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  1. that was amazing and weirdcore is a monster! think i heard some new tune(s)?? also played a sick stanislav tolkachev tune and then dropped afx umil 25 after insane i could see this in my living room lol, goodnight everyone
  2. Soundlab20 [emoji848] That sounds so amazing lol New track imminent [emoji120]
  3. This is so good it hurts when the album is over
  4. Can't wait till afx blows our tits off saturday! So glad i can enjoy this at home [emoji898]
  5. hmmm... i agree, just go by yourself and have a good time! even if the line up sucks, afx his show alone is priceless i tell ya
  6. no surprise of course but man that first track is brutal lol
  7. Yeah love em! Gotta listen on a nice system with massive sub Realy looking forward to this one
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