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Community Answers

  1. Maybe the best album ever made
  2. If i ever find someone who says kid A is better then 808's and heartbreaks i'll knock yer teeth out Only beerwolf gets a pass
  3. Super unintelligent knal prrot pornoschlager
  4. i might divorce you for plus tough
  5. Afx likes mortician 🧟‍♂️ he posted necrocannibal on his soundpuke if you dont like mortician you are not a true kanye fan
  6. Anything or anyone that plays on the mainstage of tommorrowland, etetnal shame to you
  7. Ecs desc is the best track on donda imo
  8. i was having a good time, smoking a joint and then i played this record. i crapped my pants throught the whole album except maybe the last half minute praising god i survived and it was almost over. gonna roll another one and listen to it again 10/10
  9. just wow, one listen in and i'm blown the fuck away love the features 2, fire indeed!
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