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  1. Took xtc that was lying here for over a year and managed to take a pic a half hour after they blew up of my wife and her slut. It was ugly man
  2. would be cool if it was a collabse with some young blood, preferably with multiple buttholes or autechre
  3. gorerotted man those dudes were pure gold on their first 2 albums i hope squee doesn't see this edit: also NILE!!
  4. My mom must be the shittiest driver i ever saw. 40km/h where you can drive 70, doesn't use her glasses even tough she sees zero shit from far. Never uses rearview mirrors, her seat shoved all the way to the front and she waits 10 minutes to cross a road even if nobody is in miles of view with a row of motorists cursing and shaking fists behind her man i love my mum ❤️
  5. hmmm interesting, maybe i need to listen with a different set of mind thnx!
  6. But what aboot eternal looping cosmic afterlife hell
  7. Also the guitarist from manowar lol Fucking sickooos
  8. Well as far as i know mgla is touring with uada (who rock btw) and i believe they are pro antifa. Deathspell omega is not about nationalism nor politics, the vocalist is just a huge weird cunt and that's been know for 10 years maybe now. I can't stand antifa nor far right wingers they can all suck my ball, leave my bm alone fuckwads
  9. Glad to see you back usagi [emoji869] I saw mgla and revenge at the same show like a month ago in belgium, they both burned the house down, it was amazing! Politics in black metal is the worst thing, fuck that shit. Satan destroys everyone
  10. ludd the god of warning points
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