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Community Answers

  1. Came here to say that i love the new hudmo album ❤
  2. I'm just dissapointed sean didn't talk about whole lotta red 4 5 hours
  3. That part with the interviewer who wanted them to shoot guns at computers 😆
  4. Thanks withlystryder for the youtube upload! Awesome and funny ama, sean is a topbloke 🤌
  5. I member. "Googles eels 4 pleasure" 👀👍
  6. ⚠️Trade offer⚠️ I recieve idm demo, you recieve conversation
  7. Holy shit a new dso and ban album, good times for dark music i been on a serious bm binge for months so many great records to find. Got tickets for a mgla and black cilice concert in may, been 2 years since i went to a concert yikes 😶
  8. That livestream was something 2, what a climax 😂. Why does he always force us to pirate his albums? I rate donda 2 a "very cool kanye thank u" out off 10 so far!
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