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  1. yeah me 2, this is so good and so goddamn brutalll!!! Never saw this one coming, perfect from start to finnish
  2. there are some tracks i don't like either on this but still solid release imo
  3. one of my favorite artists totaly understand that people don't like it but he got some amazing albums that you need to spin a few times to fully appreciate
  4. yeah a salute from me 2 , i love this dudes work and there is still SO MUCH music i gotta discover from him hope he gets better soon 🙏
  5. YESSSSS!!!! new album april 3rd on brainfeeder, i'm so excited!! 😄
  6. that is such a dope video lol and released on metal blade wow! mad respect don't know if i'll get me this one, previous material wasn't my cup of tea. prob going to see otto von schirach in bruxhell and igorrr is playing as well, maybe he can change my mind
  7. I'm a bad boy, i couldn't resist [emoji29] Album simply rocks, pusher at his best [emoji869]
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