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  1. Usually pretty good at keeping track but every now and then there's one that's a repost and makes you doubt everything.
  2. Yeah I saw that when there were 6 left but passed, as I already have the cd on the way. Speaking of which, when you order the cd you also get to choose whether you want it sealed, or opened and signed by Sally & Johan.
  3. Comeback album from the disco duo, 4 tracks up for pre-listening now, digital and CD out February 18, 2022 on https://sallyshapiro.bandcamp.com/album/sad-cities Cool enough that they're making music again at all, but even better the new tracks sound ace.
  4. Nice and chilled out mix with a couple of album tracks in it.
  5. With the old forum version there was a way to get a list of the members who've replied to a thread, sorted by descending number of replies. I guess it would have been by clicking on the number of replies in the (sub)forum view or something similar. Do we still have access to those stats? Can't seem to find them.
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