very busy IDM chatroom. A couple of years later (definitely before TCH) DavidAC had already stopped maintaining his fan site because he felt they'd gotten popular enough where he didn't have to carry the torch anymore.
  4. I feel like I've seen this headline or some variation thereof at least once a year for the past five years. Also CDs rule, meet me in the alleyway after school if you disagree.
  5. Diana Rigg aka Mrs. Emma Peel: Actress dies aged 82
  6. Let's not get too excited here, I mean, technically it could suck, right?
  7. They're posting fan-made videos on Instagram again. Oh the imminence.
  8. Looks devastating, accident still seems probable though.
  9. Pancakes taste better with mist
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