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  1. just bought the digitals of this and the new flying lotus album, i'm broke for your wealth
  2. 18euro for the digitals on bandcamp 💔
  3. oh you would have bought the album but barker and cam deas took my last $$, very excited to hear this one!
  4. got the digitals on boomkat, 3 tracks in and it's amazing first track slays
  5. Instabuy, loved cam deas his previous album ⛷️⛷️
  6. lol what dissociative did you take? You took too much man, too much
  7. Out now, just banger after banger, his most focused and best release yet??? so happy i bought it 😍
  8. Wus a file in the nft, weirdcore posted how to acces it
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