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  1. been spinning these for month's now, i keep coming back
  2. wow Dj Krust in 2020, no way. Sounds fuckin amazing!!
  3. Hyperpop 😄 wel that fits right, love the new Arca album and i guess Zora jones her new album could fall under that? I realy enjoy that one ❤️ HxMx, don't be a friggin nun and give Sophie her last album a spin, it rocks. At first i was what the hellfukk but it's a grower 👍
  4. Not what i expected but his new work is the best he ever made. Dope album
  5. The bunnies were gone for a few weeks but now they are back!! So friggin kvlt and krieg ❤❤❤❤
  6. Damn that is brutal, i can't imagine what you must have gone trough. So glad you are doing great. Rest, heal and listen to tunes. Get wel soon bro [emoji173]
  8. Who do u choose mum or dad yo guys
  9. Every one was hating on guests feats this year lol. i think the new arca, opn, actress and machinedrum albums are fantastic [emoji869]
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