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Niedowierzanie - Felicita


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"This is the third album by this French musician who travels around Europe. Like his second release (released on Treue um Treue) this album is filled with music inspired with the French and mediterranean folklore traditions. The songs are truly products of this day and age done with respect for the tradition. You'll hear electronic and contemporary elements mixed with traditional instruments, beautifully crafted to please and tease you... Mega limited (to 150 numbered copies) 8 track LP, with handmade lino cut and hand printed artwork."




listen / clone https://clone.nl/item31076.html

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what a lifeless way to look at music lopez. contrary to your quick assumption, i very much enjoyed watching this artist preform live and was then inspired to present his most recent work to the watmm. is he the best musician i've ever heard? no. is this music that is going to generate an extreme amount of interest? probably not. however, i personally felt a fair amount of enjoyment through his music and his obvious exuberance and inspiration making it; i was warmed by some of the sounds and i think he might have a bright future. your attempt at belittling me and simplifying my motives for sharing music is a direct representation of your lack of understanding of who i am and your immaturity.


lopez = ratings

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