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  1. Ha i like it a lot. Best one since cosmogramme
  2. Yo where the fuck is prolapse song
  3. Nice pics boss, 15 cats unholy shit
  4. I liked the previous episode. Sheeple man
  5. If i ever would get to age 72 that woul insta fatality me
  6. Hello spaghet loves to prank us from behind the forest but i just know he loves this music as much ass we do [emoji173]
  7. I listened to it on shrooms, it's lazered in my brain
  8. Saw mgla yesterday, damn it was amazing they got a new fan, stoner black metal? Revenge played before them and me and my wife loved it, fuckin broootal shizz! Enjoying my hangover [emoji869]
  9. Ye i gotta get this 2, like what i hear and amazing album cover
  10. DING DONG " Sean has entered the room "
  11. Bruh it's got the most hilarious dank adds in belgium
  12. With X i mean of course stephG the only canadian on watmm who didnt vote for the kanye subforum
  13. I know but it had it's charm "uh oh X entered the room"
  14. I liked chatmm, crabs in a bucket
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