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  1. I member. "Googles eels 4 pleasure" 👀👍
  2. ⚠️Trade offer⚠️ I recieve idm demo, you recieve conversation
  3. Holy shit a new dso and ban album, good times for dark music i been on a serious bm binge for months so many great records to find. Got tickets for a mgla and black cilice concert in may, been 2 years since i went to a concert yikes 😶
  4. That livestream was something 2, what a climax 😂. Why does he always force us to pirate his albums? I rate donda 2 a "very cool kanye thank u" out off 10 so far!
  5. We addopted this bro and sis. They were found on the street and stimpy the girl had a foot missing. A vet had to amputate a piece of the bone and they were sick but now they have the best life here
  6. A member of Alkerdeel recommanded this album and it's amazing yo guys check it out
  7. those examples posted are straight fire unholy shit 😅 good ol mixl2 passenger of shit comes to mind and has plenty dope tracks with jizztored kicks like that also the whole datach'i black trees album, it's not gabbered but the kicks on that album are so total apeshit! underated!!
  8. The chad ross from friends vs the virgin atom tm
  9. Arca giving these ungratefull watmm leperds some decent idm
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