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On my walk this morning i was thinking how nice it would be if i had the money to organise a tour of a couple of watmm artists through australian capital cities, bring them over here from wherever, you know fanciful stuff. Anyway i was thinking that it would be nice to play at the gigs as well, but how in the marketing materials would i present myself i wondered. And then it came to me.


delet_ER_boy, veteran of the no release scene. Other members of this scene include the venerable aphex twin, amongst other notable examples.


hah!! Perfect. Then when we got to melbourne the flyer and website could tout.


Special guests, melbourne show - modey, renouned founder of the polyband mega micro-release scene.

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Well the whole experience only exists in the imagination so perhaps when you are thinking about arriving at the airport you'll find that you get removed from the line and whisked to the vip cheeba room, which is not just filled with smoke but also famously drug busted in a australia stars like Snoop Dogg.

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The sky is not a limit in this no release scene. I can tell as my no release fame traveled galaxies (not phones)



We are kings of the no release scene, our names awash through the conscious minds that inhabit the multiverse, creatures intelligent and less so remain in constant pleasure by the expectation of our yet again not releasing.

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