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  1. breakcore got old reaaaly fast indeed cause everyone was doing it but nobody could reach the ankels of Xanopticon or venetian snares in his prime. Did enjoy the parties in Belgium tough for the few years it was hip 💊 There's one guy everyone's forgetting here and that's datach'i, don't even think i should call it breakcore but if you want some mindmelting drugged over the top violence check out his album black trees, https://datachi.bandcamp.com/track/the-thing with mmale/ffemale an absolute fav of mine. He moved on but i miss stuff like this so much 😥 fuck i wish Xano
  2. OH BOI, one of my fav bands is coming out with a new album after 15 years, check dis shit out!
  3. This one is going straight up next to my east17 poster
  4. Did playboi carti drop the deluxe version or somethin? I'm lost
  5. So acording to this boomkat review it's gonna be a romantic version of frozen dudes in a tank being bombarded to shreds
  6. Yeah lot's of awesome tunes from hudmo 3pac lol
  7. If there are any hot boys here who like kanye, hate forest or autechre pls punch my clit on my only fans
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