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  1. Ivan Ooze


    i played this last (wild) weekend after years of listening to other othercre and it's my favorite right now, it's also the first one that introduced me to em. perfect album also redruth come back, we're sorry
  2. the only thing cringe is people who don't listen to ghost or kanye
  3. Datach'i Arca Skee mask Pierre bourne Current value
  4. nice title, i'll check anything shackleton releases, he hasn't made a bad record yet
  5. heavy is the head that wears the crown
  6. 1 million views you can't say fuck on youtube but this is cool lol
  7. I haven't listenened to it yet, mixed reactions are a good thing. can't wait to dive into it ✌
  8. Wow never knew braveheart was such a shitty movie
  9. fuuuuck he got the same shitty hair like me
  10. This dude makes the dopest tunes
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